The perfect girl. I would like to hear what you think.



There are many things I would like to see in women I date but as I am getting older there are some things that are a must.  We all have our own ideas about the perfect girl, looks body, personality, things we have in common, what we like to do for fun. These are traits that everyone looks at but what I am talking about here are more specific ones. I want a girl who is into wearing spandex and into having me do the same. I want a girl who enjoys whipping out a strap on and fucking me after I have done her. I want her to be anal inquisitive. Remember we are talking the perfect girl and everyone has their own ideas about it and no one is anywhere near perfect including me that said let’s add to the list I want her to be into roll playing, feminization, sissy play, maybe a little bondage, I want her to enjoy being spanked and enjoy spanking me. I would enjoy it if she was into girls too along with seeing me with other men. I would want an extremely open and have her be a sexual explorer. I would love to hear about your perfect girl or your perfect man!

Twisted fun at our photo shoot.



Since we offer many swim and fetish wear designs that use butt plugs or metal anal plugs I thought I would share something that happened at the photo shoot the other night. We offer a product called the Dr.Assman anal stretcher and I wanted a much better picture of how it works stretching the hole.  We tried losing up the area by having the helper use the small butt plug and work it in and out to loosen the hole up so we could insert the stretcher. That helped but we needed something bigger so we used the large cock shaped plug to relax the hole by doing a light round of anal sex with it. It was very hard to get in but after a little bit it was bearable. We pulled it out and tried the Dr.Assman again and we could get it all the way in. It is a very unusual feeling to have your hole stretched like this but aside from the pressure it does feel good. We left it in for about fifteen minutes and decided to try the large cock shaped plug again which is almost eight inches and thick to see if the stretching helped. It was much easier to get in and much more enjoyable to be fucked with, in fact we played around for about another twenty minutes until I had an orgasm. Just another difficult day of work J

One more photo shoot and some micro thong time.

We are finally going to get some rain!!!! I think today was the last of my micro thong day for at least a week or so. I did get an hour and half of sunning wearing my little black thong. That was my lunch break. Tonight we get to finish shooting the new suits. There is just some close-up work on the pouches and some male chastity gear. Hopefully just some nice shaved cock shoots!  I hope to have it all online within the next two weeks.

Men’s Swimwear

Men’s swimwear Men’s Fetish Wear and Young Twins

Last night we had one of our most interesting photo shoots. (That is saying a lot considering how wild some of them get)  We were shooting the new collection of short shorts, cock displays, sex suits and swimwear. Just getting out there and seeing how the new designs look on the models is great fun but what made it interesting is we had a set of twenty four year old identical twins. They are both models and go-go dancers.  Young, handsome and with great bodies I hope to use them again. They needed lots of help with the more complicated suits and jaded old me forgets sometimes that not everyone knows how to use a cock ring. I hope to have all the new designs in stock and online by early March.


Wanted to let you guys know that if you have not yet checked out the Koala Newsletter today is the last day of the sale!!!!

Mens swimwear

Scrunch Bikini Bottom question and last call!

Over the years I have had customers ask me about doing a

Scrunch Bikini Bottom. I don’t have any photos of my own I can post but if you are not familiar with the style, Google it. I saw a beautiful girl wearing one the other day around the pool. She was amazing and the suit looked amazing on her. She had a very nice Brazilian style ass and the suit covered about 50% of her cheeks. When I see something looking that good I wonder if we should make one for the guys. I would love to hear what you think about us offering a Scrunch Style bikini bottom.

Last call for the Koala newsletter sale. There will not be another for about two months so if you have not yet checked it out feel free to click on the link.

Sexy tan line and a very interesting massage.



I had a tough day and then hit the gym to do a big time workout. Up until that point the best part of my day was taking my lunch break around the pool. 80+ outside today which is amazing even by LA standards.  By the end of the day I was beat. I still had few things to take care of and I found myself in Hollywood in the early evening. I decided that a nice massage would be in order. There is a great Thai massage across from the studios so I decided to take a chance and drop by to see if anyone was available. This place is beautiful and the Thai girls working there are so pretty. They asked if I had an appointment and I said no but I would take whoever they had available. I was led to a room where I took off all my clothing, got on the message table and put a little towel over my rear. A few minutes later a beautiful Thai girl came in and said hello. Beautiful and young I would say very early twenties.  We talked for a couple of minutes introducing ourselves and I told her what type of massage I wanted and that I liked it with deep pressure. The first thing she did was pull my towel off. Something that is not completely unusual when you have a Thai massage in LA, many of the Asian massage places seem to be very at ease about nudity. You have a very nice tan she said and she also noted that I must wear a very small swimsuit. I told her what I did and said she might want to check out the Koala site to see what we are all about. From the first strokes of the massage I knew it was going to be a good one a very sensual one. She was on top of me rubbing everywhere. It felt great though not as hard as I normally like it I figured she was so small that was the most pressure I could expect. What I did not expect was her rubbing her body all over me too. Needless to say I was aroused and very hard for most of the massage, not quite relaxing but wonderful in its own way. She had a great body, beautiful breasts great face and her tight black cotton spandex tights fit like a glove. She finished the back and had me turn over, still no towel. My hard cock was fully exposed and she just started rubbing my legs her hands and arms brushing up against my cock arousing me more and more. At that point I figured there would be more so making my signature move I put my hand on her legs and slowly moved it to her crotch. Another surprise awaited me when I moved my hand to her pussy I found a little more. This beautiful girl was a lady boy in Thai lingo. I rubbed over her spandex and she too was hard as a rock and it seemed this tiny girl had a much bigger cock than I did! After a few minutes of playing with her I pulled her tights down fully exposing her. She had one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. This post is already longer than planned but I can say we gave each other oral pleasure and it was amazing. These things do not happen often but I believe when in Rome you might as well enjoy yourself. She was beautiful and to me it was just a bonus that she had this wonderful gift. I will be going back maybe next time I can get two of them!

Older ladies and a bulge bikini

We are back to having great weather today in LA.  Mid 70s and sunny as can be I had to take my lunch by the pool. Instead of wearing my usual micro bikini I decided to go with the Sugar Daddy an impossibly small bikini with a male enhancement bulge pouch finished in matt black. This is definitely one of the hottest suits.  I am not sure why I decided to go male enhancement today most of the time I prefer to go small. It most of been a thought from the swimwear gods because when I got to the pool there was a group of much older ladies sitting around the table playing cards and enjoying the sun. I knew one of the ladies; she was already waving as I got out of my car. Not that I am anything special but I guess today I was some eye candy for them in fact I chuckled at the thought of selecting a bulge suit. I got to my chair and she must have told them all about the skimpy suits she sees me wearing. They were all looking over as I peeled off my top and shorts. It was nice showing a real man’s bulge for once and I could not have picked a more appreciative crowd. I even walked across the entire pool area right by them with at least 90% of my rear showing and still sporting a very large bulge (these suits work magic on us smaller guys) and took a dip in the spa.