Couple of questions

First Victor one of the posters and Koala customers says he loves the Speck Bulge but would like to see it in a single strap instead of the double. What do you think? In fact I would like your opinion on double strap rears versus single.

In the spirit of the Academy Awards I would like to know what male and female actors you would most enjoy seeing wearing a micro tiny tiny g-string or maybe a completely sheer bikini swimsuit. Take your pick!

Mens swimwear

Time to tan my ass

Unreal it will be mid 80s today and I am going to grab the smallest g-string and get lots of sun on my big bubble butt. I don’t care who is by the pool a day like today in Feb is unheard of even in LA.

New suits should be online very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. Thanks for the new suit ideas keep them coming. Would like to get more details on suit designs you think can be very sexy and family friendly. Watched The Descendants last night and the oldest daughter looked amazing wearing a very tiny bikini. Is that family friendly for a man too?

Mens swimwear

Your ideas! Bikini, thongs, mens swimwear, Lycra fetish

I would love to hear some of your ideas for new designs. I am working on a new batch right now this is the perfect time to get more user feedback and input.  What is your dream suit, what would you most like to see that we do not have. It can be swimwear or fetish wear. What would blow you away.

We will have the newest designs online this week. Last Thursdays live shoot went great. We had many new designs that had anal insertion parts and a model who never had a toy up his ass. It was a challenge but just his willingness to try it shows how much more main stream anal sex is becoming for straight guys too. It is to much fun to miss out on. We had a great shoot, the new designs looked hot oo the model. We had Jamie our fluffer/suit fit consultant help the model put on all the designs. She was the first to get to his very tight hole. After the shoot he asked when the next one was and said that he enjoyed it all.

Mens swimwear

Working on new stuff and the newest collection

We are shooting all the new designs tonight and I believe all the new suits will be online early next week. That said we are well into designing the suits for summer and I had to do my favorite thing today(work thing) and try on seven of the summer collection designs. We will have a nice selection of thongs, bikinis, g-strings and of course hard core spandex fetish wear. We might even bring out a new pair of short shorts, something we have not done for a while. I would love to hear what you would like to see in a pair of micro shorts.

Of the new designs I gave the girls to work on there was one I could not wait to try on. Based on the The Ass Master design this new one takes it a step further. As extreme as the Ass Master is I knew I could make it much nastier after wearing it to a sex party. Yes it was a hit. Having a small penis always keeps the thought of stretching it for the full affect and display at the fore front of my thoughts. The Ass Master already offers some stretching along with wonderful pressure from the inserted double bump anal hook. I wanted to super charge the stretch by adding two adjustable over the shoulders straps that connected to the anal hook. The out come is hard to some up in words. THe amount of pull that can be added to the penis and as it turns out the balls is substantial, really quite amazing. To top it all off as the pull is increased to the shaft there is even more added pressure to hook that is pulled deep inside you. Yeh I know it sounds like fun. It is!

Mens swimwear
Male chastity

Photo shoot and cute story

Just letting all the KMC members know that they will be doing a live photo shoot with us as we take shots of all our new designs for the latest collection. That will be Thursday 16 at 6:00PM PST

Today was just warm enough to get a quick tan and nap in. Figured there would not be a soul out there because it was just in the mid 60s. Decided to pop on a Testosterone Pouch suit and do my almost completely naked routine around the pool. The times I have used it no one bothers me but I never do it in the summer just in case kids are using the pool. I must of passed out the few few minutes I was there. A great little nap and just enough heat from the sun to keep my virtually nude body warm. When I opened my eyes one of my neighbors was a few feet away reading a book. Our pool gets very little use on any weekday and in the winter almost none at all. I consider it my private paradise though if anyone uses it what could be considered regularly it would be him. He has seen me in just about everything. He’s much older and is always wearing long shorts as he reads. Out of no where he asked me what I was wearing and I told him it is a pouch suit and that it is as close as I can come out here to nude sunbathing. He said I have to show my wife that and disappeared. I though he was kidding but a few minutes later returned with his wife. I had seen her before but she is not out nearly as much as her husband. She said hi and said he’s right you are not wearing a thing. I said enough to cover a little bit and laughed. She then chatted on about how when Venice beach in Los Angeles was a nude beach in the 60s and 70s a legal nude beach that they would go to every nice weekend. I said that was wonderful and mentioned that it was ridiculous that we no longer had nude beaches in LA. Of all places on the planet how could LA no longer offer nude beaches? They both agreed and even at their age I would bet they would still be out there!

Mens swimwear

Creating New designs, AMEX charge cards!!!

Business before pleasure… Just found out today that we have been having a problem processing AMEX cards. We use Bank Of America and last month they switched every company they service to a new credit card processing company. We have been trying to fix a problem with their system when customers use AMEX cards. We finally figured out the problem today and now AMEX cards from all countries should be working fine. Sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused.

As amazing as it might seem we have all the new suits for the up-coming collection in stock and should be doing a live photo shoot next week. Can’t wait to see the suits on someone other than myself.
Another amazing thing is that as of last Thursday we had shipped out all back-order suits and the girls told me to get them new designs to work on. As of today we have a few back order designs but they will all ship out next week. I have created ten new designs and the girls are working on samples this weekend. I hope to be trying on new 2012 Summer designs next week. I am so proud of how our production people have been kicking as the last couple of months. This has enabled Koala to introduce more new designs and collections and bring them to our customers faster then ever. All still with the best craftsmanship and of course all proudly made in the USA.

Mens swimwear

Another great day at the beach with cock exposed

Used the new Secret Temptation at the beach this weekend. It was beautiful and un-crowded because of the Super Bowl game. Seemed to be out of towners mostly Asian and European tourists enjoying our summer like weather. This was the first time I have tried this design at the beach. Like I mentioned in the last blog this suit holds the balls in a solid white pouch which looks like it has everything in it. The actual design exposed the shaft flattened inside but still exposed. I was with a female friend and we walked to the water which was cold as can be where many people walked and jogged past us. When you wear a g-string people are always going to stare but nothing out of the ordinary. We even talked to a passing lifeguard patrol. I’m sure they stopped to talk to her but will all talked and they had nothing to say about my cock being exposed, in my opinion they like everyone else who saw me on Sunday had no idea that was what they were looking at. I have included a quick shot of me trying it on the other day. Yes I know I still have about ten pounds to lose. When get to my target weight I promise to post many more on public beaches!

Mens swimwear

Newsletter link and exposed penis suit

First here is the link to our latest newsletter it just came out today.
Koala Newsletter

I tried the new Secret Temptation suit, this is the design that completely but stealthy exposes your pushed in penis and covers the balls with solid white spandex. It is made to look like the ball pouch is covering everything. The last couple days have been great sun days here and I used this suit around the pool. Yesterday they had another open house and many people walked by me, a couple brokers stopped to ask me questions about the complex and I am sure they had no idea my cock head was exposed looking eye to eye with them. The fabric covering the head is sheer white but when you mix in the skin it looks like an interesting pattern which no one would expect to be cock. Shocking and fun.
This design should be online in two weeks give or a take a couple days.

Mens swimwear

Trying something new and Sale suits

There were no sale suits in January we were just to swamped to get a newsletter out but the
February Newsletter is ready and going out tomorrow. Interesting info and quite a few sale suits. I will make sure to post a link here.  We did a photo shoot last night for KMC which went great. Very hot guys who were into fetish spandex, a nice mix. The HD will be posted on KMC in a couple of weeks. We had to guys together that were very playful.
Update on the new designs: All new suits will be in by Monday and we should be shooting the new designs for our website in the next week to two weeks! They look fantastic***

I am trying the new Secret Temptation today for my pool side break. That is the design that is completely sheer at the penis head but almost impossible to tell the sheer area is not part of the design. A totally arousing feel and look. Wonder how many people might stroll by. Will let you know how it goes next post.

Mens swimwear