Short shorts crazy and male Labia

Short shorts crazy and male Labia


Just got back from a fitting with the girls this morning and I must say that making the perfect short shorts is driving me crazy. I tried on one of the best looking designs we have made so far but the problem is getting it to show the complete cheeks outline and have a rear that plunges deep into me. I was not sure we were on the same page with this style so after giving it some thought I took a piece of elastic connected it to the crotch and then pulled it as hard as I could into my crack but over the fabric. It all came to life and I could see the girls saw exactly what I was looking for. The shorts are in white and with the elastic pulled in that tight you could see the complete detail of what my ass looked like. That is what I want, I see it every day at the gym girls with everything from amazing ass’s to big meaty butts but all with spandex so far up their butts I can see their holes outline. The spandex pulled in like that does a great job of enhancing your ass profile. A nice butt becomes a perfect butt! We are getting their! Trying to create a perfect ass for all Koala customers.

One of the designs I talked about last week was a male to female transformation suit that is designed in such a way showing not only the shape of the lips but a little exposed male Labia. I thought the suit was fantastic last week but the girls saw a change they wanted to do and the one I tried on today was just magnificent. I slipped it on looking in the mirror and then pulled out a little meat. I thought it looked incredible, just like a vagina with the lips slightly spread showing off Labia. I called the girls over and said look now I am really one of the girls. The giggles were non-stop.

Customer idea and ditching work for the beach.

Just a quick update on what’s going on. Earlier this week I received another great idea from one of our customers about adding a suit like the Temptation design with a real bikini front so he could wear it to more moderate beaches while still sporting a total feminizing look. I immediately loved the idea, drew it out and talked to my pattern maker about knocking out a sample. Though the idea seems straight forward I am not 100% sure that we can keep the shaft completely compressed and hidden away in a bikini but my girls said they will have a sample for me next week.  Hope it is beautiful where you are at. We finally had a real beach day and I took off after lunch to get a little beach enjoyment. It was magnificent out there. The water felt great, there were few people out there but amazingly enough there were two guys nearby laying out in G-strings when I arrived. There was an incredible yacht that must have been mega millions parked right off the beach possibly shooting a movie. If so I hope they got a close up of my very tan fully exposed ass soaking up the rays and being seen by who knows how many people strolling on the beach. Will let you know how the new sample turns out and I hope you get some wonderful micro swimwear time this weekend.

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Two new suits that got me super hard and a link to our newsletter and sale

Two new suits that got me super hard and a link to our newsletter and sale


Thursday was another fitting day and it went very well. We actually ended up with an all new design from a simple miscommunication. A few posts ago I added a photo of myself in a wet look blue suit with the cock up and balls split. I love that design but I asked them to make a small change to it. The change they made was not the one I wanted but the outcome was a master piece, one of the most erotic suits I have ever slipped on. Let me first go back to the start of the fitting which gave us all a laugh. As I  strip down to my birthday suit I am asked by my head pattern maker which styles do I want to start with the difficult ones or the easy ones. Once fully undressed she looked at my cock and said let’s start with the male to female transformation design and we all started laughing.

Now the new design they came up with by mistake is outstanding. It looked similar to the photo I posted but working in reverse. My cock was hard and my balls were split but the design pulled my erection down towards the ground which made me harder than ever. We have never made a fetish swimsuit or any other design that pulled my cock harder. The fabric looked like it was painted on and as we were making adjustments with hands all over the suit I felt like I was going to ejaculate any moment. I was that aroused. I explained the original change I wanted and we decided to make the wonderful mistake a new design too. 

I will post about the second design next time.


Our August newsletter just came out. Here is a link to it! Lots of sale suits and articles I hope you find interesting.

Please take a look at this men’s swimwear site

What I want you to look at is a fully operational web site that we just added to the family. It offers most of the same products as but with a different way of viewing the suits. I would love to hear feedback from as many as possible. This is a sister site to and both sites will offer Koala products and both will be updated at the same time. We have added this site for people who want another option of how they can view the Koala collection. The Mens Swimwear Store offers all the swimwear designs but does not have most of the fetish styles that are listed on If The Men’s Swimwear store ends up being an option Koala customers like we will most likely add the fetish spandex designs too. I look forward to your feedback. It is not fancy but it is very functional.

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Peek at a new men’s swimwear design

Thought I would post one of the new designs we are working on. The fit was just amazing. My cock was so wonderfully packaged in this wet look tight fitting spandex suit. I love the artistic take on men’s swimwear that this design offers. What you see was an idea from one of our customers with some changes that we added. I am really excited about this one. Glad the wet spot did not go through the fabric because the juices were flowing big time when  I took the suit off it almost looked like I was cuming.

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Crazy swimsuits and why can’t they go topless?

Most of the time trying on new designs is not only fun but very erotic and sexual, other times it is not all that much fun and sometimes it is like putting your balls in a washing machine. Most of Fridays try on session went great but one suit in particular, a male to female transformation designs we have been working on and failing to get right for years is almost perfect. I want a fem style suit that not only make the wearer look like he has a vagina I want one that shows off his clit and some pink to like a real spread pussy. We are just about there. On Friday the girls could not believe that I had an exposed clit and that with my lips spread it completely looks like the spread lips on a very tight vagina. They brought me over a mirror to see the full effect and it was amazing. The down side was the suits cut is still not perfect and getting my balls in the right way took three sets of hands and some rough handling ball moments. As you all know they can be very sensitive.


Girls at the beach: why can’t I go topless? We are still having strange weather for this time of year in LA. I was telling a friend from out of state that we had more sun at the beach in January. June gloom all summer but I hope it gets better this week. Saturday I hit the beach later in the day and it was very nice out, lots of people coming to the beach late with the same idea. Found a great spot right near the lifeguard tower and peeled off down to my very micro swimsuit. A few minutes after that a few girls in their early twenties were setting up next to me and I heard one say to the other “that guys suit is smaller than mine” followed by “why can’t we go topless”. I did not hear any more of the conversation but the question is a good one. I would love to know why men are allowed to go without tops and women cannot.  Does anyone out there know?

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Short shorts and new suits

I tried on many of the new designs today but only one pair of shorts. The short shorts are coming along slowly but the pair I did try on went as far up my ass as could be imagined and really showed off the cheek shape nicely. I will talk about the different designs in the next couple of posts. The one big surprise was that the girls had samples of the two designs I blogged about the other day ready to try on.

I even had them snap a couple shots that I will post.

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