One more photo of new swimwear sex wear design

Our summer is finally over. I had two nice days by the pool but now it is cooling off. Maybe we will even get a little rain. I was just writing copy for our next collection and reading it back I get an erection. Sometimes I can’t believe how aroused spandex gets me.  One of the new designs I was talking about is a suit that gets me so hard every time I put it on it seems to channel my inner porn star. I’m talking about pre-Viagra amazingly hard porn star. I can see the veins showing through the spandex and my head as hard as a rock.
Last photo until I get my body looking better!

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New huge bulge men’s swimsuit and photo


One of the other designs that will be in the next collection is a extremely sexy thong with a huge bulge enhancing pouch. This is the perfect design for when you want to be the Alpha Male (That sounds so good I am going to call this new design The Alpha Male!) when you hit that next pool party or the day at the beach that you really want to stand out. The picture below is of me wearing this suit and as huge as the bulge is I can tell you my penis at the time was no larger than 2”. I think the effect is both amazing and awe inspiring. It is in fact just my cock be manipulated in a way to create this fantasy.

Mens swimwear

This huge bulge is all me!

More on new ultimate men’s swimwear and shorts design



We are still having an amazing summer in SoCal. I was at the beach with friends on Saturday and Sunday. They were both we fantastic sunny days. I was stuck at work on Monday but checked out Santa Monica Beach on one of my favorite web sites which has a free live cam and the beach was packed. It was 78 degrees and sunny as can be. It is not all fun and games here we would be happy to send you our nice weather and sunny days in exchange for lots of rain!!!! One of the new designs now in production is a pair of shorts that can be used for play, erotic wear or as a sensuous swimsuit. This was a customer’s idea from the UK, taking a pair of short shorts and adding a distinct penis shape front pouch, a built in adjustable cock ring to keep you nice and hard and our matt finished black rubber look spandex make these shorts the most realistic form fitting design on the planet. Everything is covered but the beauty of the male penis is the central part of the design and the eye goes naturally to it. On top of the penis centric design your ass looks perfect with the base of the cheeks being cupped nicely.

Men’s Swimwear

New designs, new photo, new body?

The fitting the other day went fantastic! All fourteen of the new designs are perfect, no changes needed. We are shooting for a release date of Late February or early March. I have decided to show a picture of me in one of the new designs for three reasons. 1st is to show the new bulge style pouch suit made of rubber feel spandex. It fits great and looks good. 2nd is to update you on my Laser hair removal experiment. If you look at my front tan line area the little white part is where I have done about six sessions and as of the last two weeks I have not had one hair grow back in that area but I will continue to do it for the full three months. I am also working on the handful of hairs left on my balls and shaft. Seems to be going very well but I started that just three weeks ago. The hair on the base of the shaft seems to not be growing back. One thing I can say is that laser hair removal on the balls and shaft hurts. It is not nearly pain free. 3rd is that I made a bet with a girl at my gym yesterday. We are both trying to lose seven pounds in four weeks so this acts as my before picture and if I get down the seven I will post an after photo. We only bet one hundred dollars. For me it is not about the money but about the competition. I just don’t like to lose. If I win I will have her donate it to a charity.

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New designs and the final fitting.

I am going to do what I hope is the final fitting for our next collection in the morning. We will most likely take photos of me in the suits just so I have a reference when writing copy for the new designs. If any of the shots come out decent I will post them here. Two of the new designs we are working on are modifications on the Bulge Desire. We left the front pouch un-touched because our customer have raved about it making it our best selling G-string for the last six months straight. We decided to add a Brazilian style bikini and a real thong style rear to the amazing front pouch design. They are already in production and have the same fantastic fit as the Bulge Desire.  

More Beverly hills gym

The locker room was beautiful. I was happy I had grabbed my bikini. They have a very nice coed Jacuzzi and in Beverly Hills I thought there might be other guys wearing bikinis or Speedos. I did my full workout and then changed into my bikini. There was no one else in the locker room so I walked over to the steam room in nothing but my micro swimsuit. There were a few other guys in the wrapped in towels. I just sat I mine and relaxed. After the heat I thought a nice dip in the Jacuzzi would be nice and the truth is I felt very comfortable walking around in my tiny suit. I walked right by a couple of guys who worked at the gym and they did not give me a second look. At that point I knew men must wear swimsuits other than shorts here. I got to the Jacuzzi and there were a few mid twenties girls who once they were out of the water I could see were wearing very sexy bikinis and a couple guys one in shorts and the other wearing a Speedo. I chatted a little and was pleasantly surprised by how hot the water was. I find that most gyms do not keep it that hot. I was leaving to go back into the locker room a few more people got into the Jacuzzi as I was getting out. One looked like she was shocked to see me but a huge grin followed. Maybe they are not used to seeing swimsuits on guys that small. Still brave I walked over to the shower and rinsed off, grabbed my towel and walked into the men’s locker room. There was a very nice looking guy in the shower and I walked over pulled of my bikini, rinsed it off and showered up. He looked over at me and said nice tan. The locker room started to get busy but if it was just the two of us who knows what might have happened.

Nice tan line in the shower room


I was at a meeting yesterday in Beverly Hills and decided to workout at a gym in the area. I was even brave and packed a tiny bikini to go in the Jacuzzi. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was all the great looking people. If you have never been to Beverly Hills and walked around the streets you would be amazed. There are more beautiful people walking around there than in any city I have ever been. Before my meeting I walked around Rodeo Drive and the other streets for about an hour. I am not big into shopping but I love people watching. There are beautiful men and women from all over the world. Let’s get back to the gym. There were also a ton of hot people at the gym and none of the giant steroid muscle guys I am used to seeing at my regular gym. Those guys are so big you feel like a little girl next to them. At the Beverly Hills gym I actually looked like I had some decent sized guns.

Continued Friday

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Update on shopping cart and new design info

Update on shopping cart and new design info

We have been working on new designs since September and most of them are either in production or ready for production. We have a few more designs to finish, that is to perfect but the process is going very well. Looks like I will be doing another fitting in a couple of days. One of the new designs I talked about in an earlier post is based on the Cock Smoker. The Cock Smoker is one of our very best selling sex/ penis display suits. While wearing it I came up with an additional design that includes a very tight spandex shaft sleeve that allows your cock head to be completely exposed. I love designs that get me harder than I thought possible. Last week when I tried it on my cock was maxed out. All the veins were bulging out. It was like I was 16 again. The spandex sleeve fit perfectly and I was so aroused you could see the outline of the veins in the spandex. Everyone though it looked great. As I was modeling it one of the girls said we need to check everything and pulled out a butt plug that goes with the design. A little lube and in it went. It was impossible to get any harder but the plug instantly started a massive flow of Pre-cum.  Like I said…perfect.


The new shopping cart is working great!!! Thanks for all the input. Feel free to e-mail me if you are having any problems or have any questions about it. [email protected]

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We have a new shopping cart at

We have a new shopping cart at

We changed over to a new super secure shopping cart by a major provider. We did not make the change because we had any issues with our old shopping cart. We were forced to change because purchased the cart we were using and thought our products were too risqué. The old cart was Prostores and if you find yourself on it while placing an order please refresh your browser. Like I said the new cart is super secure and they are one of the largest providers throughout the world. The new cart is working very well but there are still some small product issues and customer information migration to work out over the next couple of months. One of the issues is about the new cart finding your old customer information. You can always set up a new account with a different e-mail address or log in as a guest and order. Please feel free to e-mail us if you are having any problems at [email protected]  ordering with or credit cards is business as usual with the new cart. None of the issues we have are security related. It is a completely secure system. Once in a while you might come across a product that is not listed on it. There are very few and we are working to have that issue resolved as I write this.

We were not entirely happy about having to make the switch, it was a ton of work by our wonderful IT crew and I felt like usual that we were being singled out because we work with products that deal with male sexuality something many closed minded people are not comfortable with. That said the feedback over the last few days is the new cart is much easier and faster to use. Feel free to e-mail feedback.


Thanks for you continued support on our mission to put every man is extreme swimwear, fetish spandex and to lock up a bunch of you in male chastity cock cages.


Michael David

Working on new suits today

Working on new suits today


Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and day. Now it is time to get back to having fun and being nasty. Just part of my jobJ I spent the morning trying on new designs and I can’t believe how hot they are. Over the next week I will blog about some of the new designs but one stands out in my mind today.

It was a hot yellow pair of short shorts that went so deep up my ass I thought I was having sex, as hot as that is the truly outstanding part of the design is in the cock ring enhanced huge bulge front. The girls were giggling and saying that if I wear this to the beach all the women will be asking for my number. The bulge was outstanding and the shorts made my butt look great. I love yellow! If I ever get a Ferrari it will be bright yellow like these shorts.

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