Stretching my hole for you!

One of the newest designs that I will be trying on this week has a built in larger hole stretcher. The hole stretching suit Anal Exploration is fantastic but that hole stretcher will only handle g-strings. We have new g-string designs in production right now due out in the next collection that are made to be used with or without the custom anal stretcher plug. If you have ordered the Anal Exploration the same plug that came with your suit can be used on the new designs. That said I wanted a hole stretcher that could handle larger straps. We have created one that does just that. To handle this size strap (like the straps on the Close Shave suit) the plug is another 1/4″ larger around. Well the 1.5″ was hard enough for me to get in and since I need to be able to try on the newest designs with the larger straps and plug I have been busy using some of our stainless steel toys to get me used to the size. The Thug plug has been most useful in helping me open up down there. Not sure yet if I can but some how with the help of my troops we will get it in to make sure the suit fits perfectly.

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Blog only sale, new suits and a nice swimwear day

Hope everyone in the USA had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I added a couple of pounds and I will be busting it at the gym twice as hard as usual. Talked to my girls this morning and I should be trying on some of the wild ideas I was talking about early this week on Tuesday. We will be doing a live photo shoot at KMC next Thursday.
It is hot like an early summer day here in LA and no doubt I will be strapping on my micro bikini and hitting the pool for my lunch break. The exhibitionist in me wants there to be lots of people around. Because it is a quasi holiday there just might be!

Special Blog reader only sale suits.

This is the first time I have ever done this and I picked out three new suits, none of which has ever been on sale or will be on sale anytime in the near future. Say the next six months for sure. This special will run today through Sunday and you can click on the links or take the names and go to If this turns out to be successful I will try to do something every once in a while just for you boys and girls.

The sale prices will show once you add them to your cart.

Precious Metal  Reg. $38.00  Sale $28.00
Under My Spell  Reg.$36.00  Sale  $26.00

Fetish sex suit
Absolute Orgasm Reg.$68.00  Sale $49.00  (this designs will force you to cum)

A favor, new designs and swimwear or sex wear?

First let me ask all blog readers to do me a big favor and click on this link  Male chastity and take a look at this blog. It is more about getting it ranked on Google but I think the stories are good. They are done by a couple of my friends and as time allows I will be adding some of my own. We had the #1 male chastity blog by Google page position in the world but like usual Google fucked me again. Either they don’t like my very explicit photos or they don’t like me linking to our site for male chastity products. I am sure what they would really like is to charge me every time some one clicks over to our site. If you can take a minute to go to the site it would be appreciated and if you could forward it to your friends that would be beyond awesome. I might be your slave for ever!

Please don’t think that I am getting into that whole Black Friday or Cyber Monday craze. Just not my thing but I might try to post a couple blog only sale items Friday just to test out the idea. Would you like sex style suits or swimwear styles?

P.S. The newsletter sale is still on!

New designs: I got a call from my girls yesterday reminding me that I needed to send them more new designs. My mind went right to sex wear. I have been playing with the 1.5 gapping hole plug from the Anal Exploration and trying to fit the larger new one inside of me. All that might be why I am so excited about making sex style spandex. I came up with six new ideas including an ultra micro take off of the Secret Temptation. For sex suits I want to go with designs that will help the wearer have more intense fucking and sucking sessions. Not sure if you have ever used a plug but I am hooked on the metal plugs. I slip in a 1 3/4″ before I fuck and it not only gets me harder, it helps me keep it hard longer and my orgasms are way more intense. Not a 100% sure why this is but I know that just clamping your ass tight around the plug and bearing down on it while fucking or getting a blow job just ups the intensity of it all, off the scale! The designs I am working on will add even more erotism to the mix.

Missed the 2nd half of my micro swimwear post

Well it happens I missed posting the 2nd half of my micro swimwear post and forgot what I was going to write. Last week when I had it on wearing it around the pool at my building I just could not believe how small it made me look. The shaft totally hidden and the balls in a solid pouch but because the suit is fully adjustable I pulled those bad boys completely between my legs. The shaft was pushed inside of me and covered with a sheer white ultimate micro pouch that is just covering the remanet skin left from the top of the shaft. When both myself and the models wear this style we push our shafts inside of ourselves and we are able to cover the area smoothly with the skin that is left or even create a little clit like design. You can actually just leave the cock head pressed against the fabric with the eye starring out. Though the fabric is sheer the combination of fabric and skin create an almost non sheer optical illusion. There were a number of people out around the pool last week (the last of the hot days for a while) I talked to a few and though everyone gave my suit a 2nd and 3rd look they are used to seeing me in bikinis, thongs and g-strings. I am sure no one knew they were starring out my exposed shaft. Well the skin on top of it. The idea behind wearing that suit was to come up with a smaller design and since it was both a little quiet today and very nice out, just a little over 70 I put the same design on and got a little sun. I talked to a beautiful girl who had her baby with her. Had not seen her for a while and she sat down in the sun and chatted. She has seen me for years wearing micros and did not even blink. I am completely sure if the thought entered her mind at all, was my shaft was in the pouch with my balls and the top panel is part of the design. The point of being out there was to see if it could make the design even smaller. I believe it can. I think I can still cover everything and make the shaft cover about half the size. It would barely cover the skin on top of the shaft. Enough to just cover an exposed head unless you were large, if that is the case you would need to manipulate the skin and form it to fit. It will be easier to show than explain!

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Newsletter, Blog rear surprise and micro swimsuit

Just wanted to let you guys know the Koala newsletter should be out in the next day or so(Carlos is due back right about now) and the sale items in it will run to the end of the month. This blog has a very large following now and I appreciate every one of you who follows it. I would love to see more comments from you boys! I was thinking about adding a special one or two day sale just for readers of the blog every once in a while. What do you think about that idea?

Micro suit update. The smallest suit we make that still shows some of the male form is the Secret Temptation. The designs shows a little or as much of your balls in a pouch as you would like but completely hides the shaft. This style might even be better known as a shaft cancelation design. The shaft literally disappears. As I posted over the last couple days my mind has been focused on trying to design something even smaller. Yesterday I took my lunch break in the sun (hard to pass up those 80+degree days) and I decided wearing the Secret Temptation might be inspirational. Lucky for me I decided to fit it on before I left work making my shaft completely vanish. I like the feel of pulling the balls way back between the legs. In some ways this is a very feminine look because the bulge you show is just about as small as some of the women’s suit designs that expose the complete lips but just barely cover the clit. The entire Vagina is exposed. That is how small my pouch looked with the balls between my legs. If the balls would have been left up they would still be pulled down away from the shaft but you would see at least some bulge.

Long post so more tomorrow

Mens swimwear

It is a warm one today anyone for a swimwear break at lunch

Not sure how many eighty decree days we have left to the year so no doubt I will grab the smallest suit and get some sun today. I enjoy taking a micro swimwear lunch break. When it starts getting cold guess I will have to schedule some time down at our only indoor hot spring in Los Angeles. Near downtown LA in a Korean area almost no one knows about. It is a great place to show off my tan line because everyone is naked. Maybe today I will come up with that elusive ultra micro swimsuit design.

Make sure to stock up on some fetish Lycra and sex wear designs for those cold nights. Our designs help you create some heat!

Mens swimwear

Getting smaller all the time Micro swimwear

Was just day dreaming about trying to design an even smaller swimsuit. Something just totally tiny, shockingly small. Our micro designs are by far the smallest suits you can find but that said my mind always wonders about how we could possibly make something smaller. Lucky for me I always have my cock on hand and spandex Lycra to fool with. Any swimsuit as small as what I am thinking about would need some combination of forcing the shaft back inside of me and maybe forcing the balls inside or pulling them deep between the legs. Maybe the shaft pushed in with the extra skin folded over so it looks like the wearer has no shaft at all and just the smallest bit of fabric covering the fold of skin. Might be interesting, but what to do with the balls?

Mens swimwear
Penis enlargement

Stuck in Chile and glad it’s over

So happy the election is over here in the USA. Whether you like the out come or not at least all the fucking ads on TV, our computers and every other word on the radio is over!
Pot is now legal and taxed in a couple states can’t be long until the rest of the country follows. Gay marriage in two more states and the one thing I feel is extremely important is a liberal Supreme Court. 2-3 more picks this term. Hope things will loosen up a bit. We will see.
Enough about politics and on to swimwear. I received a ton of e-mails asking about the November newsletter. One I promised to do(it is done) and send out early November. The only problem with my plan is my webmaster who takes care of it all is still stuck in Chile. I hope he will be back next week.
The new  “Anal Exploration G-string” with the 1.5″ custom anal stretcher has been such a fantastic seller that we have ran out and had to produce two more batch’s of these custom plugs. I have used this suit and there is almost no way you won’t have an orgasm wearing it. We have even had a number of customers ask us to do a larger stretcher and we are working on a 2″ one that will handle larger straps like the type you see on our Close Shave suit. We will be working on future g-string designs that will work using the same stretcher that comes with the Anal Exploration. We have the sample 2″ here and are using the Slut Crazy suit which has the perfect sized straps for it. As most of you know I try on every suit we make for comfort and fit, really just to make sure I love it but so far the 2″ is to big for me to get in. I will keep on plugging away at it. I think I will be up for the challenge!

Mens swimwear

Awesome day at the beach and t-girls

I am sure it won’t last to much longer but it is close to the 80’s at our beaches here in LA and Sunday was one of the best days of the year. Picture perfect weather, micro bikinis on me and many girls, water was a little cold but who cares my cock was about 1/4 long anyway.It was not like with all that micro compression it was going to get much smaller. Asked about this before but we are again thinking of taking photos of T-girls wearing some of our wildest designs. Any thoughts on the subject?

Mens swimwear
Male chastity