Final Fitting and photos



I should be doing a final fitting this coming week on all the new designs and maybe even all the new work-out tights. I have the girls take photos of me wearing the new designs. I use the photos to help me write copy before we do the actual photo shoots. I will try to post some photos of me in the new styles if any of them are blog worthy.

P.S. Today was another great beach day. Three in a row it is almost like being on vacation.


Non-stop beach



I had to take most of Friday off and get down to the beach it was so bloody hot in the Valley. I needed some micro bikini time! Hot with great waves on Friday and Saturday with a healthy dose of exposed ass thongs. Mostly girls but some guys too. There were so many women wearing thongs and extreme Brazilian cheek exposing swimwear I felt right at home taking a walk on the beach wearing my thong on Friday and playing in the surf with a friend on Saturday. The waves were too large to thong in both days and I ended up wearing a pair of micro shorts over my skimpy suit while bodysurfing. The waves were almost huge on Saturday and while bodysurfing in on a large on I noticed what I thought as a person next to just completely blowing me away on the wave in. It turned out to by a large a quite beautiful seal.



Men’s Swimwear


Small penis shape pouch

One of the new designs we are working on is a small thong style suit with a very small penis shape pouch . This design features both a short shaft pouch and a nice tight ball pouch. The suit is held together using an Ass Spark. The penetration of the Ass Spark allows you to stay hard and it keeps your balls completely filling their pouch. Thousands of Koala customers have had the thrill of using an Ass Spark powered swimsuit but for those of you who have yet to try one the only thing I have to say is you have no idea how erotic and stimulating these swimsuits are!

These just might be the hottest short shorts on the planet

One of the new designs we have been working on is an offshoot of the Lady Gear Shorts. The Lady Gear Shorts might just end up being our most popular swimsuit ever and there is no question they are our most popular shorts. They are unlike any shorts you have ever tried on. The male transformation aspect is both extremely sexy and totally complete. They are without question one of the most enchanting spandex styles you will ever slip on your body. With that in mind the shorts we are working on are even more extreme. The tiny Camel Toe look front is identical to the Lady Gear which is nothing less than mouth watering. The changes are a much lower cut in front and rear with much more exposed cheek exposed. These shorts are in all white and when you get them wet your tiny vagina will show through. No cock will be seen just those precious lips. I tried on the final sample and the fit was amazing.


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Fitting and tights surprise part 2


I feel tights should show off the male form. The pouch should show the bulge and maybe even a hint of the penis shape. (If tights take off like the shorts have I will definitely do a male transformation camel toe style pair too) I want the tights to go deep between the cheeks and show the legs as sexy and hot as what the girls are wearing. Like I said in the last post the custom tights that came from Europe were very sexy but not perfect fitting. The craftsmanship was fantastic something we at Koala appreciate but the pouch and legs were just not perfect. I want perfect. My girls surprised me Friday with perfection. They had tried making samples a few times and kept getting closer and closer to perfect. They had three pairs for me to try on which were all amazing. These were my dream tights. I asked if this was something they could actually produce and to my delight the answer was yes. The tights were form fitting beyond belief, the pouch was incredible showing a bulge which could not be mistaken for anything but cock. The girls decided not to listen to me and made the pouch area double fabric which turned out to be the way to go. These are sports tights. They are compression tights that you would wear to the gym, tights you would go running in and might even wear just going out around town like the ladies do with their hot skin tight fashions. The design not only showed off the beauty of the bulge but went deep between my cheeks as far as is possible showing off the complete ass shape. Because spandex is such a huge turn on for me it is no surprise tights get me horny. The fact is when I was a kid I loved seeing girls wearing leotards and I guess things have not changed much only now I like seeing them on men and women. There is something so masculine and yet so feminine about tights for men. My biggest test might be trying to workout wearing them and not being hard every moment. We will be making a tights in white four way stretch spandex, black cotton spandex, grey cotton spandex and maybe the most interesting pair will be made in what is called a suntan cotton spandex which is like a tan nude skin color and should make you appear completely nude. I can’t wait for the fun to begin!

My guess is we will have tights ready in time for the holiday season.

More about new designs in a couple of days.


Men’s Swimwear

The fitting ended up being on Friday with a big surprise!


We ended up doing the fitting this last Friday and it went extremely well. Over the next week I will blog about a few more new designs and about all the days I spent at the beach this last week. The big surprise was all the new men’s workout tights the girls had ready for me to try on, this was completely unexpected. Let me first bring you up to date on my men’s tights odyssey. I have mentioned tights numerous times in past blogs. I love wearing and working out in men’s tights also known as compression tights. I think the concept of skin tight leggings that you can wear to the gym is a wonderful idea and I have been seeing more and more guys wearing them. I need to go to the West Hollywood gym to see if even more men are wearing them there. West Hollywood is usually well ahead of the fashion curve. The tights Nike, Under Armor and all the other sports gear companies make are sexy and look great but they are sexy in a Speedo sort of way which is to say they are sexy functional but not overtly made to be sexy. I had not been able to find my dream pair of tights and if any of those sports companies were making them then we would not bother doing it. The fact is no one makes tights that sexy and I have ordered over thirty different brands. A Koala customer told me about a company that makes amazing form fitting work out tights for women in Europe. I contacted them, told them what I wanted and a hundred dollars a pair later I received the closest tights to my vision. Close to what I was thinking about and super sexy but not perfect though they did give me a base to work off of.


Continued next post


Men’s Swimwear

Bikini surfing


Yesterday was a perfect body surfing day. It was sunny, breezy and packed with people along with sets of nice long rolling waves. The waves were not very large in fact they were just the right size to wear a micro bikini. Often when the waves are larger I will wear a pair of micro shorts over my little suit because some of the larger waves can strip away a G-string, thong or bikini in the blink of an eye. A funny thought just entered my brain. You almost never see girls losing their bottoms, it happens in real large waves but there are few people out in those. They will often have their boobs pop out when a wave hits them, a common but welcomed sight. I think it is easier for a man to lose his tiny bottoms because of the cock pushing the pouch out rather than being completely flush like a women’s. I wonder if wearing a male transformation suit bodysurfing will ease that issue? I met a nice couple from Israel too. They were watching me bodysurf and asked if I could show them how. The young lady got it right away but it took him a number of times to catch a wave. I told him he needed to wear less swimwear that his baggy shorts were slowing him down. It’s the truth but I would have enjoyed seeing him wearing much less.


Men’s Swimwear


Going Slinky to the Beach


Over the past three weeks we have run out of The Slinky Girl thong in all sizes, we have restocked and have run out again. They should all be back in stock Monday or Tuesday. I have been planning a male transformation day at the beach and now that I see how crazy our sales have been on that design it seems like my mind has been made up for me. I have dropped a couple pounds this week and if I can do the same next week I will be off to the beach total fem style. The Slinky Girl Thong is stunning and I am hoping to do it justice.


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Newsletter Sale and Fantastic beach days



The last summer sale! Click here to see the August Koala Newsletter and our awesome summer sale!

This last weekend offered some of the best beach days of the summer. There were tons of people, decent waves for body surfing in bikinis, interesting friends and hot long days. Saturday I spent time with an old beach friend. She came over to chat and asked if I was still in the swimwear business. Yes I said still selling the tiniest micro swimwear for men just like the one I am wearing. I like it she said and asked if she could bring her things over and camp out next to me. Absolutely I said. What’s up with the bikini I asked knowing that she almost always wears a G-string. Nothings up she said as she peeled it off to expose a very tiny G-string. She pulled off her tank exposing her nice breasts. Going topless I asked? No way she said and told me her friend got a $150.00 ticket last week for going topless after being warned a first time to put her top on. We hung out and had a blast body surfing all afternoon. Sunday I went down with a bunch of girlfriends. I had more than enough sun on Saturday but still needed more water time. I decide to wear a pair of Spanked Shorts. The girls that knew me asked why I was wearing so much clothing and the ones that did not seemed to always be peeking and my nice full pouch secretly kept nice and full by the hidden cock ring.