any tricks? hair removal and tiny swimsuits

My preference is to go hairless or at least not show any pubic hair when wearing tiny bikinis, thongs and g-strings. I don’t like seeing girls with their pubs poking out from under or around the sides of suits and I think we need to follow their lead. It makes the suits look their best and I think nicely trimmed or hairless guys look best. Do you need to remove all your body hair? thats a personal choice I think depending upon your look it can go either way with both looking good. Ones a bit on the fem side the other a more manly look. Both are hot. I have used almost everything when it comes to hair removal. Most of my pubes are gone for ever lasered into oblivion but there are still hairs that come back. I tweeze, shave and at times love a good Brazilian bikini wax. I would like to hear about your favorite methods and more so would like you to share any information you have about home hair removal units such as the new home laser units and what success you have had.

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Playing with new ideas

I am working on new ideas for summer. Our Spring collection is running a few weeks behind but should be out mid March. Would love to hear of any ideas you have. Here are a couple I am working on now.
I enjoy wearing the just about nude designs like the Slut G-String which has a very tiny pouch. My little cock fits great inside and I have seen much larger fill it up very well but the fit does become snug. I enjoy snug but many have asked for more room but the same awesome design. These designs come as close as possible to duplicating a nude tanning experience leaving virtually no tan line. We are working on a suit that will do just that but with much more room for a less snug fit and a pouch that will handle the largest cocks.
I find the anal area very erotic and love finding ways to expose it. We are working on a design that will be based on a Brazilian style bikini and if it works a thong too. This design will feature a small anal sleeve with a built in rubber/metal ring. Still working on the concept but the idea is to have the sleeve kept open in side you and to show off a small spandex covered gapping hole. Not sure if it will work but it should be fun trying on the different designs and seeing if we strike gold! A little crazy? maybe but we are always looking for excitement in our designs.

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Nice round ass sexy men sexy woman

Doing what I do I feel very in touch with the sexuality all around me. I notice things that attract my attention all the time. This morning on my way to work just down the street from my house I noticed a young girl maybe late teens early twenties walking from her car to her house and pulling up her jeans. They were absolutely skin tight and showed her beautiful bubble ass as perfectly as it could be.  A lovely sight first thing in the morning.
How easy it is for women to be sexy. It is so natural. It is always all around us. Why is it that in our society women are not only allowed to show off their beautiful bodies and erotic nature all the time not only allowed but encouraged. I whole heartily endorse that and of course fully belove it should go much further. I completely back a woman’s right to be topless at any public place that a man can be. The thing that always seems to pop up in my mind is why is it so hard for men to show and express their incredible beauty in public. Did you realize in the USA at the turn of the century circa 1900’s it was normal for men to swim nude at public beaches and the girls wore all the crazy stuff to cover themselves up. It was not only accepted but what everyone did. How did things change so radically? I would love to hear your take on how men in our society can have equal erotic rights.

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Go sexy or go home!

Fetish Spandex and Male chastity how does it mix?

When it is cold out and I can’t motivate myself to put on a tiny bikini and hit the gym pool to startle some of the old ladies and swim some laps my thoughts turn to fetish wear. There is not one product we offer that that I have not used. Anal hooks and plug suits are fantastic. The Explosive Sex is one of the most amazing designs for having sex in. Wearing any of the suits with an Ass Spark is nothing less than a complete sexual experience. We are all adults reading this blog and I believe all the subjects we touch upon are healthy ones.
Being excited by the feel of cock rings, spandex and other fun sexual items is completely normal and very healthy for you. There is nothing wrong with having a fetish as long as it is based in love and enjoyed with yourself, partner, BF, GF or wife, mistress or slave. I have favorites. I love using the Diablo style suits when I masturbate, sometimes I switch to wearing an Ass Spark because I have the most intense orgasms with it. So how do the male chastity devices fit into the mix. Once I found a great source for male chastity  devices I just knew that our customers would love them and that has been the case. How did I know? Gut feeling I thought our customers would enjoy them because I got so much pleasure out of wearing them. I am not per say into the chastity lifestyle that many of the men and women that order them are but I do enjoy at times having some one else control when I can have sex and when I can be aroused. Wearing a chastity device is an erotic experience for me and I feel it must be for many of the guys that order them from us.

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Most popular fem style suits

Thought I would pop on to the blog to answer a question that comes up almost every day and wish you a great weekend. It is pouring here this afternoon and it looks like it is going to be a huge storm. Guess the rest of the country will now have some idea of what is coming. More snow! Take a minute to put yourself in a nice warm place in your mind with the sun shinning and you wearing a tiny little bikini or thong on your favorite beach. Now that is a warming thought.

What is your most popular fem style suit. G-string/thong the most popular is the Sweet Spot but the reality is that most guys that order these style suits order more than one. The most popular bikini style is the Secret Wish Full Back.
Not sure how these suits work?  take a look at the free preview at KMC

Will these styles handle my large cock?
They will handle your tiny cock or your large cock. I have seen large fat wonderful 8″+ cocks disappear into femdom wearing these designs.

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Fond memories of mens speedos

Mens speedos are really what got me into the whole sexy swimwear spandex fetish wear trip to begin with.
I remember being in my teens and wearing nothing but beach shorts like most of the boys from LA.
I saw the guys on the mens swim team at a local college wearing speedos and I decided right then and there
that I would get a pair and try them out. I remember finding my first mens speedo at a swim school and trying it in front of the owner. Seems a little funny now that he would want to watch a 13 year old change and I’m sure it made me a little nervous but I really wanted a pair. Back in the day there were only a few different mens speedo styles. I picked the one with the narrowest waist band and I think the first thing I did was cut out the liner. You could see the shape of my cock clearly when the suit was dry and once my Speedo was wet you could see it all. There is so much I remember about my first Speedo suit. I wonder if there were not mens speedos then if I still would have ended up into spandex? Do you have any early memories of wearing mens speedos?

It kind of funny that now mens speedos to me look like huge suits. I guess in some way they are still sexy but way to much fabric for me!

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Have you tried one?

The designs we offer that have the Ass Spark incorporated into them have been are best new selling line of suits ever. The way they feel is almost beyond explanation. That said If you own one it would be great if you posted your feelings about it.
We have a lot of first timers who have never had anal stimulation call and order these suits and they tell us how nervous they were at first but how much they love wearing them.  The Ass Spark is a sexual identification neutral product.
It is all about anal stimulation and no matter what you like men, women or both if you have not exposed yourself to how the Ass Spark feels and even better when it is part of a suit you have no idea how much fun and pleasure you are missing out of.

Another question we get all the time if I own an Ass Spark to I need to order another if I want a suit that uses it.  No. You can order the suits that use the Ass Spark with out ordering one.

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Just the right suit for a perfect day

Did the gym workout and tried to get friends and family to hit the beach telling them today was going to be warm and beautiful. it is hard even in Los Angeles for people to get into the idea of enjoying the beach on a warm sunny day in early Feb.
Well I had to do without but being on the warm beach with a nice breeze and a handful of other faithful who just knew it was going to be amazing was in fact amazing. I had time to meditate and relax trying to recharge my batteries which of late were a little depleted. Funny thing was that I grabbed my standard beach g-string I must have 7 of the same in my drawer but the one I grabbed for what ever reason seemed to fit me better then ever.
Sometimes there is just a slight difference in a suit that takes it from exceptional fitting to  somewhere beyond that like it is part of your body. Oiled up and enjoying myself. Hard to think of anything I would have rather been doing today.

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Ultimate Micro part 3

So here it is. I am working on a micro that once you force the testicles inside yourself the suit will hold them up there and the bulge you see will be a micro bulge. It will just be holding your shaft but not in a penis shape. It will be a standard pouch size just on a very small scale, one I have never seen before. It will be my take off of a postage stamp style pouch. Insanely micro. It will be designed to hold the shaft bent down just like if the penis was draped over the balls but no balls. If your cock is very small it would just be pointing up but only if soft you were under 1″ or so. I have noticed that once the balls are tucked inside they can be detected as a bulge in your pubic area above your shaft. Since that area is covered with tan skin for most of us micro suit wearers it should not be a problem Small balls like the ones on my t-girl friend barely show a little rise in the area, larger balls like mine push up the area but hidden away is hidden away and I am hoping that this pushed up area above the balls will be a new exciting look.
Can’t wait to see if the idea works. It will be fun trying. Always on the hunt for the worlds smallest mens swimwear!

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