Have you tried one?

The designs we offer that have the Ass Spark incorporated into them have been are best new selling line of suits ever. The way they feel is almost beyond explanation. That said If you own one it would be great if you posted your feelings about it.
We have a lot of first timers who have never had anal stimulation call and order these suits and they tell us how nervous they were at first but how much they love wearing them.  The Ass Spark is a sexual identification neutral product.
It is all about anal stimulation and no matter what you like men, women or both if you have not exposed yourself to how the Ass Spark feels and even better when it is part of a suit you have no idea how much fun and pleasure you are missing out of.

Another question we get all the time if I own an Ass Spark to I need to order another if I want a suit that uses it.  No. You can order the suits that use the Ass Spark with out ordering one.

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6 thoughts on “Have you tried one?”

  1. I just bought one last week–I LOVE it!!! I had used an Ass Spark-type toy before, so I knew what to expect from the anal stimulation, but adding the suit was a fun new feeling. I have worn cock rings for years. What makes the Ass Spark better is the way the cock ring moves when I clinch my ass. Playing with myself without touching, and having everything pulled up tight in the suit, is just an awesome experience!

  2. I also have ass spark and really like it. It would be a bit better if the length of the bars were a bit longer because it really pulls on me.
    Also, I have Hooked Up and wonder if you would consider selling different fronts that would work with the anal hook and existing elastic? I would like to get explosive sex, but don’t need another ‘back’ hook.
    I would also like a cockring attached to elastic that would work with the anal hook and that really soft-looking nylon material covering the front.


  3. I’m having a love affair with the Ass Spark! It’s constricting and anally stimulating at the same time. I’ve worn cock rings and used anal toys before but to have both at the same time while wearing everyday clothing is so exciting.

  4. I have used cock rings and anal toys for years and I would like to try the ass spark. I have very large balls and am wondering if fit would be a problem. I have to have my cock rings custom made. Any advice?

    go with the 2″

  5. I was introduced to the joys of anal pleasure by both my GF and to some extent Koalaswim, she bought me my first anal exploration suit, the ‘explosive sex micro’. WOW, what a creation!!! I was no stranger to cockrings, worn them for years, had many of the triple ring type in a few different sizes, but to incorporate the two is genius…..to have her put the triple ring on then insert that ball and hook, with those shoulder straps was too much for me, the feeling of extreme pleasure was beyond belief, to say I blew a very large load very quickly is an understatement!! Pardon the pun, but she had me hooked!!! Ass spark cockrings followed along with MANY other anal toys. The next purchase was the ‘orgasm bikini’. She enjoys showing me off to my best and I love indulging her, the ‘orgasm bikini’ is the PERFECT suit, it has become our ‘go to suit’ and let me tell you I’m not complaining! She always seams yo pick it when we go to her gym pool, the front pouch is a perfect fit for me, the ring of the ass spark pushes me out nicely and I fill the pouch spot on, every thing sits nice and tight and definition is great, the best part though is the back…….OMG…… Delicious is not the word, I so get off on the fact there is a 50mm ball in my ass and no one but my GF can see or knows of it, it’s probably why I fill the tiny front pouch so nicely, I’m always nearly fully erect! If she is feeling naughty she will swim up to me, play with my ass spark, make me fully hard then get me to get out of the pool to fetch her water bottle from the locker or something similar, She totally gets off on the reactions of others and the way I look…… I totally enjoy playing the game for her…
    All I can say is get yourself one of these suits or something similar within Michael’s range, the feeling can’t be beat, swim in it, go tanning in it, workout in it, go to work in it, go out for the evening or even the shops in it? but best of all have sex in it…. You’ll wonder why you’ve not bought yourself an ass spark, anal hook or butt plug before. The fact it’s incorporated into s. tiny bikini makes it SOOOOOOO much better!

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