Pool Daze

While three quarters of the country was in a deep freeze we lucky bunch in Los Angeles were free to spend our lunch break around the pool in 88 degrees of bliss. We are having a very late summer which does not bode well for our water situation but it is awesome weather to wear a barely cover the penis micro thong. My ass is staying nice and tan at least for a couple more weeks.

Going for two posts in three days!

What do guys that wear micro swimwear designs and guys that use micro cock cages and cock rings have in common? As it turns out almost everything because most of our customers that order cages are also into transformation style suits big time. When we first started offering cock cages it was because I liked wearing them and being the spandex freak I am (and proud of it) I had a feeling that guys who were into spandex might just like cock gear too. Fast forward a decade later and most of our hottest selling micro cock cages are the ones we design ourselves. Exclusive styles that I believe appeal to our type of guys…Koala men.

Make sure to check out the New Munchkin Screwed and Mistress Fury Screwed male chastity cock cages. They are both stunning!

Awesome November beach day.

It is mid-November and we are still hitting the beach here in SoCal in fact today was as busy as most summer days. It was in the 80’s and beautiful. I was parked between two lovely ladies wearing micro thong bottoms and nothing on top other than their extremely lovely breasts. To the side of me was a nice looking younger man wearing a very small bikini and a few bodies away was another guy wearing a thong. My cock felt as small as ever probably because I was playing with so many chastity cages yesterday and my shaft was completely compressed for hours. If the beach was not so busy today I think I would have opted for a transformation style thong and just have gone for the full pussy look.  I hope everyone who reads this blog is getting the Koalaswim.com newsletter. I published some very tantalizing news today. Big news! On the way back to my car I passed another guy wearing an absolute micro pouch thong so small even I thought he was a girl at first. I wanted to ask him if it was a Koala but he had his faced covered with a towel and I didn’t want to disturb him.

Sorry about not posting to this blog for a while but it has been so insanely busy around Koala I have hardly had time to breathe. I will try to do better.

Michael David