I’m Back For Good!

I’m Back!!!

I never really left but I have been so busy adding new crazy products and yes even working on the new suits but more on that later.

I just finished reading an excellent new book called “Atomic Habits” and every now and then I get so jazzed about a read that I share it on the Newsletter but this time I just could not wait. Atomic Habits is about getting and keeping good habits and getting rid of the bad ones. I have already used it to shed some weight but more than that I like the way the writer approaches people and their habits. I would highly recommend the book.

One of the habits that was a good one but I stopped doing was posting to this blog. When I would get overwhelmed with work it was easy to not do the posts and then over time it gets easier not to do as much writing. That stops today. My contract with whoever is checking out this blog is I will add three new posts each and every week.

The question I get asked many times each week are when are the new suits coming out. First let me tell you why they are not out yet because there are a few reasons. 1. We have most of the new suits in stock and are waiting for two more. Once they are in stock we will do the shoot. In the future we will be doing smaller groups of suits so they can be released throughout the year. 2.We are selling so many of the designs I call our “standards” suits like Lady Girl, Clever Girl and the like that we never seem to get caught up and are almost always behind a week or so. 3. We will not make our spandex suits overseas. We have never been able to duplicate the quality of our USA (Los Angeles) made swimwear overseas, the quality is not up to our standards or that of many of our customers and truth be told I would stop offering them before I imported our designs that were not up to my quality standards after all I am first and foremost a spandex lover, wearing and enthusiast. OK I know this post is a little long winded but keep in mind some of the future posts might be just a few lines. That said three a week from now on!

Men’s Swimwear

Here is the January Koala Newsletter

Koala January Newsletter

At Koala, we have micro everything, micro swimwear. Micro pouches, micro chastity, micro ass and cock plugs and too many others to list. Because of the volume of micro products that we carry, I thought why not try some micro New Year resolutions as well. After all, when I make the really big ones; I rarely keep them very long. Maybe a bunch of really smalls ones will work better with the odds of some actually sticking may be much higher…we will seeJ

Fun with Glass Plugs

In Koala lingo, that is fun worth pretty much any shape we will stick up our asses! That includes dildo style glass plugs and some very cool new designs.  We will be attempting to bring these online within a week or two of you receiving this newsletter. We were caught a little off guard with the instant sell out of a new plug that we were not planning on offering. The story is funny because along with some of our metal plugs coming in, I placed an order for a sample of the Pineapple Express glass anal plug for my own personal use. When it arrived, I instantly fell in love with this plug and added an order of them to our very next shipment. Once the Pineapple Express was added online; they were sold out after just a few days. Wow! I most often go with my gut on these things and, if they turn me on, I want to see if it will do the same for our customers. After the great response of the initial order, another was placed and added to that order are a bunch of new glass plug styles. How many I’m not sure,but I know it is over ten new designs. It’s going to be fun doing the photo shoot for these new toys!

Ultra Micro Male Chastity-Tiny is the New Normal

Our best-selling new male chastity cock cage is the Eunuch which also happens to be the smallest cock cage I have ever seen. Until someone shows me otherwise, I claim it to be the smallest cock cage on the planet. Personally, I get so much pleasure from wearing it. Obviously, I love my cock locking as small as possible. That is why I love wearing micro pouch and femme style swimwear and tights. Wearing a cage that makes my shaft literally disappear is a total turn-on, just not one that allows me to get erect.

All these New Electric Scooters, The Koala Take are the Perfect Mix with a Pair of Tights

Not sure if the electric scooter rage has hit your city or town yet, but here in Southern California; they are everywhere. In fact, on any given day near the beach, you will see thousands of them. Though some cities have an issue with them buzzing around and people leaving them any place they like. However, I love the idea of them. Cruising around getting fresh air and taking thousands of cars off the road. This is not only a large part of cleaning our environment, I can’t wait for them to possibly take over the roads here and in other traffic jammed parts of the world. Instead of renting one, I just ordered a Segway Ninebot scooter. They looked like so much fun I just had to do it. Sure enough, they are a blast to ride. Just make sure to wear a helmet! This is something most people are not doing, but it’s crazy not to wear one. Even professionals have a spill once in a while. I have found it to be even more fun slipping on a pair of tights and sweatshirt as my preferred scooter attire. It is a very sleek silhouette and offers less wind resistance. That and it feels so hot. I had a feeling we could take these fast little scooters and make them even sexier.

13 New Designs and Going Forward on New Mini Collections

Yes, I know it has been a while since we added new swimwear/fun wear designs, but I promise they will be out soon. I know this because almost all of them are now in stock. As I type this, in late December, we are waiting for three more to be finished. Actually, we are praying they will be ready by mid-January and then, we will set up a photo shoot. The new styles are looking awesome. Bikinis and thongs with both bulge pussy style fronts, I believe you will see many designs that are sure to arouse you. In addition, I want  to share with you about our new strategy future mini collections. For all the many years that we have been on the web, all the work was sent out for updates. We needed to have big groups of products to have it make sense. Now that it is all done inhouse and we will be able to do what I call mini collections. My target will be groups of four new designs added each time. This will take a lot of pressure off of our wonderful girls that toil night and day to make you look awesome and feel even sexier. 

None of the New Styles are Named yet but Here is a little Teaser:

There is a superhot, micro bulge, Brazilian style bikini designed to be used with your favorite butt plug: Something many Koala customers thoroughly enjoy.

A Pinkish colored, metal style fabric bikini similar to our bestselling Male Room bikini also getting ready for you to adore. This comes with an even smaller bulge and narrower scrounge butt rear.

Sheer male to female transformation, full camel-toe look in front and a thong rear; it is ever so compelling.

Letting Loose with Our Feminine Side

I’m guessing based on how popular our male to female transformations designs had been last year that 2019 is going to be a banner year for these designs, and also for the men who are getting deeper into their feminine side. These very extreme styles are perfect for transgender, crossdressers, femme men, sissies and even for regular straight, gay, and bi men that realize deep down there is something missing, something they are yearning to get in touch with. Many men never act on these feelings, but many others are letting loose and experiencing the joy, pleasure and, undeniably complicated, but opening feelings that transformation allows you to ascend.

Male Chastity and the Koala Exclusive Handmade Series

Both the new Eunuch ultra micro male chastity cage and its sister cage the Mistress Fury are part of a growing line of insanely micro male chastity device. They are, as a group, the smallest cages on the planet. They offer extremely high quality handmade craftsmanship, beautifully polished finishes, and all stainless steel construction. We are adding two more new designs to the line middle to late January.

Keep your eyes open for the Minute Man and the Runt Cock male chastity devices. Both are small beyond belief. 

Plug Powered Swimwear Year Round

Thousands of our customers wear our swimwear designs as sexy undies, too. After all, if you love the feel of spandex for your swimsuits, why would you not love it as underwear? Two categories of designs jump out right away as being the most popular styles, not only at the beach and by the pool, but also away from the beach. These can be worn at parties, in the office, at the gym, etc. I’m guessing you get the idea. The two styles would be all of the transformation designs and all of the plug powered styles. I can’t tell you how many boxes of butt plugs along with the custom anal stretchers we go through for guys order bikinis, thongs, and G-strings. You are not alone in your love for getting a good ass fucking from your clothing. Sure, the real thing is always better, but this penetration is available to you whenever you want and for as long as you want. Talk about spicing up a day at work!

Why not start of the New Year right with some seductive and sexy bikinis, wicked little thongs, sassy shorts and so much more.  Maybe you were lucky enough to get some hot spandex suits for the holidays but if not now is the perfect time to stock up. Our January Koala Newsletter Sale starts now!

Not all suits are available in all sizes. Shop early for the best selection, enjoy.

**Buy 3 or more sale suits and get a free C-string suit. (C-String will be automatically added to your order but will not be shown in your cart)

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Fire Zone http://www.koalaswim.com/Fire-Zone_p_558.html Sale $23.00

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Real Man http://www.koalaswim.com/Real-Man-Bikini_p_349.html Sale $24.00

Rapture http://www.koalaswim.com/Rapture-Bikini_p_347.html Sale $22.00

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Surfer Boy http://www.koalaswim.com/Surfer-Boy-Thong_p_629.html Sale $23.00

South Beach http://www.koalaswim.com/South-Beach_p_397.html Sale $21.00

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Target Zone  http://www.koalaswim.com/Target-Zone_p_557.html Sale $19.00

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Take It Hard http://www.koalaswim.com/Take-It-Hard_p_528.html Sale $20.00

Raging Excitement http://www.koalaswim.com/Raging-Excitement-plus-Plug-options_p_339.html Sale $23.00

The Sire Thong http://www.koalaswim.com/The-Sire-Thong_p_471.html  Sale $21.00

Too Much Sex http://www.koalaswim.com/Too-Much-Sex_p_474.html Sale $20.00

Dominate Strap-on  http://www.koalaswim.com/Dominate-Strap-on-Unisex-Harness-no-dildo-included_p_626.html Sale $16.00

Personal Note:

I love the idea of space travel, sending probes to distant planets even outside our solar system. I love the idea of commercial space travel even if it is only for the rich in the beginning. That said, I wonder if we took a break on spending for space for just a few years. Instead, use all that money and those wonderful minds to concentrate on cleaning our oceans and the rest of the environment on our little wonderful blue planet. If you agree, write your senators and congressman to let them know how you feel about this. Another step in the right direction is not using plastic bags. I always bring re-usable bags to the store and when I am taking out food, I ask them not to bag it. I feel we could all get along without the little plastic bag they slide over every sub sandwich. That alone could save millions of bags daily, and who knows how many of those end up in the oceans.  I hope 2019 is a wonderful and healthy year for you. Let’s all try to make it a cleaner one.


Michael David