Beach, babes and new styles

October 21 and summer is still going strong. I just looked at the weather forecast for Venice Beach and it looks like we will have at least a couple more weeks of nice weather, beach weather. I hit the beach yesterday afternoon and got a parking spot so close I opted to wear just my thong and a sleeveless shirt for my trip from the car to the sand. Whenever I see girls walking down to the beach wearing nothing but a tiny swimsuit it makes me a little jealous not only because they all look so lovely but because I wish I had the balls to do that all the time no matter how busy the beach is. One day I might get there! We are still shooting for the new designs and many of the new tights to be released late November or early December. I am actually looking forward to it getting cooler now that I will be able to wear Koala sport tights. I already know how sexy they are and how amazing they fit, soon you will know too.


Men’s Swimwear


My dream has come true!


The first part of this post will not be a surprise to long time readers of the Men’s Swimwear blog or the Koala newsletter but let me expound a little about my love for spandex tights and the female form. I have always enjoyed seeing how beautiful women are in their spandex. When I was a kid I loved seeing the girls wearing leotards it gave me a tingle all those years ago and that tingle is still with me. The spandex tights women wear today while working out are just awesome. Some are so thin and body hugging it is like they are working out with no clothing on at all, a dream come true for a spandex perv like me (most other men too) and of course there are all those wonderful spandex camel toes to help motivate me during my workouts. All this brings me to my fitting today. I tried on the most perfect pair of sport tights. As I mentioned in other posts we have been working on male to female transformation workout tights for men. I tried on two different styles today and one was better than the next it was like perfect and perfect plus!  I can honestly say that seeing myself in the mirror gave me the same pleasure as seeing girls in hot tights.  Our design came out stunning.. It is a total feminine experience. I slipped the form fitting workout tights on and low and behold I had a beautiful little camel toe. If you saw me working out or running at the beach wearing these sport tights there would be no way to know I have a penis. The vagina size is adjustable from a big fat lipped pussy all the way down to a beautiful tiny little clam. If I had only two words to explain how hot they looked, how incredible they felt and how totally complete the transformation is I would say “Fucking Amazing” I know that’s a little crude but it is hard to contain my excitement! We will be making at least three different fem tight styles and they will be introduced after the next collection. I hope to have them ready late December or early  January.

Almost naked yoga!



I had the afternoon off today and even though there were thunder storms in parts of LA the beach was looking great. Other than people walking and running I had it to myself with just a handful of other sun bathers enjoying themselves. A nice little thong was my swimsuit of choice today. After a nice little nap I decided to try some yoga moves to see if they would help my mostly healed back. Yoga while wearing a thong on the beach is almost as perfect as doing it naked but without the possibility of being thrown in jail. I was near the surf which was pounding, making perfect sounds for doing a meditative workout. My Cobra and Downward Dog pose felt wonderful with a gentle breeze blowing and my Happy Baby must have been an interesting sight for the folks walking and running by. I went for about a half an hour and my back did feel great! More beach yoga wearing a thong is going to be a definite addition to my workout routine.


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Update on men’s tights.



We are plugging along on all the men’s pouch style sports tights. We will be offering matt colored tights in white, black and grey along with four way stretch shiny spandex tights and a pair of rubber look tights. We are still working on the male to female transformation tights. I tried on a pair last week that were not quite right. I want them to have an extremely cute camel toe front like the Lady Gear Shorts. I should be trying on a second sample and I am hoping they fit great, can’t wait to go running on the beach when it cools down wearing tights.


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Service with a smile and a handful of exposed ass.



Let’s start off by talking about global warming. It is Mid October and the beach this weekend around Los Angeles was approaching 100 degrees. I have been here for a number of decades and I can’t remember it ever being anywhere near that hot this time of year. It rarely gets that hot during the most intense parts of summer. Saturday I hit the beach with friends and family. I decided to pack some large garbage bags and gloves thinking it would be nice to clean up while getting some rays. I’m not sure why our beaches have had so much trash in the surf line but it has been a problem all summer. The beach was packed so I decided to wear my bright yellow micro shorts. We got busy right away cleaning up. It is such a huge overwhelming job but we were concentrating on just a few hundred feet of beach. A number of people walking the beach stopped to thank us while a few others said we inspired them to do the same. We try to do this every summer for our beach. If more people would grab a bag and pick-up trash for an hour or so our beaches all over the world would be so much nicer. I found so much pleasure in cleaning up Saturday that doing it Sunday seemed to be a given. I decided to add a little more sexiness to my clean-up effort by wearing a micro bikini while doing my work. I filled three bags of trash, strained my sore back a little more and received more thumbs up signs and thanks than the day before. Bending and picking up trash with lots of exposed ass has its benefits, my rear was very tan when I got back home. It was so much fun I might just do another clean-up next week wearing a male to female transformation suit. Why not mix work and pleasure.


Men’s Swimwear


Koala October Newsletter

We just added a bunch of new products to



The new male chastity products, enema gear designs and a couple new cock rings just went live on Lots of close up detailed photos! All are very interesting and exciting new products for men. I think the coolest new item is the Bad Dude cock ring. It is more than amazing.

Take a look and tell me what you think!


New pouch only design



Most readers of this blog know what Koala is all about but for new readers let me give you a quick rundown. Koala is about the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear, fetish spandex, cock displays, extreme shorts and coming soon amazing tights. We made our name with swimwear designs that have been created to be fun, sexy, functional and most of all micro and all of our suits are made in the USA with love. One of our passions and many of our customers favorites are the pouch only designs. We have been making pouch only swimsuits for years and we are always working on perfecting the designs. This new design targeted a need specifically for me even though many other customers have asked for this type of pouch. I have included a photo of me wearing it. This beautiful little pink pouch should be able to see beach use anywhere you can use a G-string. My issue with pouches has always been penis shrinkage. I am not big to start with and once in the water my little cock becomes unbelievably small, often well less than 1”. This pouch is constructed with a built in 3 ring metal cock ring cage along with an adjustable outer cock ring. Not only will it stay on in the water and make the smallest penis look like a nice sized bulge it will keep the penis from shrinkage holding it firmly in place. I love the way this pouch only suit looks and feels, can’t wait to see it on a model.

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They thought the Spanked shorts were tiny!



I did a heavy duty workout on Saturday and to my dismay for the first time in my life I hurt my back lifting, so stupid.

I was in a lot of pain but it looked like it was going to be nice at the beach so I headed down there. I arrived and had to walk a few blocks to my spot. I realized just then I had forgotten my regular shorts so I checked my bag to see what was available. I always have a clean thong or micro bikini in my car but how about shorts? I found a very tiny pair of bright yellow Spanked Shorts. The beach was very busy so the question was walk down wearing just my thong? Wear the Spanked shorts over the thong? Or just wear my baggy gym shorts over the thong. With all the people walking around the safe choice would have been the baggy shorts but they are so unstylish. Wearing just a thong with blocks to walk was to risqué for even me. I opted for the Spanked shorts over the thong, still a very daring pick with so many people in Venice. Lucky for me the fit perfect and just enough of my rather large full ass cheeks were exposed. I felt very sexy. It was hot out so I decided to complete the outfit by going topless. Tan, not to tall and in pain. Not quite the perfect picture but it sure was beautiful there and to top things off there was an unusual amount of men in thongs. I did get some gawkers watching with mouths wide open when I peeled off the micro shorts exposing a very tiny swimsuit. Even in pain that was fun.


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Here I am!

I’m back! Sorry it has been crazy at Koala the last couple weeks and I have not had the time to post. I have so much to say! I will be posting about new products, upcoming new suits and all about the new sport tights. After receiving a bunch of e-mails requests asking us to offer sport tights with a vagina fem front pouch I wanted to let everyone know we are actively working on them and I should be trying on the first sample next week.


The October Koala Newsletter is just out today! Here is the link.