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Choosing the best swimwear style for your body

Choosing the best swimwear style for your body

It’s funny how different styles look better than others on any given day. I generally go with my default which is a micro thong. This works great for my body since I have a fairly large round ass that craves attention and a very small penis which craves the minimal amount of coverage. My body enjoys the fell of being almost nude and generally wearing less sometimes way less than anyone else on even the busiest beaches. There are times when my body is not in the mood to wear a tiny thong and I feel that I look better in a bikini or a pair of micro shorts. If I am taking long walks on the beach one of my personal favorite suits to wear is the Party Girl bikini, it fits me to perfection and has enough coverage in the rear so even if we are walking over to Santa Monica pier which can have thousands of people I still feel like I’m wearing enough and I am finally used to having the front pouch look like a tiny vagina, it’s so sexy and so confusing. When I’m really active playing volleyball or body surfing I will go with a pair of micro shorts. I keep a few different ones around and go with the ones that look best that day though my choice is always going to be one that shows a lot of cheek, that’s just me.

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Dolphins dancing and people blending in.

Dolphins dancing and people blending in.


Blending in, could that ever happen to me when I am wearing a micro thong on one of the busiest beach days of the year? It could if the dolphins were putting on the show of a lifetime and everyone on the beach was in awe of what was happening. That is exactly what happened last Sunday. The beach was beautiful, the waves large and the crowds huge. I was with a couple of guy friends, one who was wearing a Koala Pleasure Chest…yes to Koala bikinis and the other just regular board shorts, how boring is that. My bikini buddy was the first to spot the dolphins playing in the surf. I have seen this many times but it is always a treat and many folks have never seen it before. The dolphin actually body surf in on the waves. This was a nice size pod of eight dolphins and some were extremely large. They were shooting in and out of the waves without a thought of all the people in the water. As in a trance I walked over to the surf line and just started watching from this better vantage point. Within minutes it seems like the entire beach was all around me, many had their phones out filming the dolphins at play. I’m not sure if this is possible but it seemed like the dolphins knew we were all watching and took their little show to a higher level  one that I had never seen before and by the cheers I heard my guess is many others had never seen such a show either. Jumping and flipping out of the water, swimming on their backs, play wrestling with each other and amazing everyone watching. This went on for about an hour. When I did look around I noticed girls in tiny bikinis, guys in Speedos, hot ladies and teens in thongs and regular folk in typical boring swimwear but no one really paying attention to what anyone was wearing. I’m sure many noticed what I was wearing (how little I was wearing) but the sight of the dolphins playing made it so we all just blended in to one another.



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New bulge style swimsuit


When we are creating new designs often we try building upon styles that are both interesting and popular. One of the design features we are into is having swimsuits with butt plug options. It’s a stimulating mix! My opinion on the subject from many customer interactions over the years is we have done our duty of getting men of all sexual identities to try anal stimulation using a butt plug and based on ordering trends once tried many are hooked, after all it does feel great. Mix that in with being able to do it in public and you have an intoxicating mix of pleasures. Our last collection of designs included the Pegging Brazil which was wildly popular. I decided to build upon that style by doing one with the same awesome bulge front but with a little less coverage in the rear, still enough coverage to wear it on any beach. I’m always excited about getting men to expand their comfort zones whether that is a swimsuit with a small plug or maybe one with a large cock shaped plug and at the other extreme going total feminine and reshaping the penis into a vagina. I have a personal story about femme style suits that I will post next time.

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Micros are magnets



I have always said if you want to attract people you should wear a micro swimsuit to the beach. In my experience the smaller the better after all there are many guys wearing Speedos and even bikinis but there are not nearly as many of us wearing absolute micro swimsuits one’s that are every bit as small as the smallest swimsuits you see the ladies wearing. Actually the suit I was wearing at the beach yesterday was absolutely smaller by miles over any of the suits the ladies were wearing. I decided to go with a Shy Slut suit. This is the design that you can fold over the flap at the top to reduce the size of the front pouch by about 30%. It is one of the smallest best fitting pouches we make. I have not used this suit for quite some time and I must say it was a blast to wear. In bright yellow and super small you are not about to be missed. Every guy on the beach made sure to do a close up walk or run by assuming I was a topless girl there was a beautiful one lying out about fifty feet away, It was hot as hell yesterday with no breeze and for once the water did not look wonderful. It looked like it had some sort of gross algae bloom, on top of not having any waves. It was almost too hot! After doing an extreme workout in the morning the only thing I was capable of doing was taking a nap of which I did for about an hour. When I awoke there were four single guys one on each side of me. All wearing shorts but obviously interested in checking out my micro. There was lots of room on the beach enough so that we did not need to be on top of each other it was by choice that they were so close. As I have said many times these designs are magnets, yesterday it was a man magnet.



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Back to the beach, new designs and new gear



Well needless to say I was way off on my dates for our upcoming collection of new swimsuits and micro shorts. My best guess was late summer but it looks more and more like it will be ready just in time to make the holidays even more special. Many people have said you can’t rush perfection and I believe that is the case with our designs and our crafts people. Being a total spandex freak myself and proud of it I understand that most guys that order our designs use them year around whether at the beach in the summer or just having a great time wearing spandex panties in the middle of winter. That is the reason we introduce new styles all through the year. When a collection is complete and in stock we release it no matter what time of year it is. Like you I can’t wait to get my hands on our upcoming designs and though you might not have guessed it, often I have to wait as long as everyone else to get one since the suits are done one at a time in batches.

We are still on a quest to have the largest selection of male chastity cages on the planet, why? Because I like wearing them and I have found many other men share the same affinity for them. Last month we introduced a number of new male chastity cock cages. I hope you have had a chance to see them on www.koalaswim.com we have also added them to www.malechastitystore.com .

We have many more designs on their way to us and I hope to do another photo shoot within the next two weeks.

I would love for you to send us your favorite summer micro swimwear photos to post of you and your friends! [email protected]





Nice beach days and hot lifeguards



It does not get better than a beautiful summer beach day with lots of hot swimsuits on the beach, both men and women. I spent Sunday relaxing on the beach for a couple of hours after my workout just a little alone time me and my G-string. Needless to say the beaches of So Cal have lots of hot lifeguards young men and women but what turn’s me on are lifeguards in hot swimwear since they all are young and virtually all have great bodies what separates them for me is what they are wearing. If you are lucky you can spot a male lifeguard strip off his baggy red shorts and all of a sudden you have this hot body going out for a swim wearing his tiny little Speedo. The only problem is unless you are at the beach all the time that is rare and happens most often early morning before the beach is busy. On the other had you have our beautiful female lifeguards many of which have these fantastic athletic bodies and I have noticed a trend the last few seasons where their swimsuits are not all the same. Many are showing off a lot of ass and just a tad of frontal coverage, some suits are full Brazilian backs. Not sure if that is up to life guard code but it looks awesome)I would never complain!). I had an interesting little conversation with one of them on Sunday which I will post next time.


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Switching gears to a G-string

I had a sneak off day to the beach yesterday. I took the afternoon off hoping it would be lovely by the shore and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was. Back at the office it was blowing about 20 knots but by the ocean there was a beautiful breeze. I decided to go full on G-string. I grabbed a Ballz swimsuit which we call a semi thong but in fact was an awesome G-string. The pouch ends right at the base of the balls so the view is fantastic as is the tan line. This design is very similar to my usual go to suit the Streamline. The fronts are close enough to the same cut which gives me a perfect fit the big difference is way less coverage in the rear. It felt great to be lying out with all the other slackers and sun worshippers with my naked ass fully exposed. This might just be the year of the G-string for me.


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The photo Shoot.

We had the photo shoot last night and it was one of the longest shoots ever. There were a total of eleven new swimsuits and nine new sport/fashion tights. I will spend the next couple of days going through and picking photos. So far they look great but there might be a couple of designs we need to reshoot, either way all the new suits and tights should be online next week. I think the entire shoot and waiting for all the samples got me so stressed out that I woke with a cold this morning. I guess it can’t be all fun and games.


More photos please. Keep those hot photos coming! You might just be the next spandex star on our little blog. [email protected]


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Working in the Warehouse wearing a Wet Works Thong

Working in the warehouse and the office can be quite a chore but it is so much more fun when I am trying on sexy spandex. The Wet Works Thong is one of our most popular swimsuits and one of my personal favorites because of its fantastic fit. The ultra-small shaft display is a look I enjoy and it is extremely comfortable for an entire day at the beach or around the office. The color is eye catching and the thong rear is as good as it gets. Feel free to send your
spandex photos at home, work, on vacation or your favorite beach. I would love to post them. [email protected]

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IMG_0517 IMG_0519 IMG_0524 IMG_0539

Me in a Stimuli cock display just working away. Update on New Designs

I love wearing Koala gear as much as anyone. The cock displays with metal rings always do the trick for me. I get extremely aroused. There is nothing like taking an order wearing a very sexy uniform. I like the underside view of the very tight ball pouch.

Well it is Friday and I met with the girls this morning. I received a lot of products but not everything. I was promised Tuesday which is OK because there is no way we can arrange a photo shoot the week of Christmas. Looks like the very best gifts, the ones you get yourself will be coming

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