More on new designs and a a big surprise!

Spent the morning going over the new styles with the girls. Lots of bikinis and thongs along with a new side tie g-string that blew the girls away. Of all the suits we make and all the crazy fetish designs we do the reaction from this one was the wildest. I had told them what I wanted but they had not yet seen the main part of the design. This special g-string was made for my new metal anal plug stretcher with gapping open hole that would be incorporated into the suits design. The stretcher is blow away and though it is a challenge for me to get the smallest size in, once it is in the look is spectacular. The girls all had a chance to look and feel the product before we connected the g-string to it and I worked it inside of me. They loved how smooth it was and now looking at the part understood how the concept would work. They could not wait for me to put in on. Once lubed it took me a few minutes of slowly pushing it in to get the fat head of it through. Once that goes in the rest is easy. Judging by their reactions they had never seen a gapping spread open hole where you are literally looking up the wearers ass and seeing what the insides look like. One of the girls grabbed a flashlight to take a very long look. They just could not believe their eyes and I understand it. Years ago we had a female model who blew me away by being able to gape her hole with out a stretcher just muscle control. Wide open and I too loved looking deep inside her!
The girls will get another chance next week because the g-string design needed some changes to work perfectly with the stretcher.

Mens swimwear

Todays photo shoot and how it relates to a new design

We did a complete shoot today featuring a very hot gay porn star and some help from me and Jamie. Ball crushers, cock crushers, male chastity devices in hot new colors and styles, butt bongs, anal stretchers and even a very cool shower attachment enema unit. I will go into detail in up-coming blog post but let me say the shoot went great and the photos are looking very good. Now how do these products relate to mens swimwear? many of them do not but they are a blast and you know I am all about fun and being open minded to new adventures. The product that deals directly with a new suit design is the anal stretcher. We have one that has been made custom for us to incorporate it into a g-string. We are working on it now. I did some road testing of the smallest anal stretcher today as we used my poor as for some of the photos. The smallest anal stretcher was the most I could take. The amazing part was looking at the photos after and seeing this gapping hole, gapping for me. It looked so hot and sexy I can’t wait to try one the one built into a suit. By the way the anal stretchers should be online in a week or so and they are fantastic for men and women! 

Mens swimwear

I love designing new swimwear

Spent about an hour and a half this morning trying on the fruits of my labor. I tried on ten new designs. Two of them were perfect right off the bat with the other eight needing changes here and there. Most of the new designs are beach suits. Bikinis, Brazilians and thongs. We normally get more right on the first try because my girls are that awesome but we are working with some very interesting new fabrics, some of which I have never seen used on swimwear. Very interesting textures and many of you will be glad to know most are not black. Yes black is my favorite color but once in a while even I need to try something new and exciting. The suits I tried on today in these new fabrics looked fantastic but the tweeks we need to make are based on how the fabrics stretch some of which are very different than standard Lycra spandex.

Mens swimwear

Extreme swimwear leads to other extreme pleasures

Yes we are into extreme swimwear, fetish spandex, male chastity, Lycra sex wear and the list goes on. Why not share with everyone who might be willing to try things I find erotic, exciting, pleasurable and just plain old fun! I mentioned a few weeks ago we were going to be adding more specialty items to our line and we just received them in stock on Friday. In fact the company which makes them for us is just a few blocks away. Yes made in the USA! I picked them up because I wanted to make sure they were here and I understood how they all worked. We will be having a photo shoot Saturday June 23 with KMC. The new items should be online in about two weeks. When I picked them up I received detailed instruction on how to use it all. Most of you know that detailed instruction means trying them out with a pro showing me how they worked, they worked very well and my ass and cock are still recovering from the fun. Most of these new products are made in a machine shop. They include ball crushers(much more fun than they sound) Through hole anlal plugs that open and expose your cavity and a couple of butt bongs…use your imagination. They are nothing short of amazing. If you are a KMC member make sure t catch the live shoot 12:00PM Sat Jun 23 PST.  The new swimwear and fetish wear suits have been selling extremely well and I thank you for investing in my vision of wicked spandex fun in the sun, play by the pool and yes cock play in the bedroom or any other room in the house that works for you. This Tuesday I will be trying on a bunch of new designs we are working on for late summer/fall release. Always a blast.

Mens swimwear
Male chastity

Tramp stamp or thong stamp?

We refer to those tattoos on the lower back of men and women right above their butts lovingly as tramp stamps. Personally I enjoy seeing them and I do find them sexually arousing which I assume is part of the attraction. I would like to know if any of you have the same reaction to them. Many more women have them but I see men sporting them more often now. My personal experience is that many of the women I meet that have them are more open minded sexually. I look at that style of tattoo as a go sign to try anal sex first with my fingers and next my cock if they are game. often they are. This all comes to mind because I wonder if a thong tan line on a man singnals the same. Many time I find fingers probing my hole just assuming I want it. In my case I do love the feel of anal stimulation so they are right to assume. The other day I had a Thai massage near work and a man worked on me. I prefer women but he gave me a great massage. Our Thai massage in LA is a mix of Swedish and Thai. I knew something was going on when he started concentrating on my ass. Lots of oil on the rear almost always leads to something more and before I new it the fingers were up there probing and I am still wondering if my new thong tanline looks like an open sign to others?

Mens swimwear

Getting busted and almost proud.

If you are adventurous like me you will always push the limits of where and when along with how little a suit you are wearing. Yesterday was one of those you are busted days but not by the police. I was working near downtown LA yesterday and it was so beautiful out I knew I would have to stop and have some lunch at the beach and yes get some micro suit tan. Got down there slipped on my Streamline (a suit I am now so in love with that I am making tweaks and take-offs of it for our next line of suits). There were not very many people down there being a Thursday but I thought there would be more since it was just amazing out.
I laid out for a while and it got so hot I just had to go in the water. What is cool about the Streamline is you can make it a micro Brazil rear. Out to the water I went spending time doing a little bodysurfing in decent sized waves. When I got out there was a big group of people near my towel. It turned out to be a group of guys and girls who work at the gym I go to. There was no where to go other than back to my towel. Everyone was cool but a few guys had some shit to say. They were being nice but asked why I was not wearing that during my workouts. Just yanking my chain a little and I could have been embarrassed in front of them all. I went with the truth which is this is the closest I gen get to nude tanning with out being arrested. I did leave out the spandex freak part but being fitness buffs they could see how having a full body tan would be nice. Wondering what the response will be when I see them at the gym. Will let you know!

Thought I would post a photo of me in one of the new designs. I liked this picture because it looks like my cock is large.

Mens swimwear

Crazy busy but never to busy to show my bulge

We are just crazy busy with the new suit designs. Sorry no newsletter for June but their will be one for July. The new suits seem to have struck a fetish nerve in many of our customers. We are getting lots of guys trying the more extreme stuff this time around. I know you are going to enjoy and be completely aroused by them. Wish I had more time to chat but for now thought I would post another rear view. Hope you like it. Can’t wait to drop 10lbs and post more!

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I would love to have you take a look!

We just added our 1st Summer collection to
I personally invite you to look over the new designs and please make comments about them here. I’m biased towards our own designs but after wearing each and every one of them many times I can say this is an exceptional group. I hope you enjoy them. Gabe is the model and I love him, he is so into wearing the suits. He will eagerly try on the most complicated designs.
Not sure it is going to happen but we will try doing a late summer 2nd group of designs.

I am interested in your feedback
Michael David

Pouches can look and feel so different

I have been posting about trying on different suits over the last couple weeks and I have picked my steady summer suit. The tan I get from it allows me to wear many other suits but the pouch is a big change from wearing the Slut Boy G-string. The Slut pouch is as micro as it gets leaving almost no tan line near the cock. The pouch squeezes the penis out and shapes it like an egg push down and away from the body. Though the pouch is super small it always looks like a penis is in that package. There is not let up, you always no the penis is being compressed and the shape of the pouch is always consistent. I have changed to the Streamline which is a ultra micro bikini, our smallest bikini rear that easily can be used as a micro thong. The front pouch is also very small but in a triangle shape. It too covers almost nothing but does not compress the cock the same way. So far at all times you can at the very least see the shape of my cock head almost standing straight up and the balls filling the bottom part of the pouch. This is when my shaft is about 1″ normal size until it gets aroused.
One it does get a little erect the pouch size swells and I have found the pre-cum seems to show much more on this suit. I am in and out of the water more to wash it away. That said I feel completely at ease wearing it as a micro bikini at the beach without using any other suit as a cover up.

Mens swimwear