Staying up with women’s swimwear styles

We have been so crazy the last week I just finally was able to take my lunch break today around the pool. I wear shorts to work almost every day of the year but it would feel so much better wearing my little micro bikini all day long. There were actually a number of other folks around the pool today which is a surprise in its self. Two teenagers were wearing Brazilian bikinis that were so small I could classify them as thongs. I used to follow women’s swimwear fashion trends until our designs became so much more extreme than what most of the companies were doing for the girls. That said I hope we will be seeing more of these lovely cheek exposing swimsuits at the beach this summer.  Maybe this weekend I will stop over a Macy’s and see what new designs they are doing for the ladies.
BTW if I was designing swimwear for the girls you know I would be exposing partial and full shaved lips and lots of ass. Just thought I would throw that in. I really do feel that way

Some very interesting new things

Just like you I am trying really hard to do very little this Memorial Day weekend. I am allowing myself to be lazy but not so lazy that I miss any workouts! I hope you all enjoy the holiday.

I also wanted to let you know that we just added a bunch of amazing new products to the OXballs and Male Chastity sections of today!

I hope you love the products but at the very least that you enjoy the photos J

Heat wave +Beach time


Welcome to spring in Los Angeles with a heat wave all week averaging over 100! This is truly crazy weather for spring with the beach averaging in the 90s all week long. It is hotter than the hottest summer days and of course let’s not forget about all the fires. Please if any of you know a rain dance do it and some rain our way! I did get down to the beach for a few hours on Wednesday and it was hot but beautiful. There were lots of pretty girls but not very many guys. I Hope there will be more guys this weekend and it would be great if they were wearing as little as possible! It was so hot that I went from the car a few blocks to the beach wearing my Deep Penetrating shorts over my micro bikini and no shirt. I felt so sexy waling down like that. I imagine that is how the girls feel when they opt not to wear a cover up over a little bikini on the walk down. I love that look!

We should be adding some new toys, ass plugs and male chastity gear next week!

Mens swimwear

More anal intensity even at the beach!



Men’s swimwear designs with hidden plugs that allow you to go out in public extremely aroused and stimulated are one of those things that really turn’s me on. Lucky for us at Koala it turns on many of our customers too! I am working on a number of designs for this summer’s collection including a full bikini that incorporates a built in butt-plug to keep you very happy at your next beach party. I was not completely sure how it was going to come out but the finished product is not only intense but spectacularly fashionable, without going to over board it is a very hot looking bikini made even hotter by the fact that you have the option of having it fuck you the entire day or you can do like me and when you have had enough swimsuit loving just slip a towel over your lap and slip out the butt plug leaving a still awesome looking attention grabbing micro bikini.

Mens swimwear

Ultra Short shorts Men’s swimwear


How small is too small? I am so jazzed about how well our short shorts are selling and how much fun they are to wear. The Deep Penetration shorts are my favorite to use as a cover up and in rough surf. I was at the beach yesterday and used them for my walk to and from the car. They sure show a ton of ass, they feel so snug and they are absolutely skin tight. The bulge is in the ideal spot and the rear goes unbelievably deep inside of you.  Friday I was trying on new designs that we should have ready in early July and one of those was a pair of tiny shorts, micro shorts in a rubberized matte grey/blue fabric that just blew me away.  This was my first fitting on a number of new styles including this one. I wanted this style to be cut a little lower in front and show just a bit more cheek. These are super small but still shorts. They were amazing, they fit perfect the first time on and they looked stunning. I fell in love with this new style and asked if I could take the sample to wear to the beach this weekend. Sorry but you can’t have it the girls said, it is our only sample but they promised to get me one soon.

Men’s Swimwear

Tar feet and a micro bikini


This last Saturday the surf was nice and I was busy bodysurfing with a girlfriend of mine.  I will often wear little short shorts over my thong/bikini when bodysurfing so I do not end up nude after riding a wave which has happened many times, the waves are great at pulling off tiny swimsuits. The surf was not very big so I decided to go with just a micro bikini and everything was great that is until I got out of the water and saw the bottom of my feet were covered with tar. I will almost always get some tar on my feet but it is easy enough to get off with baby oil (which I forgot to bring)  this time there was a ton of tar. I was trying to rub off what I could in sand and water to no avail. I barely made a dent in it. Amazingly the girl I was with was bodysurfing too and she did not have a bit of tar on her. She saw me trying to get it off, had a laugh and walked over to our spot to get some sun. Just than a nice older lady walked up and said it might take you forever to get all that tar off like that. I agreed but mentioned that I forgot my baby oil.  I have something that works great on tar come over and I will help you get it off. What is it I asked? I keep Canola oil with me just for tar which I get it on my feet all the time. As we walked over to her towel I introduced myself. Her name was Sandy and her friend Wendy ended up helping me get it off. Both girls must have been at least ten years older than me, both had nice shapes, both were wearing bikinis neither of which was anywhere near as small as mine and as it turns out both were nice as can be.  Sandy had me sit on her towel and pulled an extra one from her bag and set it next to me. Wendy asked with a smile if I could have possibly stepped on any more tar! I really was a mess and for once more people were staring at my feet than my tiny swimsuit. Both girls thought my suit was very cute. Wendy soaked the bottom of my feet in Canola oil and said to just lay back and enjoy the sun for about twenty minutes and that it needed to soak in to work well.  We talked and both girls said they had seen me down here before. I said I guess I am hard to miss wearing so little. Twenty minutes later virtually all the tar came off with all three of us scrubbing. The lifeguard walked by and asked if he could be next.  It is always interesting at Venice.

Mens Swimwear

THe beach at MDR

What an awesome weekend at the beach (other than the crazy LA traffic to get there) I have posted this many times but since there are new readers to the blog all the time I wanted to give the location of the beach I always go to along with many other guy you see wearing bikinis, thongs and G-strings. It is the strip of beach between Marina Del Rey harbor and the Venice Pier. The beach is about a mile long and very deep.  Waves are great for bodysurfing most of the time and I have never had a problem wearing g-strings or thongs. Lately there have been lots of guys on micro swimsuits and it is always a great place to see the girls wearing hot designs. Just be cool and don’t gawk.  I have a funny story about tar on my feet and the ladies that helped me get it off for the next post.