Micro penis pictures and how you can have a micro pen

Micro penis pictures are in, and men are finding that showing their micro penis or working on penis training to have a micro penis is not only a huge turn on for men and women but extremely sensual too, in an almost feminine way. Let’s get the big question out of the way first, the one that everyone would like to know: how common is it for men to have a real micro penis and how small would that be. There are many different sources of micro penis information most of it medical in nature. When we talk about a tiny sized penis, we are talking about a narrow shaft that flaccid is under two inches in size and many men fall into that category. There is not an exact measurement for a micro penis but it is generally agreed upon thet a flaccid penis under 1.5” is considered a micro penis though some medical text and stories set the size of a micro penis at 1” flaccid or less. It might surprise you how many men fall into the 1.5” and under set though there are many fewer that are under 1” flaccid and generally these men have an erection sized penis that when fully engorged reaches 2-3” in size and narrow in thickness compared to a normal sized penis. In the past having a tiny penis was viewed as a problem by many men but these days it is actually a fetish with many men working on making their penis size smaller but sleeve training. The most popular one on the market is called the Micro Penis Maker, this is a sleeve we have tested, and it works extremely well. I personally use one and have been able to train my shaft to stay in the 1” range and sometimes even smaller if you go to koalaswim.com you can see some real micro penis pictures and see how the training sleeve works. There are many sub-groups that are into micro penis worship and humiliation along with sissy training with these men and their mistresses referring to the micro penis as a man clit, sissy clit, sissy penis and a man pussy. If you find yourself being turned on by the terminology than these fetishes are worth a look after all you might be into them. Men are no longer worried about having a large penis but proud of having a small one! There are more sites every day posting micro penis pictures with their proud owners sending them in. I find it is fun viewing micro penis pictures and sharing ones of my own. When I was younger, I was worried that I would never find a woman that would be interested in me because of my small penis size, I have also talked to hundreds of men over the years both straight and gay that shared the same fears but for the most part those fears are unfounded since many men and women are into the look and feel of a small penis. Not everyone wants a large one forced inside of them and from my personal experience I have been told many times that my under 4” erect penis is the perfect size. I have been with my present girlfriend for over eight years and she really loves it small, she is into me posting micro penis pictures and she is in many of them with me, she finds it a total turn-on. It was her that got me into wearing a micro penis maker and training it to be under 1” flaccid. I can not begin to tell you how amazing the sex is when she sees it that tiny. There are actually websites dedicated to micro penis pictures and most of these are relatively new. Before if you googled micro penis pictures you would get a lot of medical related sites and lots of questions from parents worried about their young boys having the syndrome, treating it like it is the end of the world when there is little that can be done about it and men with very small penises can and do live a full and active life, have kids, get married and all around enjoy themselves. That is not to say there are not medical interventions when a child is young, there are and some are very effective though that information is better served coming from a doctor that specializes in this. For teens and adults there is no going back, there are no real ways to increase the size of a micro penis but if you learn to enjoy it, use it become a great lover and under stand that most women and men on the receiving end do not orgasm because of being penetrated you can do wonderful thing with your micro penis, you can have an exciting and sensual life and when you are ready you can share your beautiful micro penis pictures with the world.