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Beautiful out all week just about have a full summer micro bikini tan going. Hope it’s nice enough to get a beach day next week.


Big news!!! Well maybe not big but helpful news. There is a new way to view suits at

When you click on new collection or entire collection you will see a button on top that says “click here to see entire selection of designs” It allows you to do that without clicking on the next button. I find it very helpful when looking over all the designs.(if you do not see the button refresh your browser) It is much faster. Let me know what you think. Make sure you are on our newsletter list. April will be going out next week.

Mens swimwear

Bikini beach run.

Nothing like getting a little interesting exercise and that is one of the scarier things I did this weekend. I know I am more of an exhibitionist than most of you but there are things that I do that make me a little nervous too. I believe we should all try to expand our boundaries, our comfort levels. Mine was a special run on the beach this last Saturday. I got a call from a girlfriend in the afternoon asking if I wanted to get out and do something. She wanted to go hiking or take a run on the beach. The beach sounded great to me. She lives near Santa Monica and I asked how the weather was. She said warm enough for her to wear her bikini and I said if it is warm enough for you I would wear one too. She expected no less.

We got down there and it was a little too cool to lay out but sunny and perfect to go for a run. There were tons of people walking, playing and running on the beach. My suit pick was the new Thunder Pouch Bikini. When she saw me pull off my shorts her first question was do I have a sock crammed in my suit? She knows the size of my cock and in her mind there was no way that huge bulge was mine. Feel I said and she gave a squeeze and could not believe that huge cock was mine. Well it was mine but it was being extreme manipulated by the design making me look as large as I ever had. When I run on the beach in a G-string, thong or bikini most often I pick a tiny pouch one that does not stand out almost to the point of being a feminine style. This suit was a huge departure for me. The pouch looked huge on me.  It is funny but I felt like a real man. My girl looked great in her bikini and she though I looked awesome. My cock pouch was so big that it swung side to side as we ran. I know how girls with big breast feel running at the beach with guys and girls staring them as they sway. I would say almost every person that saw us looked at my pouch. It was a blast to stand out like that. The Thunder Pouch is great fun and a sure thing to get attention. I will use it again for a beach run but when it comes to regular tanning I think most of the time I will stick with a much smaller pouch. This one is for when you don’t want to blend in with the girls.

Mens swimwear

Male Chastity

Spring time is micro swimwear time!

Spent my lunch break back at the pool today where it was a very nice 70 degrees out.  Turns out I have a whole lot of new neighbors and I am relatively sure they never saw a man wearing such a tiny bikini swimsuit. I was lying out on my back wearing my trusty Streamline, the rear is so small I pull it up a little to wear it as a thong/G-string. Got some wonderful feeling sun on my ass and heard a number of people hanging out near the pool gate talking. It was a langauge that sounded familiar but I just could not tell what it was. A few minutes after I rolled over they all came in and one of their kids jumped into our very cold pool. I looked around and there was one guy in his 30s, two women and two women about the same. As it turns out they were speaking Farsi and man do I wish I could have understood it. When I got up to walk over and grab my glasses off the table they had a nice look at the entire package. Most of you know I enjoy throwing a little shock into people every now and then. The girls had on smiles but with their mouthes hanging open like they were in shock. The guy just waived. I introduced myself and was on my way back to work. Wonder if they have seen anything swimwear like that in Iran. If any readers have been there let me know what the men wear in the way of swimwear or if they are all covered up.

Mens swimwear

Photo shoot, new suits and new designs

Last week was very productive. We did a marathon photo shoot and Carlos is busy getting all the copy and photos online. This week is looking good. We used a female fluffer who happened to be very hot and a lesbian. She was quite good and turned out to be a big help. It was a little slow going trying to teach her how the suits worked but she was into it and that made it more fun. Here at Koala we are busy getting all the new suits into stock and ready to ship. The last post had some great deals on sale suits and we sold a ton of them but there is still inventory left to clear out. Feel free to take a look at the last post there were some amazing designs at never seen before prices. This last week my girls completed all the new designs for our newest collection and asked me what was next. The Summer collection of course! I started working through some design ideas and had one of those days where my brain just exploded with ideas. I gave them nine new designs to get started on which should keep them very busy. Let me know about any designs you have been dreaming of. Feel free to send me a photo of something you just love. [email protected] ideas are always welcomed.

Mens swimwear

Male Chastity

Mens swimwear and fetish wear sale for you!!!

Hi guys, here is the list of suits we are discontinuing and that I am blowing out. The prices are extremely low and all these designs are limited to stock on hand. Some we only have one or two of and I can tell you that putting this together with the links took a lot of my time to do and I don’t see it being done again. Too much work! That said these are amazing swimwear and fetish wear designs at prices you will never see again, you will also never see these designs again. With most of these styles we have very limited stock and many are not available in all sizes. If you see suits you like order them right away because we will not be making more to fill orders. Hope you enjoy!

Michael David
You might need to use your back button to order multiple styles.

The sale prices will show when you add items to your cart. 

Blow fest small Reg.$36.00  Sale $19.00

Blue Boy Ultra Reg. $30.00  Sale $16.00

Boy friend  Reg.$30.00 Sale $17.00

Cock manager Reg. $34.00  Sale $18.00

Freedom bikini Reg.$28.00  Sale $14.00

Giga cock Reg.$36.00  Sale $19.00

Hard as Steel Reg.$38.00  Sale $19.00

Hot Ass Combo Reg.$32.00 Sale $16.00

Jewel Box Reg.$32.00  Sale $14.00

Jolt  Reg.$30.00  Sale $14.00

Juice it up Reg.$34.00 Sale $17.00

Lavish micro bikini Reg.$29.00  Sale $13.00

Live Fire Reg.$29.00  Sale $16.00

Loaded  Reg.$28.00  Sale $15.00

Mad dog  Reg.$34.00  Sale $16.00

Mounting Pressure Reg.$37.00  Sale $18.00

Muscle boy bikini Reg.$29.00  Sale $14.00

Nectar Reg.$29.00  Sale $15.00

Penal Colony Reg.$33.00  Sale $16.00

Power bikini  Reg.$32.00  Sale $16.00

Prison Break Reg.$36.00  Sale $15.00

Sack Master Reg.$34.00  Sale 16.00

Samurai Reg.$36.00  Sale $17.00

Sex-U-all Reg.$26.00  Sale $13.00

Sinuous Semi Bikini Reg.$28.00  Sale $15.00

Slut boy Reg.$30.00  Sale $16.00

Swinger Reg.$28.00  Sale $14.00

The Answer Bikini Reg.$34.00  Sale $14.00

Undeniable  Reg.$29.00  Sale $16.00

Violate Reg.$28.00  Sale$15.00 

Huge news! Men’s swimwear and fetish wear sale

I am going to try something I have never done before. We are trying to make room for our new suits and some products have to go. I hate getting rid of any designs because I love them all but we are bursting at the seams. We have not discontinued a style for quite some time but now we must in order to make room for the new suits. I have my guys going through our suits and they are putting together a list for me. Of those I will pick a number of suits to discontinue. I need the room right away so I am going to make the prices amazing. I would normally hold them for the newsletter but I need the room now so I am going to post them on the men’s swimwear blog! I have not tried this before but it will be an interesting test. I hope to have them on by Friday, Saturday at the latest.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Crazy as it seems I have already started work on the summer collection and that is before we have even released the newest pre-summer collection. The designs keep jumping into my brain…they won’t leave me aloneJ

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Late post, sale swimwear and David Bowie

Sorry for being so late between posts I have had some medical issues this last week. I am back on track and we are doing a photo shoot this Thursday at 6:00pm PST. I will try to have all the new suits on by late next week. Hope you have all had a chance to check out the new male chastity cages and anal gear. There was no March newsletter but there will be an April issue. As I am typing this I am listening to the new David Bowie album. He has always been my favorite but it takes me a number of times listening to the entire CD to see if I really like it. Keep tabs on our little blog I will be running a special sale suit or two this week.

Mens swimwear

What’s new? New swimwear and a cold that won’t quit!


The new suits are coming but they are running a little late. We are looking to do a photo shoot this week and we should have complete stock of all new designs within the next two weeks. It seems like everyone at Koala has been attacked by a nasty cold bug. I have had mine for the last two weeks and I am not used to a cold kicking my ass like this one.  Almost everyone at Koala had it, has it or is getting over it.  That said we are still plugging away. One other note for all you guys who were waiting on the Anal Exploration suit. We got the custom plugs in Friday and shipped out all the backorders.
Side note: get that PSA tested. Don’t put it off!!!

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