Why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined

Why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined

The question why wear men’s bikini swimwear unlined comes up often as does wearing other unlined styles. We will talk about men’s bikini swimwear unlined more than other styles because we are asked about unlined bikini swimsuits much more then say thongs and G-strings. The reason for this is that men that have moved on to wearing skimpier styles like thongs understand why you would want your suit unlined. If you are one of those asking about these types of swimsuits than read on and in a few minutes, you will understand fully why men’s bikini swimwear unlined, is the preferred choice of most serious bikini lovers. Main reasons why to choose an unlined swimsuit: The way it looks on you, the amazing fit an unlined suit offers you, the shape of the pouch, some of the fabrics are see-through when wet (many guys love that), You can wear a smaller cut with more skin exposed, men’s bikini swimwear unlined designs offer great support for beach sports, you can see the outline of your equipment which looks very sensual and is visually exciting. Bikinis style swimsuits are the first step a man will take on his journey to wearing sexy swimwear designs since they offer full coverage of the front and at least 50% and often up to full rear coverage. Changing from surf shorts to a bikini swimsuit is a big jump, much bigger in fact than going from a bikini to a thong and that is why it is so much easier to go smaller and smaller in your suit choices the more comfortable you get wearing these awesome little designs. Unlined bikini swimsuits look like they are painted on you if the fit is perfect and when they get wet things really get hot. Many first-time unlined bikini wearers are so aroused by the feeling of spandex on their bodies they need to wear a head cover, the most popular one on the market is called the Tango Cum Head Cover by Koalaswim.com and this keeps you from getting the suit wet when you are overly excited, this happens often when you are new to wearing something so slinky and sexy as men’s bikini swimwear unlined.

Choosing an unlined bikini swimsuit or any unlined spandex swimsuit is all about fit, how it looks on your body and how sexy the actual design will be. If your suit is fully lined it is not going to show very much and the outline of your equipment is completely hidden, strike one. When you add lining to a suit you take away the form fitting function of the spandex and that is why a lined brief like a Speedo swimsuit will not give you the same skin tight perfect fit most men are looking for with these sexy little suits, strike two. Design options are much more limited when a bikini, thong or G-string is lined, again very few are but we are giving the reasons for it here. When you add a liner to a suit you are limited to how small you can go, you limit bulge and feminization options and you limit the actual pouch shape, strike three.

Hope this blog post cleared up the reasons why you should always go with men’s bikini swimwear unlined and for that matter thongs, micro shorts and G-strings too.

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  1. Disadvantages of swimwear with linings:
    (1) When you body surf in lined swimwear at an ocean beach, you often end up with sand trapped between the layers of fabric. At that point you have to cut out the lining anyway to get rid of the sand.
    (2) The double layers of fabric make for double thick seems and edges, which are much more likely to become uncomfortable with extended wear.

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