Crazy busy but more time to post now. List of links to new products too!

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. Just so busy with new products for the holidays and sneaking away for a little micro bikini time every nice beach day I could.  Here is the info we just sent out to Koala Newsletter subscribers.

New Product’s from the crazy boys at Koala!

We just added so many new male chastity cages, penis plugs, anal stretchers and more that our heads are spinning. They are all in stock and just in time for the holidays! There are so many amazing new products I don’t know where to start so I will just give you a list of all the new product links so you can go right to them and see for yourself. In typical Koala fashion all the products are shown being used.  I do want to point out a few items in particular because they are so extreme. The “Nano Master” is the new smallest male chastity cage on the planet until we get even smaller ones, the “Pleasure Dome” is the most insane cock torture male chastity device I have ever seen, one that will be way to crazy for most of you but I bet you will enjoy seeing it anyway and the “Open Sesame” which is a new device to help you get the gaping anus of your dreams. We are a twisted lot here at changing men to women, locking cocks away and making bulges look incredible just to mention a few of our vices. I hope you enjoy the new items.


Michael David




Copy of the November Koala Newsletter

Koala November Newsletter

It’s late October as I am writing the newsletter and we are still hitting the beach every week. I hope when you receive this in early November that we are still having nice beach days. There is nothing like Thanksgiving by the ocean. Rain would be nice followed by more sunny days and maybe a little more rain. Last year, we had beach days all the way through December. In fact, I think there were at least some beach days every month of the year. Maybe that is why I am so totally enamored with spandex bikinis, thongs, shorts. and G-strings that can wear all year long.

I try to keep my tiny tan line looking good year around. I think showing a little bit of tan-less skin around your penis, no matter the size equipment you will have is a very sexy look. The same goes for vaginas, too. I personally prefer the no hair look on my cock/vagina (depending upon what type of suit I am wearing), and I enjoy seeing that look on other men, women, transsexuals and everyone.

As you will see in this newsletter, Koala will be launching many new toys that will enhance your playtime. We think you will be very pleased at these new offerings.



More Feminine Fun in Public

Here, in Los Angeles, everything seems as if it is becoming gender neutral. All the bathrooms say Men or Women, which seems to be more inclusive. I see lots of guys working out while wearing more feminine outfits than I have ever seen before and it looks like no one could care less. The other day, I decided to take that look a step further at one of the larger gyms near the beach; not my regular gym, but I was heading to the beach anyway. I chose my workout clothes carefully, which were going to accentuate my chest and legs. This outfit featured a pair of Lady Gear shorts and a matching color Nike tank top. The Lady Gear shorts are by no means conservative, but they are not as wild as some of the short shorts. They show just the slightest bit of cheek. I choose not to pull them too far up my ass, and they reshape the penis into a very beautiful little camel toe vagina. Even with so many guys wearing tights these days, there are still not that many men who are brave enough to show off their pussies.

I’m happy to say my workout at the PDR LA Fitness was amazing! I have said this before, but it’s worth saying again: many more women notice my gender confusing bulge than guys. I let a couple guys work with me on machines, and we talked about lifting and supplements. But if they even noticed my camel toe bulge, they did not stare or ask about it. We were just a couple of guys working out. The girls, on the other hand, stare much more often and, most of the time, they offer a sly little look. I wonder if that was because they were welcoming me into the sisterhood. It is an uplifting experience letting your feminine side free.


I can’t believe how big the chastity scene has become with no indications of slowing down. We are proud to offer the world’s largest selection of male chastity designs. We thank all the customers who take time to offer their input that we receive in the form of guidance telling us what they are looking for in a cock cage. I have not started looking yet, but I would love to know if any of you feel we should be offering female chastity devices. Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]


New Butt Plugs

In a world that worships beauty and lusts for more pleasure, we have decided to do our share by adding a full line of beautiful, playful and, most of all, stimulating new jeweled butt plugs. I have been talking to many Koala customers over the last year and, the fact is, they have persuaded me to offer jeweled butt plugs. I figured why not? Our customers are almost always right on target with suggestions of offering tights, shorts and cock rings that are all extremely hot sellers that come directly from conversations with customers.


The Nano Male Chastity Cock Cage is a new creation and our first in-house design. Like many of you, I personally craved having a smaller and smaller cock cage. We have designed the world’s smallest cock cage, and I know you have never seen anything like this crazy extreme but totally functional design.



New Male Chastity Gear

In addition to the new Nano Male Chastity Cock Cage, we have a number of other extremely unique styles coming online; styles that I believe you have never seen in the past. We have been searching the world looking for interesting and exciting styles for my cock and yours!


New Open Sesame Adjustable Anal Stretcher

From the numbers of anal fun products we sell, ranging from swimwear and shorts with Butt Plug and Ass Spark options to the wild static anal stretchers, and all sorts of other related gear, it seems to me that Koala customers have as big an anal fetish as I do. It’s all fun in the neighborhood. Just make sure to use the backdoor when you come to play. Speaking of the pleasures of anal play, I have found a new playmate. The Open Sesame Adjustable Anal Stretcher was both a pleasure and a surprise find. I have never seen anything like it. While talking to many friends, customers and Koala staff, no one, including myself, had ever seen anything like it. The idea of being able to start small when working on stretching open your hole and being able to control those muscles gives you the chance of, maybe one day, being able to gape my hole was extremely enticing idea.


Update on New Suit Designs

We are still on target for introducing thirteen new swimwear styles for the holiday season. They are all exciting designs; some are transformation styles while others are bulge style swimsuits. With Koala, you never need to ask but, yes, they are all made in Los Angles and they are all incredibly unique and extremely sexy, too.


Penis Plugs have always seemed like the type of product Koala customers would be into, but we have never offered them on their own, other than catheter style plugs that come with many of our cock cages, mainly because I was not that into them. The idea of wearing a penis plug scared me a little but, like many other things I have tried and ended up enjoying, I have found pleasure wearing them and, of course, a penis with a plug in it is almost totally irresistible. We are now offering a number of different beauties that should be online in the next two to three weeks.


New Line of Stainless Steel Butt Plug Anus Stretchers

Open up and say hello to the newest members of our butt plug club! The newest members of our club are all stainless steel and should be online within the next two to three weeks. We will be featuring four different open-hole anal stretching style butt plugs with one small enough for beginners all the way up to a nice wide-hole opener to peer into that dark juicy place.


Koala Newsletter Sale and a once every Blue Moon Special

So I thought we were only going to have about twenty new products but the number turns out to be much higher and we are out of space again! All of the following designs will be discontinued so we have a limited stock and may not have every size in every suit so order early for the best selection. The Blue Moon Special (something we rarely do) will be a 3 suit surprise grab bag at $26.00. That is something you may never see again and it too will be limited by available stock so make sure to get your order in early. Once we are out of a sale suit or grab bag size we are out for good.


Grab Bag GB6933 $26.00 Includes 3 suprise Koala designs a $90.00+ value Order early very limited stock on hand.


Alpha Male Reg.$38.00 Sale $19.00

Anal Experience Reg.$36.00 Sale $19.00

Beach Voyeur Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Baller Reg.$35.00 Sale $19.00

Cock Magic Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Ego Booster Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Eruption Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Fire Zone Reg.$36.00 Sale $19.00

Gapping Fun Reg.$32.00 Sale $19.00

Golden Slit Reg.$33.00 Sale $19.00

Money Shot Reg.$36.00 Sale $19.00

Party Whore Reg.$36.00 Sale 19.00

Ass Virgin Reg.$49.00 Sale $29.00

Playful Reg.$33.00 Sale $19.00

Rainbow Slit Reg.$36.00 Sale $19.00

Shy Slut Bikini Reg.$34.00 Sale $19.00

Target Zone Reg.$32.00 Sale $19.00

Thunder Pouch Reg.$38.00 Sale $19.00

Invisible Intrusion Reg.$38.00 Sale $19.00


Order three or more sale suits (Grab Bags not included) and get a free C-sling with your order.





Koala Newsletter Personal Statement

First, I want to recommend an amazing new book entitled “Brief Answers to Big Questions”

written by the late Stephen Hawking. It’s a stunning book!


In my little corner of the planet, I am always trying to think of ways to help our Global Warming problem and cleaning up the environment. It often feels like an overwhelmingly huge task that is so big that it hardly seems worth trying. While it does feel that way at times, we cannot lose sight of the fact that even we, as individuals, can make a difference. I have been driving an electric car for many years. The one I am driving at this time is a gas/electric hybrid. Since I purchased it at the start of 2018, I have traveled nine thousand miles and used just eight, yes eight, gallons of gas. I’m a car guy and I love sports cars. Living in LA you see interesting cars every other second. There are times I would love to drive one, but I have decided that if I am ever to have another sports car as a daily driver, it will need to be all electric. I preach the electric car gospel to my friends and just about everyone I meet. Many friends have changed and love driving their electric and hybrid cars. They do make a difference and they are starting to take off here in LA. You can’t go five minutes on our roads without seeing a Tesla, which I think is truly incredible. If you are looking for a new car, I would ask that you at least test drive some of the interesting offerings out there. You might surprise yourself. I would also ask you to do as I do. On the beach or in a parking lot, I always stop and pick up trash. Yes, like you, I think the people that loiter are fucking assholes but, instead of just fuming about it, which is ever so easy to do; I try to help clean up. Mother Earth needs our help.