Wow what a G-string day!

I almost did not post this blog today because it seemed unbelievable but since it happened I might as well post it. It was almost 100 in Chatsworth where our warehouse is located. That is the most northern part of the city of Los Angeles. I had a bug to run down to the beach this afternoon and decided it had to be much nicer there. It was about 80 degrees on the sand, which is hot for the beach anytime of the year and being Tuesday it was not very crowded. The unbelievable part is there were five guys nearby me all wearing swimwear smaller than mine. I was wearing a tiny thong but all these guys were wearing G-strings! There were a couple more guys in shorts but micro swimwear made up a huge percentage of the suits on our little patch of beach. There were more girls then guys and a solid half of the ones nearby were wearing thongs. The two girls in front of me were younger maybe very early twenties and they looked like they were wearing bikinis from the front but both of their suits showed well over 60% of the rear, I hope that is a new fashion trend for this summer. I had on a pair of Deep Penetration Shorts as a cover up for my walk to and from the car. With my big butt almost 50% cheek was showing.

Mens Swimwear

Exciting new stuff!

I am very excited about a new design we are working on. Actually I am excited about all the new designs but one was just off the charts amazing. We have been doing amazingly well with our entire new short short style swim and playwear designs so I thought it would be great to take it up a notch and create some ridiculously exciting shorts.  I wanted to incorporate a built in butt plug option to a pair of short shorts but was not sure it could be done. I was worried about how the plug would affect the fit and how it would affect the look. I wanted to be able to wear the shorts in public, have a way to keep the plug inside of me securely and not have it look like there was some huge plug up my ass that you could see in the bottom of the shorts. Remember the shorts we make go deep inside of you and I did not want that to change. They still needed to show off cheek, go deep into your ass and of course look stunning in the front. My girls made up samples of that design I wanted and amazingly enough they were absolutely perfect the first time on. You could not see the plug unless you had your face down there, the cheeks looked great and the entire design was just brilliantly sexy. The plug stayed in tight and would have stayed in if I was running on the beach, playing in the water or even playing volleyball. I will guarantee you that these will be the most amazing shorts you have ever slipped on. We should have them ready late June…my fingers are crossed!

Mens Swimwear

Classic Swimwear designs

I was at a Hugo Boss store the other day looking at suits for a wedding. I love their designs but the truth is I rarely wear suits.  I am a shorts and tank top sort of guy and love being comfortable. Back to the suits I pulled one off the rack and tried it on. It looked great but then I said to the salesman it looked exactly the same as the one I purchased a number of years ago. He said it is and that the particular style is one of their standards. That got me thinking about some of our older designs that we have had for years the ones guys just keep ordering and ordering. These are our standards, our classics. I do get e-mails and phone calls asking about what guys wear, what are the most popular designs. I was just doing an inventory change to make our warehouse more efficient and had a chance to look at some of the most popular long time fashions. Here is a not very complete list of designs that I feel confident about calling standards:  These are bikinis, thongs G-strings and erotic designs.

Pleasure Chest

Ultra Extreme

Blow Me


My Thong

Secret Wish

Nice Package

Always Wet

Asset Shorts

The Shaft Suit

Highly Gifted


Feel free to add any to it that you feel are your favorite classic Koala styles.


Men’s Swimwear

Busy designing new swimwear and fetish wear


I have my first fitting on Wednesday with the new designs.  I don’t think they are going to have all the new summer suits ready for me to try on but I am still very excited to try on what they do have. I enjoy first fittings,  I get to see the new styles I have been day dreaming about come to life. New ideas come from everywhere. The Gender Bias has been a very hot design and we keep on selling out of it. It seems like it is on backorder all the time (back in the old days it would takes us many weeks to get suits back in stock but we have it down to a little more of a science and it almost never runs more than a week these days) I grabbed the last one before they shipped it out and took a good look at it. I wondered if there was any way to offer the same front design in a bikini. This would not be an easy thing to do because the design now has dual adjustments between the legs to get the lip look perfect those adjustments are a must. I am going to give it a try. I think if we could get it to work it would be such a sensual style and with a bikini rear even more men would wear them in public, the thought of which turns me on!


This is the last chance to get the newsletter specials before they are gone. There will not be any sale suits next month so make sure to take a good look. If you have an extra minute please answer some of the questions in the newsletter too……Thanks!


Butt plugs and swimwear for the beach


Years ago I came up with the idea of incorporating butt plugs into swimwear. I did it for myself because I loved the idea of being able to enjoy the sun and the beach while being intensely stimulated all at the same time. I thought it would be a blast to be on the edge of having an orgasm while all the people around me had no idea what I was going through. The designs ended up being some of our most popular styles and now I end up using them as underwear more often than I do as swimwear.  We offer them with plugs now and we even have an option of one small and one medium bump plug or one large cock shaped plug. The thought of butt plug swimsuits and the beach popped into my mind today because I was thinking about running down to the beach and getting a little R & R. That was the plan but it does not look like it is going to be sunny enough today. Recently I tried the 7” cock shaped plug and could finally get it all the way in while wearing the Playmate thong which completely hides the plug. I have a feeling that with this large cock shaped plug inside of me I might be able to have a full orgasm just laying on the beach followed by a quick dip in the very cold water to clean up.

Men’s Swimwear

This is one of our new designs be modeled on my ass

That spandex feeling never leaves me



I spent a few hours at the beach Sunday enjoying the sun, the breeze, the two muscle guys sitting in front of me making out and a scattered array of beautiful bodies.  I can be dozing on the beach, just relaxing in the sun, walking to the water or doing yoga. The one thing that always stays the same is how my cock reacts to me wearing micro swimwear. My cock is always getting wet. After all these years I am still wiping away a lovely little puddle that comes through the spandex pouch every time I wear one. My guess is I will be stimulated every time I wear a bikini, thong, G-string and even more so when it is a penis display or sex suit. I noticed the other day just hanging around the house wearing my Deep Penetrating shorts just watching a little TV that again I was wet. Must be the spandex!

Is it the same for you?


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Spandex men’s swimwear penis position. Newsletter Sale



My penis is small as most of you know but not so small that I don’t have options for which way I want my shaft to be positioned when wearing a micro swimsuit. Most of the time I like it pointing directly into the fabric. This makes my penis look even smaller but I love the way the head of my penis is highlighted and completely visible at all times. The shape and size of the head can clearly be seen even if I am completely soft. This is my default setting. The other option I will choose on occasion is shaft pointing down resting atop the balls. The bulge always looks larger this way and even if the shat is only a couple of inches it still your larger than when just the head is pushing through the fabric. Shaft over balls also accentuates the size of the balls and it does offer a partial view of the head shape. Most of the suits I wear are too small to go shaft up. My feeling is the shaft up look works better for men with larger cocks. Once the shaft is standing straight up but only an inch or two in size, the smallness of the penis is overly accentuated.
What is your favorite cock position? What do you prefer to see on other men?


Thought I would include a link to the Koala April Newsletter. This is our largest sale of the year. The newsletter only comes out every other month now so this is a great time to stock up for summer.