Amazing live photo shoot

I have seen hundreds of male models of all shapes and sizes slip in and out of my Koala designs but last night was something out of the ordinary. We had two very young very hot models. One Brazilian and dark the other a very hot young black guy. The Brazilian model was only about 5’7″ but was striking with a beautiful face and bright blue eyes. He goes by the name Power line of you want to Google it. (I did not so I have no idea what you might find). You could see right away with his tight shirt and jeans he had a great dancers body. The surprise was that once this rather petite tight package  removed his clothes he had a huge cock. Maybe it was a third leg. By far the largest I had ever seen. My first thought was John Holmes the 2nd. It was so large that he had trouble wearing many designs. That was a first for us. This giant cock was bigger than the other much larger model’s cock plus all the rest of us in crew combined. Amazing.
He should be posted on KMC in HD in a few weeks and if you are not a member make sure to check out the free clip.

The other model was a very handsome 18 year old 6’3″ with an ass that would blow you away even still I can’t get the site of that giant snake out of my mind!

Mens swimwear

Do you stick with one style or change styles depending upon the people you are around?

Most of the time I wear micro g-strings but there are times like at my gym I will wear a bikini or if there are kids swimming at my week day pool area I will slide a bikini over my g-string before I hit the pool. When I feel extra brave I will wear a micro bikini over my micro g-string instead of shorts when going from my car to the beach. Sometimes that is a couple blocks of very exposed walking on busy streets. Needless to say my bulge is at it’s very fullest from the excitement.

Do you wear different suits based on where you are going or do you stick with one style?

Mens swimwear

Bikinis, plucking hairs and getting wet

It was raining all day Sunday so I got up early hit the gym for some serious lifting and a nice hot steam. While in the steam room I chatted up a much younger guy. He asked me about shaving. I told him that I like to get tan on as much of body as possible and it makes my cock look bigger. He thought that was funny. I told him next time I see him here he better be hairless and he said maybe. I these young guys should be shaved!
Got home took a shower and got a call from a girlfriend that wanted to work out. Told here I just finished. She asked if we could go to the gym together and swim laps later in the day. I will jump at any chance to wear a bikini in public. Sure I said. No surprises she has seen me in suits much smaller than the Pleasure Chest (a long time favorite bikini) I was wearing. The cut of the suit is classic and erotic and being white it is completely sheer when wet. It was just the two of us in the pool and after laps we got a little play time. She slipped her hand into my bikini and was playing with it has we talked. Hey how do you shave your pubes so smooth? she asked. When I shave there is so much stubble after just a few days. She was wearing a one piece Speedo. Her body is amazing…very athletic. With out a work a slid the crotch over exposing her pussy and rubbed my hand over it. It looked clean shaved but there was a lot of stubble. I said to get it this smooth you need to be waxed, lasered or plucked. She said she would think about laser, she did waxing once and hated it because the girl pulled a bunch of skin off with the hair. That happens with inexperience. I told her it takes a while but I would pluck it for her. Does it hurt? Not the way I do it. We went back to my place and I gave her a glass of wine. Laid her on my bed with my super bright reading lite and started to work on her lovely pussy. Within minutes it was dripping wet from the attention, as it should be and yes I needed to take breaks just to lick up the juice. An hour and a half of plucking the hairs in the direction they grow left her with a vagina as smooth as if she never had hair on it. She is a friend with extra benefits and I did get to pound the very clean hole.

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Anal Agenda

I think most of the men’s swimwear blog readers know that I believe anal stimulation is some thing men and women need to try. With out even giving it a shot you may never know how much pleasure it offers. Many men need to realize anal stimulation has nothing to do with gender identification and everything to do with pleasure. Our anal penetration suits are a great place to start and yes we have lots of ladies ordering them for their men. I get lots of people asking if we offer any designs for women. If in the future we offer spandex designs for women they would absolutely be anal penetration suits and sex wear. Love to hear some feedback on that.

Wanted to let everyone know that we now offer the Ass Spark Double Bump in 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2.00″ models.

Male chastity
Mens swimwear

Can a g-string start a revolution?

The answer may be a small one that has some legs. Maybe one that spreads like a viral video on the web. Maybe.
The reason I ask the question has to do with something that happened to me yesterday.
Like most of the country we are having un-seasonably warm weather. Not sure if you took advantage of it but for me life is to short to miss a beautiful beach day. I took off from work right after lunch to enjoy what I knew would be a beautiful day at the beach. I use a web site called watch the water and you can Google it and see some of Socals amazing beaches live. I don’t want you to think I was shirking my work though, I ended up working at my home office on Koala duties until 10:30PM. It was totally worth it because the beach was awesome and there were just a few others spread out enjoying the beach and sound of the waves like me.
I was wearing my stock micro g-string giving all the runners an eyeful.
I have always said it seems that when I am wearing a bikini, thong or g-string it seems to attract others. Even with an entire beach available in no time I had a guy wearing a Speedo on one side and a woman wearing a skimpy bikini on the other.
I must have been almost dozing when I heard what sounded like a bunch of voices. Turned out to be five teen girls my guess 16-19 and one lucky guy who turned out to be the boyfriend of one. Passing by me one of the girls asked the guy if he would wear something like that. I’m sure they did not realize I could hear them but girls that age can be very loud.
He said no way. One of the girls said she would and another said the same. They spread there stuff out a little up the beach from me but close enough to hear them chat away. I watched as they stripped down to their string bikinis. All of them had on similar suits I check out all male and female swimwear and they one guy in his board shorts. How much attention would he have had in a thong?
I went back to my tanning but a few minutes later I heard a bunch of giggling. I looked over and to my surprise three of the girls pulled up their bikini bottoms which for all purposes changed them to thongs and they were with no luck trying to get the fourth girl to do it.
I have to believe that if I was not wearing my g-string this would not have happened. Lucky for me I had my sun glasses on because their amazingly white butts had never seen and ounce of sun. It was almost blinding but the thought that I helped free them enough to do this made me feel good.

Mens swimwear

Do you wear spandex to work or ?

I know there are many of you readers out there that do as I do and at times wear something very sexy under our work out shorts, suits and regular work, school and date night clothing.
It is both fun and sexy and in addition it can be very arousing. Sometimes I will wear a cock display suit under my workout shorts and needless to say it puts me in a great mood. If people could just see what I am wearing! Same goes for work or just going out on the town. As women have known for years it makes you feel very sexy.

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Bikinis,Thongs, G-strings Do you remember your first time?

Do you remember the first time you slipped on a Speedo, bikini, thong or g-string.
Do you remember the first time you used one in public.
It would be great if you shared your experiences with us.
I remember the first time I used a sexy Bikini at my friends pool party. I was maybe 13 years old and had the hardest erection the entire time. It never went down and some of the guys and girls thought I had a huge cock. Funny how a visual can bend reality. Maybe it was big for the time and never got much bigger. Either way I was so excited by the feel of spandex on my body. Every time I slipped on a suit I would get very hard. What do you remember from your early days?

Mens swimwear

I am working on an idea and need your help!

Bikinis, thongs, g-strings, spandex fun is not just my business it is my lifestyle. I love wearing it.
I have an idea for a fun social site where one of the things I would do and I hope you would do to is post pictures of ourselves wearing bikinis in unusual places. Meaning not just the beach or the pool. Wearing bikini s on motorcycles, bikinis playing tennis, bikinis hiking and ? all pg rated stuff so it will not get removed. I wanted your input on the idea. Would you post?  what social media site would you use. My first thought is Facebook but I am open to ideas and sites. I think posting fun shots and maybe even some daring ones(daring places, not radical suits)could be a blast.
what is your take?

Spectacular Thong+massage=spectacular results

If you are anything like me there are days that you need your body worked by a pro. There is nothing quite so wonderful as an awesome massage. It does not matter if it is a male or female masseuse as long as they know what they are doing and can take care of your body.
My belief is that all full body massages should be just that, a full body massage. They should not arbitrarily leave out any part of your body and yes that includes your cock and ass. For what its worth sometimes they do it all and other times they just leave it alone. Having your cock massaged should be a law!
I needed a massage yesterday and decided to wear something sexy. I slipped on a Spectacular Thong at work under my shorts. I went before lunch (you should never go on a full stomach) and there was a OK looking Thai girl who even better looked strong. She asked if I had been there before, yes and I asked if she was new..yes. I said I am ready and started to undress hoping she would stay in the room, she did. Shirt off shorts off and my Spectacular thong was exposed butt to her. She said it looked very sexy and she liked my tan. My ass is dark for this time of year. I turned around and her eyes went right to the small penis shaped pouch. She giggled and touched it moving it around a little. Bingo…this might be a very good massage. I peeled of the thong exposing my shaved cock and she had me lay down on my tummy. She wiped my feet with a wet hot towel and with another one wiped my body, split open my ass and gently wiped there too. Now it was looking very good and it got much better in an instant. She had me get on my knees with my head on the pillow, butt in the air and before she started rubbing me I felt her mouth go right to my hole. Licking and french kissing my rear I new this was going to be a spectacular ride.
At the same moment she reached under and was playing with my cock. One of the best messages ever. She even took a full load in her mouth and swallowed. Needless to say as long as she is there I will be her customer. This is the way all massages should start and end.  PS the quality of the massage itself was amazing. She was strong as can be and worked my muscles hard.
Wonder if the sexy thong helped? I am sure she did not think I was a cop wearing that!

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