Good call on todays suit and more from the weekend

More on my two sisters beach day. Think they figured out I like girls when I was oiling them up. I was wearing my Slut G-string because A. I think it is one of our hottest designs, B. it fits my cock to perfection and covers nothing else, C. the bulge is fantastic with the only downside being I need to slip on a little more to go in the water and for that I used the Highly Gifted because it stays on in the surf. Any time I am rubbing oil on a very nice 20s body I am going to get aroused and wearing the Slut everyone near by is going to be able to tell. Sometimes I can’t believe my shaft does not escape from the pouch, it sure feels like it is about too.
Wearing the Slut was the easiest way of showing the girls my cock was not just a tiny clit sized piece of meat,
though the T-girl we shoot this weekend did have a cock barely larger then some clits I have seen.
In the water I helped them learn to body surf and there is always a lot of touching while teaching even a little kissing with the one I ended up taking out. Once I was caught in a big wave both my Slut and Highly Gifted were pushed down to my knees and they both got a full view of my completely hairless at the time extremely tiny from the cold water cock. Wearing surf shorts in large surf has the advantage of staying on better than spandex suits do.
Teaching someone to body surf is draining for the teacher and the students. We were all drained and got back to our towels to soak up the sun, all three of us almost on top of one another trying to warm up from the cold water. Just a fantastic day and yes later that night one of the sisters and my self had a great time. Would two of been better? Not sure I’m up to handling two mid-western girls at once but I think I held my own with one. Hope to see them all once more before they head back and stay in touch on our Macs.

I took my pool time lunch break and before I left I grabbed a suit I have not used for a long time. Somewhere in my brain I must of realized that all the schools were on summer vacation starting last Friday. Grabbed the Answer Bikini which is both a g-string and a full back bikini. The rear can be un-clipped from the sides but not entirely removed. I just tuck the extra fabric under me and you would not be able to tell I was wearing anything but a g-string. It was a good call because after laying out in the sun for 15 minutes using the suit as a g-string a large group of grandma’s, mom’s and kids marched out. I heard them coming so I rolled over to expose the very small pouch which seemed not to bother them. You never know how people and kids will handle a g-string exposed ass so I decided not to bother. When I tanned on my sides I removed the back but my ass was facing away from the group.

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Quick beach and photo shoot post

Just running out to a party but I thought I would tell you how beautiful the beach was today and that I had two of the sisters I met last week with me. They now know I like girls…more in the next post, great waves, got one to wear a thong and the other hiked up her bikini bottom into a semi thong.
Yesterday did the KMC photo shoot we had a super hot t-girl. She was a pain in the ass but a beautiful model and our asshole Muscle model was a no show. We might do a make up shoot next weekend I will let you know.

Gotta run but will post more about my beach day and which micro I had on next time.

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My tiny bulge=a day at the beach

thanks for staying with me I know it is a long multi post story.

The three girls joined me by the lounge chairs and like typical girls lots of small talk. Funny nothing about my amazingly small suit. It did not take long for me to need a dip in the pool since it was so hot out. Girls had the same idea a few minutes later and then the first question came. Can you wear a suit like that to the beach?
Yes, you mean that you can go out with nothing on your rear? Yes at some beaches though it is not completely legal no one bothers you. My question was have any of you ever tanned in a G-string or thong and I was surprised that two of them did but only in their yard at home. One even showed me a little tan line. Think my micro bulge might have tried to no avail to get bigger. One said my boyfriend would never wear a suit like that it is just too revealing. I asked if it was because he was shy about his body and she laughed, no it is because he would think only a gay man would wear it. I told her he might think that but nothing could be further from the truth and she can’t be 100% sure he would not wear one and maybe all it would take is her asking him . We kept talking and the perv in my wanted to see what effect a full frontal view, an in your face view would have on them. I put a little water on the lip of the pool next to the first step and sat down while they were still in the water but just a few feet away. Anyone of them were close enough to reach over and touch my little bump.They were just like me when I see a girl in spandex tights with a cameltoe I keep talking trying to look at their face but I can’t completely control the desire to look down and inspect it, which is no different with the girls starring at my little bulge. Tiny as can be I wondered if they thought I might not have a penis or if I did it would have been the smallest one they had ever seen.
We talked about what things they planned on doing and I gave them some choice spots to visit and some of my favorite non tourist restaurants. I told them about my trip to Blacks Beach last week and they seemed eager to try it. I would love to go with you but there is no way I could miss work right now we are so busy. I hope you girls make it down there it is so beautiful. They asked about local beaches and I offered to take them to my favorite spot if it clears up on Sunday and they were game. These midwestern girls are so much different from LA girls. LA girls would give you the 20 question session. Are you gay, bi, you can’t be straight and on and on. After a while I forgot that I needed to get back to work and we just hung out. No juicy details to offer yet. I took all three out to lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant near my work in Chatsworth and they were blown away by it.. Sure I would love to tell you I did all three and you never know but I think that is a stretch. I hope to get to the beach on Sunday with them and yes I will wear very little and if they packed their thongs maybe talk them into wearing them. Would go Saturday but we have a shot for KMC. For a you members we are shooting one of the hottest t-girls I have ever seen, she is a total girl with a little extra and we will shoot her in some of our fem.cock and maybe anal wear. Next up is a huge muscle boy who will pump Iron and exercise in extreme swimwear. Should be fun!

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My tiny bulge swimsuit in public

Continued from last post

Two of the girls headed right to the jacuzzi the other to the pool.
All nice looking girls, strong and athletic they did not look like LA types. Turns out three sisters from Cleveland visiting their Grandma. The two jumped in and started chatting it up. I asked if they lived here and got the above answer and I introduced myself. They were here on vacation and since the beach was so overcast they decided to get some rays in the Valley’s 90+ heat. When it gets this hot you want to be at the beach, pool or inside the house. They said that Tuesday they were heading over to Disneyland and the next day they were going to the Venice Boardwalk and maybe the beach. I asked what they did for a living and one was still in school and the other two worked for a major tire company. They asked what I did and I told them I am a swimwear designer. One said they did not see many guys in Cleveland wearing suits like mine. I thought wait until you see the front. They asked if men were wearing these suits at our beaches. I told them they would see many guys in g-strings, thongs and bikinis at Venice. They smiled and said they could not wait. I thought wait until they see the front of my suit at that same moment the third sister came over as I was getting out. I think her face turned a little red as she said hi. I love mid western girls they always seem happy.
It’s habit for me to always look down and check my suit when I get out of the water. Forget about shrinkage the hot water made me a solid 1/2″ I guarantee you they will never see a smaller male bulge the rest of their lives but as I looked down they did too. I walked over to the lounge with my ass completely exposed I am sure another thing they rarely see in public and spread myself out. My three new freinds joined me minutes later.

More next post
Yes I know this is a long one.

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Funny thing happen when trying new swimwear designs in public

Busy as hell today and we had a huge Fathers Day party yesterday. Still recovering from that!
Needed that hour in the sun lunch break and decided to demo one of the new designs. Still no name yet but I grabbed the micro bulge design, that is the one that forces the balls inside of you and just displays the shaft in a very tight confined micro pouch. Most of the time my little piece of paradise is mine alone and today was no different. I stripped down and put the suit on in the jacuzzi. The design is amazing no balls and pouch so small it could pass for a large clit. The jacuzzi was nice and hot today with the blasting jets easing the pain in my leg from  hours of b-ball on Saturday. Got out and sat on the side with my legs dangling in. A minute later I heard the gate open and three girls all in their 20s give or take wondered over and took the lounges right next to the one with my towel. It does not happen often but I had a twinge of shyness most likely caused by my fully exposed balls, exposed but under the skin and my ultra micro pouch. They saw me from the rear so obviously they knew right when they walked in I was wearing a G-string. I decided the best move would be to spend a little more time in the jacuzzi and see if they were going to tan instead of swim.

More next post

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getting ready for swimwear season

why is it that I am always a few pounds to heavy when micro swimwear season comes around?
I am going to the gym today to bust it and we are doing another photo shoot for KMC on the 25th of June. If I end up helping and have to get naked I want to look half way decent.  Wish I could come up with a great diet that works fast and lets me drop a little belly and ass meat fast. Any ideas?

Nude fun and nude designs

My standard tanning suits are what I call our nude tanning experience suits because they are as close to nude as I have been able to design. They not only give you that type of tan but they feel like you are wearing almost nothing.
I spent today at an Internet Trade Show in San Diego which is a beautiful place and one of my favorite cities. If you have not been there it should be on your list of places to visit. After I finished the show I decided to tap and hour nap before the drive back to Los Angeles. My favorite beach in San Diego is the world famous Blacks Beach.
It has been a nude beach for decades but I understand the legal status of nude bathing there is questionable at this time. No big deal I went and took my nap in the nude without lifeguards or police bothering me. Lots a naked guys wondering by me gawking, hope they got their little turn-on but that is not what nude beaches are about.
Blacks Beach has great waves and the surroundings are awesome. Makes me a little sad that our nude beach in Malibu was taken away.

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New G-string swimsuit and next photo shoot

Still cloudy here in SoCal but looking forward to some nice beach days.
Our next photo shoot with KMC later this month should be interesting.
We are going to shoot a body builder model working out in many different style suits and
looks like we are going to shoot the unbelievable T-girl I talked about the last post.

One of the designs I look forward to seeing at the beach this summer is the Blade. It has been widely popular.
The Blade is an ultra narrow penis pouch suit designed to blend in and appear as a very narrow standard pouch. We will be offering a similar design in our next summer collection. The suit will have the same exact front pouch as the Blade but in yellow but the rear will be a double strap design rather then a standard G-string rear.  It is smoking hot!

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How to get the best fem style bikini, thongs and G-string swimwear

I am always willing to go the extra mile to try something new or to get inspiration from a new source.
I know this is not everyone’s idea of perfection but I met the most beautiful girl yesterday, Chinese and just stunning. She turned out to be a T-girl. We talked and I had her try on some of our designs which she thought were very hot. This girl had one of the hottest female bodies I had ever seen. Great tits, unbelievable ass, perfect face and yes a little extra down there. She was so hot I considered it a large clit though her penis was about 3/4 the size of mine. She did not know how to wear some of the designs and I admit it was fun helping her try them on. She showed me how she tucks her stuff away to completely appear female even nude and it was not only arousing but amazing to see.
Seeing how she did it gave me additional ideas on how to make fem style bikinis, thongs and g-strings.

More on this with the next post

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