New extra bulge swimwear design

Another idea that was perfect first time on was the extra huge bulge look suit idea I had at the beach that I posted on this blog a week or two ago. The idea was to design a pouch that could make even guys like me with smallish, even tiny cocks look extremely large. When my cock is very soft it can be well under 1″ in length. The question is how can you take something that small and create a swimwear design that lets you literally hang with the big boys. I can say we absolutely have done it. We have created a pouch that even the smallest guy can wear and show off a very large bulge and no the pouch is not stuffed with anything but you. We just configure the equipment differently and very aggressive. The result will be in our next collection.

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More on new swimwear designs and the beach

Got a couple hours in at the beach yesterday and like always it is hard to believe some of LA’s best beach weather comes so late in the season. A few other guys in g-strings and Speedos along with myself in a micro bikini surrounded by girls in bikinis. Very relaxing.

One of the ideas we are working on for a new sex suit or if you are wild enough to wear it as swimwear is a version of the  Feel The Heat design. As it is now it is one of the most erotic suits we offer, designed for active high energy sex and as always it was created to be a beautiful cock display. It is one of the very best selling designs we offer. The construction quality and attention to detail borders on compulsive. Many customers asked for a little more. They wanted us to intergrade the Ass Spark into it which I thought if it could be done would be fantastic. I along with many Koala customers think the Ass Spark is the one cock ring/anal plug you must have. My cock starts dripping precum the second the plug is inserted. Needless to say my cock gets very hard. Last Friday I tried on the Feel The Heat design with the added Ass Spark and it is even more outstanding than you I could imagine. It was almost perfect the first try with just some pattern changes needed to remove extra fabric for the way the balls are split after coming through the metal ring. As a sexual display this design will make your cock irresistible.

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Update first fitting on new swimwear sexwear designs

Did the first fitting this morning and it went very well. A few designs were perfect the first time on. I guess after 18 years of practice we are all getting pretty good at it. Over the next few days I will tell you about the new designs, the tweaks we need to make and the ideas that are working. First up I thought I would start with the wildest new designs. This is the one with the cock cage with the shaft suspended by nipple clamps and a very interesting new butt plug holder with special front and rear adjustments. I am not that used to nipple stimulation but once the clamps were tightened down my shaft got very hard and the harder I got the more pressure there was on my nipples to support the shaft. It almost left me breathless. Just about by accident I think we came up with our best butt plug holder ever and it is completely incorporated into this design. The shape of the holder was unlike any we had used and I asked if that was what my designer meant to do. We both decided if the angle was changed it would work fantastically. She made the change and with clamps on nipples, shaft and balls in the cage we added a mid sized bump style butt plug with a little silicone lube and she slid it in. With the front and rear adjustments I could tune it up so the plug was pushed deep inside of me as much as if someone was pushing it into me. The entire way this design stimulates you in some many places at once will no doubt make this a very popular design. This was one of the designs that we gave thumbs up today for production.

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Going a size smaller for that perfeact tan.

Even though many of our men’s swimwear designs have very small pouches there are times that smaller works better and keeping a suit on hand in a smaller size can be helpful. It turned out to be beautiful today and in the seventies so I decided to grab some sun on my break. There are some problems guys and girls with large Brazilian style asses have and I fall into that category. When I try tanning my backside there is a small area right where the cheeks meet the legs that never gets sun unless you stretch out and go spread eagle. You see girls at the beach who either do the spread eagle tan or they have super white creases in that spot. No one ever complains seeing girls spread eagle on the beach. I have seen thousands of legs spread wide, sometimes a little lip showing sometimes a lot many times a little brown eye and like any hot blooded male I love to see it. Even around my pool this would be considered normal but not so for a man. Spread eagle with say some balls or a huge pouch full of cock jetting out and a little brown showing. The brown is not an issue because people need to be gawking to see that much but the balls or exposed pouch is another story. Today I wanted to make sure I got sun there so I opted for my usual micro suit but in a smaller size. It completely constricts the balls and compresses the shaft nicely to the point that I look completely female from the rear. No load of cock or big balls on display just a very tight package that does take a few minutes for me to get used too, that is because it is being pressed on so tightly. No erect cock today. But no spread eagle complaints either and I was completely spread eagle.

Mens swimwear
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Mens swimwear/sex wear insanity

For me it is all about pushing the limits and that is for both swimwear and sexwear. Male sexuality is blurred between stimulation and fashion. I get tremendous enjoyment from blurring those lines. The input I receive in the form of posts on this blog and e-mails sent to me help guide me and give me ideas which brings me to a design I just started working on last week. I had many customers mention to me I needed to add some nipple stimulation suits. It was something they wanted and I thought the idea was great but I needed to find parts.  The first design to incorporate those new clamps is already being worked on. The design in our as yet un-named nipple wear line will be a cock display suit with cage that offers a butt plug holder and multiple adjustments to make everything perfect. The nipples will be directly attached to and support your erect or non erect shaft being pulled up by the nipples. Might be a little painful but it will be highly stimulting all over your body.

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Swimwear on the beach

I did get away for a couple hours yesterday for one of the best beach days of the year. Got there and set up around a couple of girls one in a Brazilian bikini and the other wearing boy shorts(what a waste of a great figure) KNocked out for about a half an hour. I was near the water with my micro bikini hiked up all the way to a perfect thong. It was beautiful out and I must of had a hundred or so walkers and joggers pass almost on top of me. When my nap was over I looked around and there were now many bikini clad girls, one thong and a very hot looking guy across from me wearing what looked like a Koala Close Shave style suit. Total g-string and his pouch filled much larger than mine standing proudly in the air as he tanned laying on his back. It was an outstanding view. A very full pouch for everyone to see. I walked down to the water hoping he would join me so we could chat about suits but he just watched me dip my feet in the water. Maybe I should have walked over to him but I did not want to invade his personal space. Still a big thank you goes out to a man who is willing to show everyone on the beach as very sumptuous cock. He was staring at me a lot and before I left I changed the European way just sliding off my micro, he was the only one starring and I made sure he could see my cock as I slipped on my shorts. Any time spent on the beach is very high quality time indeed.

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Working on new suits keep your ideas coming

I met with my girls this morning and went over some of my new designs ideas and a couple customer design ideas. My girls are hard at work on a suit that can hide everything or completely expose the balls. I had a fantastic idea come to me based on a comment one of our customers e-mailed me about the options stretcher. This cock stretcher is going to be quite a bit different from the others. They are all amazing but this one should be able to be used at work! We will be doing a number of designs in the spandex rubberized wet look fabrics and I gave them my sketches for a pouch design that will make my small cock huge and middle and large cocks giant! I am hoping to start trying on designs next week!!

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Some times blending but once in a while a giant bulge is hot

Most readers of this blog know that I am on the small side as little as 1/2″ shaft size when in a micro bikini and not aroused. We had a fantastic beach day Sunday and I took full advantage of it. There were lots of people near my normal spot and lucky for me I already had my Heavy Metal Bikini on. Mostly girls and I just wanted to blend in which was a little hard to do because my suit was so shinny with the sun on it. The metallic finnish is fantastic as is the fit. My balls are a nice size so the pouch is full but you can clearly see the little head through the fabric and it is easy to figure out that the wearer, me in this case has a very tiny penis. As you also must know if you follow this blog I am proud of my little cock. It gets to a decent size when hard, I would say just a tap smaller than most guys. Laying there I did fit in all the girls had on bikinis or Brazilian suits and a couple of girls next to me were Brazilian. I am relatively sure that we looked very much the same from the rear with our nice round firm butts and most likely very similar from the front they were sans that tiny little bulge I had. There are times I wear our male to female transformation suits to the beach. I need to be in that fem mood. When wearing that style my front is as flat as any girls pouch. Once in a while a large bulge would be awesome but even fully hard that would be difficult for me. I was thinking how awesome it would be to have this amazing fabric with something that made me look like I might have a real 8″ down there. I know how to do it with manipulating the shaft and balls but not quite that large. The idea of a super bulge for guys like me was born on the beach Sunday. I have been working on it today and will try to get a drawing to the girls in the morning. A bright shinny huge bulge would be a wonderful X-mas gift to myself!

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One of our hot selling new items

My last couple posts were long. This one is short and right to the point. The shower blaster is our best selling new Cock and anal gear products we have added in quite some time. I thought about it today not only because I used it last night and it is amazing but we are again back ordered on it for a few days. We have been ordering and selling out of this product every week! It is a fantastic value made beautifully here in the USA. Personally I love it and some of the other guys who work here have been added to waiting list to get one. They should be in middle of next week. Clean fun by Koala.

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More bikini beach time

Just as I thought there were very few people down there but there were a few little groups. I went. I spread my towels right near where I always do and as it turned out near a few girls and one guy who was body boarding. In a way it is liberating not having anything else to cover up with and just being happy and relaxed with my body. The girls were all in their twenties and and they were snapping pictures of me laying out. No problem. I think my as looks good brown and round. Most butts looks their best laying out getting a tan. It was an interesting couple hours. The sun was fantastic and warm the first hour and a half and I had a couple surfer boys walk right next to me and laugh thinking they were going to see a nice girls ass. To bad they just could not appreciate a nice mans ass, I heard one of them say shit I thought that was a girl. Sorry for the disappointment but I always take it as a complement when guys walk real close thinking they are going to see a topless girl or exposed but. Makes me think it was at least nice enough to look at and it motivates me to go back to the gym everyday and work my ass off. I walked down to the water to dip my feet in, love the feel of salt water. Plenty of people walking and running on the beach and I must say it felt good just knowing everyone is looking and exhibitionists dream come true. I walked back to my car no top on wearing just my bikini by the time I got to my car I was wet with excitement. The little things that turn us on. One day I might be brave enough to do it on a busy summer day.

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