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New swimwear info

I tried on all the Late Summer 2014 swimsuits, fetish spandex and short shorts today. There are fourteen new designs and each and everyone is beyond perfection if that is even possible. I have a few pictures I will share in future posts. We are targeting late July for the introduction. I feel like I was gang banged this morning since half of the new designs have butt plug or Ass Spark options. Needless to say there was ample penetration over the two hour period we were working with the designs. By the time we were finished I was satisfied in more ways than one!  

Mens swimwear

All the new designs are online now!

All the new swimsuits and spandex fetish wear designs are now online at and there are even a few shots of my ass stuck in among them. Can you guess which ones they are? Even if you are not ready to add to your collection make sure to check out the new identical twin models and let me know what you think of them. We have added to our collection of short shorts along with some very hot swimwear, male to female transformation sissy designs and penis display sex suits that are sure to please maybe even uncontrollably! If you do not see the new suits make sure to refresh your browser.

New design update and new cock gear

We just added a few new products to the Male Chastity Store. These are not yet posted on but they should be soon. For the time being if you see something that turns you on you can order it at the Male Chastity Store which is part of Koala. My favorite new product is the Leather Master Cock Cage. As always we try to keep the photos explicit so you can see how the product is used.

New swimsuit update:

We are getting close and I hope to have all the new swimwear, sex wear and spandex fetish wear added to Koala by this weekend. My fingers are crossed!!!

Men’s Swimwear

Crazy days of winter

We spent the entire weekend at the beach. It was like we were on vacation. This
has been the craziest winter ever in Southern California with temps in the 80s
the beach was warmer than in the summer. The last time I checked it was still
winter. Saturday was incredible. Lots of guys and girls with all sorts of bodies
made for some great people watching. We had a couple of topless beauties out
there. I am hoping it is the start of a trend. The girl that was with me said I
looked like a topless girl when she was walking back from the water maybe I can
be the leader of that trend. I had so much sun on Saturday I was not going to
come back on Sunday but my daughter wanted to go and I could not deny her. It
was absolutely packed, as busy as a summer day. The people watching was off the
hook. I noticed only a few guys in bikinis and thongs but I am seeing a lot more
women in thongs. I am hoping the guys are much more heavily represented this

Gender confusion and just enjoying it part 2


In many ways it is a very transformative experience.  If you have not tried a male to female transformation suit, you are really missing out of an experience that would be very hard to duplicate any other way. We have had many customers that have asked us for an even more intense feminine experience by adding built in butt plugs to some of our transformation designs which we have done and yes they are extremely intense and enjoyable.  We have two main designs for changing a man into a woman. The most popular has a built in metal ring that the penis and balls go through and the entire cock is pulled down between the legs and smoothed out. It is completely flattened and offers a very realistic pussy look. The other styles compress the shaft into your body and it is held in completely flat while the balls are pulled down. Some of these designs look like a small set of lips and others actually split the balls offering a very small but sexy cameltoe look.  If you have not seen the video clip of a male to female transformation design being put on you can see it here!

Gender confusion and just enjoying it.



I was listening to a bestselling book today and a few minutes later I heard a blurb on the news station about stress in today’s world and issues with gender confusion. Gender confusion was only one of many issues they were talking about as adding stress to our complicated lives but it is the one that jumped out at me. I am sure it can be very stressful for men and women but there is another way to look at it, a way that is different and exciting. Please keep in mind I understand that what we can do in California might be a little bit more of a problem in the Mid West because of social norms and that we are much more liberal here. That said I feel anyone can find a way to take advantage of and create an entirely new outlook about gender confusion. Where is it written in stone that we must be a 100% man or 100% woman? Is there not room to celebrate the fact that we all have some feminine and some maleness in us all. When we first started creating gender bending designs it was not about targeting any particular market i.e. men who wanted to be women, it was about me wanting to see what I would look like with a vagina. I never wanted to permanently  get rid of my penis, I love my cock but I just wanted to see what it was like to look and maybe feel somewhat like a women. The truth is I enjoyed the experience and thought many our customers would too. I was not wrong since the feminine styles we sell are all extremely popular. I would also say that more than any other style we have more women ordering these. The many I have talked to tell me they are interested in their BF’s or husbands (more often husbands) trying it on and seeing them wear it. Many women seem to be turned on by just the idea of it. The other thing is that most customers that order one end up ordering many more.


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The perfect girl. I would like to hear what you think.



There are many things I would like to see in women I date but as I am getting older there are some things that are a must.  We all have our own ideas about the perfect girl, looks body, personality, things we have in common, what we like to do for fun. These are traits that everyone looks at but what I am talking about here are more specific ones. I want a girl who is into wearing spandex and into having me do the same. I want a girl who enjoys whipping out a strap on and fucking me after I have done her. I want her to be anal inquisitive. Remember we are talking the perfect girl and everyone has their own ideas about it and no one is anywhere near perfect including me that said let’s add to the list I want her to be into roll playing, feminization, sissy play, maybe a little bondage, I want her to enjoy being spanked and enjoy spanking me. I would enjoy it if she was into girls too along with seeing me with other men. I would want an extremely open and have her be a sexual explorer. I would love to hear about your perfect girl or your perfect man!

Twisted fun at our photo shoot.



Since we offer many swim and fetish wear designs that use butt plugs or metal anal plugs I thought I would share something that happened at the photo shoot the other night. We offer a product called the Dr.Assman anal stretcher and I wanted a much better picture of how it works stretching the hole.  We tried losing up the area by having the helper use the small butt plug and work it in and out to loosen the hole up so we could insert the stretcher. That helped but we needed something bigger so we used the large cock shaped plug to relax the hole by doing a light round of anal sex with it. It was very hard to get in but after a little bit it was bearable. We pulled it out and tried the Dr.Assman again and we could get it all the way in. It is a very unusual feeling to have your hole stretched like this but aside from the pressure it does feel good. We left it in for about fifteen minutes and decided to try the large cock shaped plug again which is almost eight inches and thick to see if the stretching helped. It was much easier to get in and much more enjoyable to be fucked with, in fact we played around for about another twenty minutes until I had an orgasm. Just another difficult day of work J

One more photo shoot and some micro thong time.

We are finally going to get some rain!!!! I think today was the last of my micro thong day for at least a week or so. I did get an hour and half of sunning wearing my little black thong. That was my lunch break. Tonight we get to finish shooting the new suits. There is just some close-up work on the pouches and some male chastity gear. Hopefully just some nice shaved cock shoots!  I hope to have it all online within the next two weeks.

Men’s Swimwear

Men’s swimwear Men’s Fetish Wear and Young Twins

Last night we had one of our most interesting photo shoots. (That is saying a lot considering how wild some of them get)  We were shooting the new collection of short shorts, cock displays, sex suits and swimwear. Just getting out there and seeing how the new designs look on the models is great fun but what made it interesting is we had a set of twenty four year old identical twins. They are both models and go-go dancers.  Young, handsome and with great bodies I hope to use them again. They needed lots of help with the more complicated suits and jaded old me forgets sometimes that not everyone knows how to use a cock ring. I hope to have all the new designs in stock and online by early March.


Wanted to let you guys know that if you have not yet checked out the Koala Newsletter today is the last day of the sale!!!!

Mens swimwear