Last few days of the Koala Newsletter Sale!

Last few days of the Koala Newsletter Sale!

I wanted to remind you that the Koala Newsletter sale is over in a few days. There are some amazing sale suits and if you have not had a chance to read the newsletter I think it is worth your time especially if you are into micro swimwear.

It’s still grey and gloomy down at our beaches. Our weather is nothing but consistent and there is a reason why they call it June Gloom. Funny fifteen miles away in the Valley it is over 100! I had more micro swimsuit time in January than I have had in June but keeping my fingers crossed that July is a winner. Hope your beaches, lakes and pools are awesome!


I keep an eye on my favorite beach using It’s a free site and Venice beach is just one of many you can get a live feed from. I keep it open on one of the computers on my desk. It is like having a window looking out on the beach.


Holy Grail new design


I tried on a suit today that I feel might just be the holy grail of male to female transformation swimwear styles. This was the final suit I needed to try on for the new collection and the girls had just finished it. BTW I have an estimated date of completion for the new collection: we are shooting for Mid August. This new design is a complete transformation thong swimsuit with a total pussy look front sporting a slight camel toe. The big difference between this suit and many of our other femme styles which are by far our best selling designs like Clever Girl, Spicy Girl, All Girl and the Party Girl Bikini just to name a few is that all the magic of what those designs do is enhanced by incorporating our Ass Spark cock ring anal plug devises into this new design. It seems insane on the face of it since the Ass Sparks are made to keep you hard while virtually fucking you in the ass, all while you are having a good time at the beach getting a nice tan.  With a lot of ingenuity and a little luck we stumbled upon a way to make it work. We found a way to use the Ass Spark and counter the effects of getting erect by using extreme compression. Rather than trying to explain it I will take a few photos of it when the girls and I get together in a couple weeks and post them here. The effect was so amazing we are all blown away.



Men’s Swimwear

Venice Boardwalk Tights


Another weekend with June Gloom here in SoCal. This is a funny time of the year where quite often the marine layer never burns off. Such was the case for this last weekend but there was no way it was going to keep me from the beach. I asked one of my best girlfriends to join me and took my new little rescue puppy down to the world famous Venice boardwalk. It’s only about 30 minutes from my house but in many respects it is a world away. The only way I can explain it is that it’s a total freak show mixed with normal folks from all over the world checking it out and of course a huge contingent of locals. Mix all this together with the wonderful ocean breeze and lots of interesting places to eat and you get one of the best people watching spots on the planet.  My friend Cathy is a bit of a spandex freak and I got her to wear an extremely small pair of volleyball shorts that were definitely sporting some viewable ass cheek. I decided to wear a pair of Pinnacle Predator Tights and a triple accent cock ring which kept my pouch looking nice and full (dare I say almost large). We spent a couple of hours walking around and checking out the interesting people and places. I have no doubt that the two of us were considered fun people to watch.


Koala Men’s Tights

Transformation experiences and The Koala Newsletter

Last week I was around the pool and decided to wear the Clever Girl. The front is total feminine with a slight camel toe but the rear is all man-thong and I find it extremely comfortable. There were a couple younger ladies nearby and they could not take their eyes off me. I found them staring at me and my swimsuit many times but other than saying hi they kept to themselves. It would have been interesting to hear what they had to say. On that note two customers might have given me insight to those thoughts. I fielded two calls during the week where the guys had interesting experiences wearing male transformation designs. One was on vacation and this woman just kept walking by him with a huge smile on her face. He figured she was trying to work out if he had a penis or not. The second call was from a customer who was at a beach in Miami and was getting tons of attention. He said a middle aged woman actually asked him if he had his penis removed. Since that is the effect he was going for the question did not bother him and she had asked it nicely. She was really interested and maybe a little too nosey. I wonder if that is a though most people have when seeing a transformation design?


Have you checked out the June Newsletter yet?

A surprise bikini so many customers have asked for!

June Newsletter Sale


There is a style of bikini that customers have been asking us about for a long time but I was never able to make one that I really liked. We tried a number of times and the end result was not something I loved. I was surprised the other day when meeting with my girls. I was handed a suit and told to try it on. Wow it’s a scrunch butt bikini I said, that was not on my list of new designs. My head seamstress who is also an awesome swimwear designer said she had a little extra time and thought it would be a cute style to offer. I slipped it on and it was amazing. The previous suits did not fit my ass and look like the girl models you see wearing them. I wanted a scrunch butt style that was totally feminine in the rear but with a nice bulge style pouch in front. This suit was perfect. It fit like a dream and right on the spot we decided to add it to our upcoming collection.

Girl bulge, Boy bulge how about both. June Newsletter and Sale Link

I had a meeting in Hollywood yesterday and when I was finished I decided to head to the beach for some fresh air. It was overcast when I got down there so I figured why not get in some exercise. I had a pair of Pinnacle Girl Power Tights with me so I decided to go femme. The tights do fit like a second skin and the vagina front is nothing short of amazing. I was wearing a loose red tank and did a barefoot run for a couple of miles. Considering the weather there were a lot of people on the beach for a Wednesday afternoon.  Having modeled for myself in front of a mirror more than once and of course for friends I know that for the most part as I am running by them most people would assume I was female. With dark glasses and sport cap it would be very hard to see anything male. My friends say my ass looks like a girls as it is. I find it a huge turn-on being able to go ultra femme this way. When I was done with my run the beach started to clear up and there was no question I would be getting some sun. I could have gone femme a pussy style thong but opted to go with a micro thong and a real man’s bulge (as real as mine gets), at that point my penis was begging to be set free. If you are anything like me you know most of the guys that go out of their way to walk or run by almost on top of you figure they will get a close up female glance and are not expecting to see a male bulge in such a tiny swimsuit. That turns me on too.


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