Working with a new person and a new design


One of the new styles we are working on is a pair of slinky micro shorts with the same hot fabric found on our best selling Party Girl Bikini. These shorts will feature a wonderful sculptured front pouch that pushes everything out but is completely usable for sports, swimming and even working out.

We hired a new seamstress recently and like all the people who work at Koala she needed to be relaxed and OK working with nude men( fitting models) and specifically with working with her nude boss, myself who ends up doing most of the fittings. Most of the people that have worked for us over the years have first worked in women’s swimwear and are used to working with female fitting models. The new girl had mentioned to the head seamstress/pattern maker that she was a little nervous about working with a male fitting model for the first time. I came to the fitting the other day she was working with us for the very first time. I have a great relationship with the other people and we get down to business right away which entails me getting completely nude and trying on the new styles, sometimes we are standing around talking while one of the girls makes minor changes to a sample. I had introduced myself to the new girl and we got right into it. If she was uncomfortable about being around me I could not tell. Many of the designs require me erection and my body is handled a lot by the girls. Everything went great and we finished taking a little over an hour. Later in the day I talked to the head seamstress and asked if the new girl was freaked out by anything. Mireya laughed and said that she was completely fine with it and that she had joked afterward that seeing me completely hairless reminded her of working with girls or kids. Not sure if that was a compliment but I have always thought that having no pubic hair makes all the cock handling and close inspections of every part of me much easier for them. When they are working on me often my penis is almost touching their faces. It just does not get much closer than that. Saying our work is intimate is an understatement.


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More new design info


Our two hottest categories of men’s swimwear are micro shorts and the other is male to female transformation designs. The transformation styles are our single hottest trend of swim and fetish wear. One of the most extreme styles ever is in the process of being perfected. It is a multi use vagina style suit that offers fully exposed lips or fully covered lips. This is a perfect vagina look swimsuit extraordinaire to be used with or without a butt plug. This fashion is for all men who are curious about gender transformation and transgender women who are looking for the ultimate feminine look. The look and feel will be nothing short of stunning.



Men’s Swimwear


Make sure to check out the newest male chastity gear!

Funny beach days


Talk about two completely different beach days just one day apart on the same beach but the make-up of people were like night and day. Saturday must of been a special holiday in Los Angeles. My guess is that someone was calling it men’s thong and G-string day at Marina Del Ray. I could not believe how many wonderful men there were tanning in the tiniest of men’s swimwear designs. 99% of the time I am the guy wearing the smallest micro swimsuit but on Saturday there were at least three other guys wearing G-strings even smaller than my suit. I even spotted a couple men power walking wearing thongs an almost magical site. Sunday was a complete reversal of that. I ended wearing a pair of micro shorts and hung out half of the day with a favorite girl both of us staying under the umbrella and enjoying sea breeze. I might have had a little too much sun on Saturday. All around us within a few feet and has far as the eye could see were women and younger girls wearing thongs and barely there 70+% exposed ass Brazilian style suits. There were many fewer men in skimpy swimsuits on Sunday. I hope this is a precursor to next weekend when we get a ton of men and women together wearing micro swimsuits.

Laser touch up



I have very little hair on my bikini area that includes my shaft / balls and after many laser sessions I get very little re-growth. A friend of mine hooked me up with one of his friends who just got into the laser hair removal business. I called and told her I needed a touch up for a small part of my bikini area along with my penis. That should not take long she said and that was without seeing how small I am J

I went over yesterday after working out, taking a shower and making sure to shave off any bit of hair still there. If you are going have laser done for the first time you need to make sure to be completely shaved.

The session was interesting because she had not worked on many guys. I stripped down and she started on the bikini area which took all of two minutes, she had the laser on a higher setting which feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. I told her she might want to turn it down a little for the penis. This is the first one I have done she said with a slight giggle. I was hoping she was not going to be nervous about it and asked. No problem she said as she pulled the skin taunt on my balls and started working her way around them. Even with the laser setting down it still hurts and in a strange way is stimulating. By the time she finished the balls my shaft was rock hard. This should make it easier she quipped which is true because the skin is fully stretched and in my opinion it hurts less when you are hard. It only took another two minutes to finish. My penis was red and starting to swell a little. This happens when you are getting laser done at a high enough level to permanently remove the hair, lower settings are just a waste of time. The vagina lips tend to swell after laser treatments she said but asked if it the swelling had happened to me before. I assured her it was normal. She told me to leave it air out for a little while and we just sat around and talked. I had not remembered how much bigger my cock looked after an intense session. It was quite a bit larger than normal but unfortunately it was back to its normal size in the morning, at least it was completely baby soft with no hair to be found!

Ass Spark powered matt black thong with one of the most amazing pouches ever


I am always excited to try on our new designs and like they say there is nothing like the first time! The fact is I am blown away by virtually everything we make if I was not it would never get to production. is first and for most a labor of love. If we were not making these designs I would be out there trying to find a seamstress capable of creating these extreme fashions from my dreams, a very difficult and expensive journey. There are times when the excitement is over the top and borderline orgasm inducing. That is the case for a new suit that I tried on a few days ago. Created in matt black rubber like spandex using an Ass Spark to keep it together (my favorite Ass Spark for product testing is the Tear Drop. It offers deep penetration but is very easy for me or the ladies to slip in when everyone is watching) The pouch on this design was stunning and with its sexy thong rear I would not think twice about wearing it on a public beach in fact I can’t wait to can my hands on one of my own so I can do just that!

Working hard to make amazing happen!


New designs: The best selling and by far most popular swimsuit from our last collection was the Lady Gear micro shorts. These shorts are just so fucking hot to wear with their complete and total vagina look front while still keeping a very young and athletic look. In some respects they remind me of the tiny volley ball shorts the girls wear. The camel toe is just as seductive! One of the new styles I wanted to create is based off the Lady Gear shorts with an even lower cut front and much less coverage in the rear. I wanted to do them in white spandex so the vagina look would be just about completely sheer when wet. I wanted to stay with the micro short theme but like any wild lady I wanted more ass exposed. The first pair the girls made for me was fantastic with just one little change being made for the final production model. Tiny shorts that felt like they were spray painted on me extremely sexy and seductive.


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A funny thing happened at the beach

I have noticed so far this summer more couples seem to get up close and personal when I am lying out wearing something micro. I have said for years that girls especially ones wearing micro swimwear seem to gravitate close together and have no problems being beach neighbors. The other day I heard what turned out to be a young couple maybe early twenties looking for a spot. The girl said how about right here and right here was a few towel lengths from me. There was plenty of room on the beach but next to me it was. Being an exhibitionist I am fine with that. Please feel free to check out my fully exposed ass and my almost exposed little cock. I did not think much of it until I heard some erotic sounds coming from their direction. They were making out big time with his hand down the front of her very tiny bikini. This immediately got me hard, not that my hard cock is that much larger than my soft one though my pouch did look like it was ready to burst. I rolled over and spread my legs so the sun would reach some of those out of the way spots. I enjoyed an hour or so of their erotic music until what it looked like they had done all they could on the sand and headed to the water. From my viewpoint  they seemed to of finished up in the water. Young love at the beach does it get any better? New design info coming next post!



Men’s Swimwear

Finding time for the beach


As most of you know I love going to the beach. I love the feel of the sand, the salt water and the sun over my barley covered body. I love the people watching and I enjoy being watched. One of the things I like to do while I am busting my butt at work is to take a little break and look out my make believe window at the beach. Since my office is a good twenty plus miles through our wonderful Los Angeles traffic away from the beach my live computer window will have to do.

Here are a few of my favorite sites.




What are your thoughts on anal jewelry?


While we were doing our photo shoot the other day we started to play with a sample the manufacture sent us of a butt plug that doubles as anal jewelry. I have seen these before but never with the lovely shape of this design. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it felt inside of me and I liked the way the jewel looked in the photos. I ended up having a massive orgasm while it was still inside of me. This is not an item we are planning to offer unless we hear back from you boys and girls saying you would be interested. I have seen items similar to this style but they are all from China made of standard metal this one has a very unique shape and is made of stainless steel and is from the Middle East. I rarely post photos on this blog but thought I would include a couple. Let me know what you think.

DSCF6596 DSCF6612 DSCF6618