Your biggest payload.

Our swimsuits designs are the smallest on the planet but every now and then I have customers complain that they can’t keep their pouches full even micro pouches. The problem is that some men have shrinkage issues that are so extreme they almost look cockles. The way to tackle that issue is to use a cock ring. If you are prone to extreme shrinkage a cock ring will be a life saver. No more looking like one of the girls unless that is the look you are going for. (That look happens to be one of the looks customers at Koala like best but this post is assuming you want to actually look like you have a penis) If you are using a cock ring under a suit and going into the water I would recommend silicon or aluminum. I prefer the feel of a metal cock ring but having a couple of both means you can go with what is most comfortable in the moment.

Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

Question about wearing tights, I need your feedback!

We are going to be offering a new line of women’s style tights for men in the near future. These designs are made to be used with our male to female transformation suits like the Clever Girl which we have used on most of the testing. Since the transformation suits are doing all the hard work of erasing your penis and changing it to a vagina we are free to create real female styles but in men’s sizes. I would love your feedback on the kind of tights you would like, high waist tights? Scrunch butt styles? Light fabrics that look painted on?, figure control style cuts and fabrics? Let me know. [email protected]

Lunch break by the pool.

Lunch break by the pool.

One of the benefits I have working at Koala is that there are a couple pools within minutes from the office, close enough to go on my lunch break. One is the pool at my gym which is around the block but these days the smallest we can wear (men and women) are bikinis and though I love wearing bikinis I prefer to tan in a thong or G-string. One of our employees has a townhouse minutes away and the pool areas are beautiful, just like a resort. I wear my smallest suits there be it a pouch style G-string or a transformation style thong. Most people know me and most of the time the pool belongs to just me. I can’t get my clothes off fast enough when I get there and when stripping off your work clothes( most of the year my work attire consists of shorts and a tank, one of the perks of being in LA which most of the time offsets the insane traffic) What a great way to spend my lunch break.

Men’s Swimwear

Wearing spandex micro swimwear means never having to worry about your penis size.

Spandex is the great equalizer. I say that because most spandex suits and definitely Koala micro swimsuits all compress the penis with the exception of penis display designs. My penis is very small but once inside a micro suit my cock does not look much smaller than a guy with an eight incher. Even though he may be much larger in length and no doubt much, much larger in thickness our cocks look very close in size once compressed into a tiny pouch. His pouch may look like it’s ready to explode but it would still be tough to tell without a trained eye how much bigger he is. That makes wearing a micro in public pretty much the same for all guys there is no unfair advantage for a big penis. The fact is many of us including myself are into have our penises look as small as possible in the smallest swimsuit design.

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Palm Desert Pussy Boy part 2

Palm Desert Pussy Boy

There were lots of loungers around the pool and just a couple older gents hanging out. I grabbed a lounger about as far away as I could, all I wanted was some sun and some rest. I love being out around the pool wearing a pussy style suit and since my penis is small to begin with what you see is just a very small set of lips, no shaft no visual male cues in the crotch area, very sexy. One of the guys came by and asked where I was from and if I had been there before. As it turns out he was a really nice guy that lived there year around with his wife. He did not seem to notice my female parts or maybe he has seen other guys wearing suits like that after all we ship loads of them to the Palm Springs area. A bit later the pool area came alive with lots of younger women. They were all smiles and lovely. My guess is every one of them noticed my changes down below. I’m not sure what if anything was going on in their thoughts but they all were very friendly to me. It’s amazing how accepting Palm Desert and Palm Springs people are. It turned out to be the perfect place to get in touch with my total feminine (at least during my pool outing) self.

Palm Desert pussy boy.

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend with friends at their place in Palm Desert which for those not familiar is right next door to Palm Springs. The Palm Springs area can be just amazing this time of year. It was raining back home in Los Angeles which is only about two hours away but completely beautiful and sunny in the desert. As many Koala customers know Palm Springs including most of the area resorts, are very open to men wearing tiny little thongs and even G-strings which I have done many times over the years. The place we were staying at was a beautiful townhouse with wonderful grounds including a couple large pools. I never leave home without a few swimsuits packed away and when everyone wanted to go shopping I decided to stay behind and get some rest and relaxation around the pool. I had with me a couple of micro thong style suits and a Party Girl Bikini. I was not sure how busy the pool would be or what age groups would be there. Palm Springs in general has lots of gay folks and lots of older people. I opted to go femme style with some rear coverage and picked the Party Girl Bikini. It’s easier to go smaller then cover up if needed, something you know I hate to do. Having rear coverage and showing no bulge at all was an easy choice.

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They are here! All the new swimwear designs are now on!

We just finished adding all the new designs to It has been a while since we have added an entirely new Men’s Swimwear Collection and we are so excited for you to see them.  It has been crazy here and we are completely drained from working straight through Friday evening to Saturday afternoon then into Sunday morning to get it all online. We had the photo shoot Friday and the model worked exceptionally well. He has a great body, a very nice eight inch cock shaved totally clean and an ass to kill for!  You would never be able to tell how wonderfully endowed he is because many of the new designs are transformation styles that totally tamed his penis virtually erasing it and changing it into a vagina. There are bikinis, thongs, shorts including some very hot sheer ones, bulge style suits and more. In total there are twelve new designs that I hope will blow you away. All are in stock now! Have fun checking them out.

Michael David

Fling Thong

Man Power

Male Man

Black Diamond

Bang Me

She Squad

Tender Lips

Luscious Lips

Fairy Tale

Crafty Girl

Girl Town

Chick Shorts

Princess Sheer Shorts