New suit info, help us grow, underwater frozen balls

Up bright an early this morning and will be out of the house in a few minutes to meet with my girls and see how the production is going. I am hoping to have all the new designs in stock by today. That may be wishful thinking but we are planning on launching the new collection next week. I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know. Help. I don’t ask to often but since this blog is growing everyday I thought why not ask for help to get even more guys and girls checking it out. Here is what you can do to help: forward links to friends, list us in the signature section of any forums you belong too, add links for this blog where ever you can, links are very helpful! and just try to let like minded sexually open people know about us….thanks. We did our last underwater photo shoot of the summer for KMC yesterday and there should be a few free clips posted in the next week or so. KMC members should have an hour plus of all the new designs underwater. It was so cold my balls are still thawing out. I can tell you this, the new anal spark enhanced suits especially the full bikini style is more fun then you can imagine. The idea of being violated at the beach with no one knowing is very exciting.

Mens swimwear

Nut cracker Sweet! or the micro of micro pouches

In the search for the ultimate and never ending micro swimwear bikini, thong or g-string I try and sometimes fail at finding excellent combinations. Today I received a sample of a micro thong with a Slut style front pouch but about half the size. For those of you not familiar
with the Slut g-string it is already one of the smallest pouches in the world so making it half the size and still getting my rather small cock into it is no small feat. I gathered my inspiration for this design by wearing the Slut G-string(presently my tanning suit of choice) all summer long. My idea is creating a heavy duty elastic base that will hold my insanely compressed cock inside this ultra small pouch without it popping off. One of the blog commenters was telling how he retracts his balls inside himself on some of the fem style suits.
This design is not a fem style but visually should take you back to your more youthful days. (that is before your cock started to grow) This sample is not completely right yet but it is promising. The down side to it is my shaft and balls were so compressed that they started to retract on there own. I am looking for extreme pressure to get that small, ultra small pouch look but I need to work on the base of the pouch so it captures the balls before they run and hide from the pressure. Upside is you feel, intensely feel your cock and in its own way it feels hot or in this case nut cracker sweet!

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What was I thinking. We are doing that!

Last week a reader posted to the blog saying it would be a great idea to do a penis shaped suit something like the Cream Stick with the added fun of incorporating the Ass Spark into it. I agreed it was a good idea. I must of been so busy last week I forgot that one of the new designs coming out is exactly that. It is called the Cream Stick Explosion and it is fantastic. I realized that this was one of the new designs while viewing the new Gabriel DVD this morning making sure all the suits had the correct names in the titles.
Seeing Gabe put on this suit turned me on enough to take one into the bathroom lube it up and slide it on. It is a perfect combo of having a hard cock in sheer fabric while the metal plug stimulates you. It just feels so good. Helped make more morning a lot more fun.

Mens swimwear

Help I have a couple questions and an interesting blogger idea

Wanted to let you know I personally look at every post, for the most part I leave them alone and post them errors and all but I do look at them. The other day I asked about short shorts and a reader blogged about offering them with a built in cock ring. I never thought about that but a pair of tiny shorts with a built in cock ring or a cock cage might be fun. I will try making up some sample shorts to see it looks as good as it sounds.

Questions about Lubes
Do you guys and girls have a favorite brand and if so do you have a favorite type of lube. We are going to switch to new silicone style lube because I think they work perfect with our fetish suits and fantastic for all sorts of sex, a friend told me about a type of lube called relaxing anal glide which seems like if it works would be great. I have some samples including the anal relaxer and will try them out. Let me know if you have any thoughts about lubes.

New swimwear update. My webmaster is working on the new suit updates for It looks like the update and us completing the full inventory of new designs by late next week.

Mens swimwear

They are coming and I can’t wait for you to see them

Talked to my girls today and looks like we will make the end of the month intro for the new designs.
A number of the designs include the new Ass Spark anal plug cock ring. I believe that many customers will be in for a whole new experience. I was never really into anal sex but the Anal Spark feels so great and is so stimulating that I know even guys that have never had anything inserted into them once they give these suits a try we will convert them. It is not a gay or straight thing anal stimulation is strictly a pleasure thing and these suits will be the most pleasurable swimwear you will ever put on. I just can’t wait for you to try one!

Mens swimwear

Fun suits

I get asked all the time which design do you think is the most fun?
That is a tough question because it depends on so many factors. Are you talking about one to wear on the beach, fem style, ultra micro,male display suit or? One of my favorite suits is a fetish style called Juice It UP!
The fact is I have many favorites, love the Options Stretcher, Penis Stretcher in fact there are so many fetish style suits it is hard to choose favorites but there are a couple of special things that stand out with the Juice It Up! style. The tight rubber rings force the shaft and balls
forward and out from your body i.e. picture a friend taking a firm grip on your cock and sensually pulling on it and squeezing the juice out of you at the same time. Our fetish designs are made to stimulate and what is the point unless it gets you wet and turns you on. These designs almost always lead to some form of sex which Is very healthy for your system. The Juice It Up! is a very aggressive design
that will get you wet. In my book if you are getting wet you are having fun and that is what makes this a favorite. It turns me on every time I wear it. Never fails.
Do you have a favorite?

Mens swimwear

Do we need short shorts

Short shorts, Daisy Dukes, Boy shorts, tiny little shorts. I was at the Laker Game the other night and low and behold the Laker Girls actually were wearing something sexy, little tight short shorts that actually showed some cheek. It has been years, many years since they
had performed wearing shorts that brief, tight and just completely sexy. Everyone around me was taking about them, sure the game was on the weak side as most pre-season games are but shit they looked sexy. Me being me the second thing that came to mind was the thought do I need a pair of shorts as hot as the Laker girl shorts? The next thought was do our customers need and want super brief micro hot pant Daisy Duke cheek exposing shorts?
They would be fun to wear and make great suit cover ups.  What do you think?

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Stair stepper anal fun

An overcast day in LA with lots of catch up work to do but after my camel toe day at the gym the other day I thought I would try something sexy and fun.
Before putting on my baggy shorts and shirt I lubed up my Hooked Up suit, yes I have one too, adjusted the straps for a nice tight fit made sure the hook was deep inside and would stay in place and slipped on my shorts no undies and my shirt. I was ready to cum from the short car ride from my house to the gym and once on the stair stepper my work out became orgasmic, too bad the girls on each side of me had no idea how intense my work out really was. We talked and I could not hide the huge smile on my face. One girl said you sure are happy today. I told her I was happy every day. Not completely true but I could not say I had a large anal hook up my ass so that would have to do.  Before you blog me that I am a perv and a sex freak save it. I know. Just blog on some of your normal day turned wild exploits.

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I want to show my cock and skin tight spandex

Sometimes I can say that the girls at my gym make me jealous. This morning before work I played some B-ball with friends and was hanging around BSing with the boys and starring at the girls wearing their ultra tight spandex pants. Some so clearly show the pussy lips that I feel myself getting hard. I know that these super tight spandex workout tights they wear make them look much better then if they were nude, I know there are some that have such great bodies that literally are perfect even with the spandex peeled away but many it just makes them look hotter than real life. Then you look at all the guys myself included wearing huge baggy shorts and looking like clowns. A double standard for sure. I would love to wear great looking tights with no undies like many of the girls, ones that tighten everything up and show off your cock to boot. Anyone out there wearing stuff like that at the gym?  if so have you found an awesome looking pair of spandex style mens tights?

Mens swimwear

Bikinis, thongs, g-strings and being healthy

Most of my blogs have to do with swimwear, spandex fetish, sex, chastity and other favorite subjects as it should since this is a mens swimwear blog. Humor me for a minute while I get serious. Today I had a colonoscopy, the prep was no fun but the procedure itself was painless, I had no idea it was even started let alone finished. Everything turned out fine.
I talked to a number of Doctor friends who told me yes get it done. What they can find and cure with this procedure can save your life. If you have been told to get it done and have been putting it off, get it done it really is nothing at all to worry about. It was the first time I have had something so long up my ass and did not feel a thing! all kidding aside it can save your life.

Speaking of health, now that I am on that tangent I want to tell you about a great product, one I do not make a penny on.
If you have a chance to go to they have a shelf for your treadmill that makes it into a desk while you walk. I was not allowed to drive today because of the anesthesia but felt fine and got on my laptop that is sitting on one of these shelves on my treadmill and pumped out hours of work as I walked. I have a walkstation at work which is a very large desk with a built-in treadmill, which I log hours on and generally hate to sit. The laptop desk shelf for treadmills works just as well as my very expensive walkstation. You can also find it at

Update on new suits. They are flowing in. I think my girls will complete the new production by the end of this month. Not has early as they told me but still well ahead of what I expected.

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