Perfect lips and more.

Perfect lips and more.

First off I wanted to let you know I finally signed up for Instagram from the nudging of a friend in the business. You can find me under michaeldavid766

I just added my first photo and it is a close-up of me wearing a transformation suit. I think I am going to have fun with this!

Next I tried on four new designs we are working on. If you get the Koala newsletter and I hope you do, I have mentioned in the past that working on big introductions of new swimsuit designs at one time is a thing of the past at least for now. The girls and I have decided it would be much more manageable and less pressure on all of us if we introduced four new suits at a time. It’s hard for me because I always have a ton of ideas floating around my brain which I can’t wait to try. Two of the new designs were perfectly executed the first sample out right from my drawings and description which is amazing. They are heading into production as I type this. The other two needed minimal changes to reach the level we are looking for which is perfection.  Two of the new designs are male to female transformations styles, one is a bulge design with a penis shape and the other is a micro bulge suit with a super sexy rear cut. More to come in the next fem posts which I promise will be sooner rather than later.

I wish you guys could see me trying on the new designs. It is incredible how important to the ladies I work with to make the perfect lips on our MTF designs. Me standing there wearing these tiny designs while adjustments are made so precisely that the finished product looks exactly like I have a vagina and not just to my eyes but the girls checking every nook and cranny!

Men’s Swimwear

Some days I feel different about my gender.

Some days I feel different about my gender.

I work out all the time trying to keep my body as tight as possible. Not quite a body builder but I am fairly muscular. While getting ready for the beach today I happened to be in front of a couple of full length mirrors and was admiring my tan. When I slipped on my micro thong my first though was that I was rocking it today. The second thought was that my very dark tan and tiny suit made me look very feminine. I was wearing a bulge style suit and though my bulge is little it still looks like a bulge. If I was wearing a suit like the Spicy Girl I think I would have looked completely and utterly female. I love being able to feel the emotion of being feminine, after all being male day in and day out it is a nice break to feel otherwise. Once I got to the beach, it was just me alone today ready to get some R & R. After a nice nap I realized I was surrounded by young hot guys on both sides of me playing football. There were two different groups of guys with very hot girls hanging around wearing their own impossibly tiny swimsuits. Two thoughts came to me, first I felt even more feminine laying there with my ass fully exposed as the boys played around me and second I wonder how these young guys are not hard all the time with the girls wearing so little around them, I know I started getting a bit aroused. The world is changing and I like the direction.

Men’s thong swimwear

Hit the beach Day!

This seems like a perfect micro swimsuit day at the beach.

I don’t know about you but I feel this is the perfect day to hit the beach wearing as little as possible. I will be at Venice beach and I hope to see many guys wearing micro swimsuits. Let’s get out there in force. Summer is winding down and it feels like we need to cram more micro days in. I don’t care where your beach is make sure to hit it wearing as little as legally possible. Make sure it is every bit as tiny as the littlest ladies swimsuits you see out there. Sounds like the makings of a fun Saturday!

Oh My! so little time to write this summer.

Shit I just can’t seem to get much writing done lately. We have been extremely busy all summer, crazy busy which is a good thing but not when it comes to writing my blog. I have had things to talk about including new suit ideas of which I am working on four right now, new male chastity devices of which we offer so many of it could spin your head around and some nice beach weekends of which you know I love so much. There is nothing as refreshing, invigorating and rejuvenating for me as being down at the ocean with a nice breeze wearing the smallest swimsuits on the beach (male or female) and enjoying a nap, my friends, a little body surfing and getting some sun. This post is just to let you know I have not forgot about you. I will be posting more soon!