Switching gears to a G-string

I had a sneak off day to the beach yesterday. I took the afternoon off hoping it would be lovely by the shore and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was. Back at the office it was blowing about 20 knots but by the ocean there was a beautiful breeze. I decided to go full on G-string. I grabbed a Ballz swimsuit which we call a semi thong but in fact was an awesome G-string. The pouch ends right at the base of the balls so the view is fantastic as is the tan line. This design is very similar to my usual go to suit the Streamline. The fronts are close enough to the same cut which gives me a perfect fit the big difference is way less coverage in the rear. It felt great to be lying out with all the other slackers and sun worshippers with my naked ass fully exposed. This might just be the year of the G-string for me.


Men’s Swimwear

Post from Matt

A few weeks back I purchased a slinky girl thong. And after wearing it a few times to get used to it today was the first time I could wear it to the gym. What a thrill! I wore a nike unitard over it with a fitted running top – I wanted to make sure not to eat anything that would cover me. It was an amazing experience. I’m sure that no one even noticed but to have a completely flat front and a beautiful camel toe was a huge turn on. I’m sure it made me work harder too – although I did waste a lot of time looking in the mirror!! I found as the workout went on I was pulling my unitard up higher and higher until the seam was right up between my lips!! I almost wished I was wearing a thong leotard like the girls used to wear!!

I’d never thought I’d like something like that but it really was thrilling and a huge turn on

Thanks again




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Coming up for air and a being a princess at the beach

Sorry I have not been posting much this last week but since we have added the new suits and tights to Koalaswim we have been so busy, we have been getting spanked! I had a minute today to take a gulp of air and write a little something.  I did sneak away for a couple of hours last week when it was beautiful out. I need to get my dose of sunshine here and there. I hit the beach and found a bunch of girls doing the same. Why not I thought and slipped on the new Clever Girl thong. This design is so perfect. It is completely feminine and the white t-back against my tan ass looked gooood.  Being out there with all the girls I knew I blended in completely though I was the only topless one. I was just a little princess enjoying the beach. My next time out will be a pouch style suit so I can be a little sun prince.

This note goes along with last post of MS photos

Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say that I love Koala suits and how daring/innovative they are, can’t wait for the next batch of new designs to be released. Being of Asian descent, they work well for me since I’m not as blessed as other folks in the endowment department. Attaching some pics of myself in your suits, my favs are the slut G-string and Secret Wish, which I’m a huge fan of as I like minimal coverage. I’m a married, straight (I think!) male but I’m totally into gear. Hope to convince more straight guys to get into it cause it’s a great hobby!
Would appreciate your thoughts on the following: from an aesthetic standpoint, shouldn’t minimalist gear flow or meld with the body and have as few straps, buckles as possible to minimize dangling ends/flapping around? I’m asking because the older generation of Koala suits were just that but the newer versions are quite complicated. There are many of the newer suits with great designs but once I notice there are straps (especially in crotch/taint and waist strap areas), I’m hesitant to purchase them for comfort and technical reasons. I totally understand that this gives consumer the leeway to customize suit tension but guess I’m old school and want to put on suit and not have to adjust it since I don’t know how to.
Apologies if I sound like I’m ranting. I love the Koala brand and am a little frustrated that I haven’t been able to buy suits in a while! Gender bender, Gender Bias, Gender Flex, One of the Girls, Third Sex, Blazing Blade are all designs I like (sans straps).
Anyway, if my pics are of acceptable standard, let me know and I’ll send more.

The new collection is now online, Hallelujah!!!!

Hi Koalaswim.com Lovers

I wanted to let you know all the new swimsuits, fetish wear, transformation suits, new Compression sport tights and even a cool new toy in the male chastity section has all been added to


This might just be our hottest new collection ever! Sorry it took so long but I think you will agree it was worth the wait.


If you don’t see the new suits: Please refresh your browser.


Michael David


Jack in spandex. New suit update.

We are still plugging along working hard to get all the new designs online this week. I think it is going to happen.


Here are some photos of our friend Jack sharing some very hot spandex shots with all of us. The suit is Koala but the tights are not. I have not asked him but the tights appear to be women’s tights. Even still his cock and ass look amazing in them.

IMG_0037 IMG_0198 IMG_0804 IMG_0805


It’s Busy Busy! Also today is the last day to get the Newsletter sale suits. New photo!


We are working hard to get all the new designs online this week and I am keeping my fingers crossed it gets done. It is out of my hands and into the very capable hands of Carlos our long time webmaster.
I received a few requests to see me wearing the new tights so I thought I would post a photo. I can’t believe how much fun they are to wear. This photo is one of the male to female transformation tights with a total pussy look front. The feel is amazing and the look totally realistic.



Guys thanks for sending in your photos I will be posting them over the next couple of weeks. Keep them coming to [email protected]

Since February is a short month I decided to offer the Newsletter sale one more day. Today is it.