How is your head looking when wearing micro men’s swimwear?

How is your head looking when wearing micro men’s swimwear?

One of my favorite things about wearing micro swimwear is how the shape of the penis shows through the fabric and this is especially true when it comes to showing off the penis head. Many men myself included have cocks that shrink in the water. In my case it starts off fairly small. Once in a while I like to wear a suit that shows a lot of shaft or cock size using our male enhancement designs but most of the time I prefer to go small. The bulk of the time my shaft is standing straight up all 1” of so but the cool part about many of our swimwear designs is that they were created to have the head bulging against the fabric.  I think showing off a head bulge is very sexy. It is nothing over the top and I am sure most people can see how small you are at least at the time but I just think that the shape of the penis head looks so good pressed into unlined spandex. One of the suits I have been using more and more lately is the Heavy Metal Micro. Once you slide on this design the cock head looks like it has had liquid metal spandex formed over it. Being very reflective it shows itself off very well. I was at the pool the other day wearing it and talking to some neighbors. A number of times I caught them looking at my shiny pouch with my protruding but not over the top head showing through. Do you enjoy showing off this part of your cock? Does it turn you on to show off just the penis head?

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The new summer collection update.

We should have the entire stock of new designs here at our warehouse before the end of the week. I think we are only missing a couple suits in one size each. That means we are real close. We did the photo shoot in two sessions last week. We had to break it up to two because one of the models took a couple Viagra’s and mixed it with some cold medicine and passed out right at the start of the shoot. He is OK and he came back to shoot the huge 2” plug designs on Friday. The other models were not anal skilled as he was. There is always a little drama going on during a shoot but we got all the shots we needed and they are looking good. I hope to get them all up by the Weekend. My fingers are crossed.

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Here is another shoot of my trying on a suit from the new collection.

Blending In with my tiny swimsuit a rare full body photo of me!

Blending in

Saturday was a fantastic beach day, got to the beach late and decided I just wanted to blend in so I picked the most crowded spot on the beach almost all girls in bikinis and thongs. Felt just like one of the girls in my tiny thong. It is not that I felt any less of a man but I felt like I fit in. It is funny how more and more people set up right around me and that they were all girls or couples. Sometimes it is nice not to have a bunch of teenage guys around you. They rarely say anything but it is so much more relaxed around the girls. With my tiny penis I think I would blend in better in the girl’s locker room too.

Sorry no real models but here is a rare full body shoot of me in one of the upcoming new suits.

Grooming and micro men’s swimwear



I have talked about grooming our private parts many times but I still get a ton of e-mails asking about it. One question pops up more than any, how do I get the hair off my balls. There are four ways. Have the hair laser removed. I have done this and I can say from experience that it hurts but it is effective, it is also expensive and needs to be done a number of times. It does not get rid of it all so over time you will need some of the other methods too. Have your balls waxed. Waxing the balls also hurts but after being done a few times you get used to it. The most important issue is to find someone who is very experienced doing men. There are many more people waxing men now-a-days.  Tweeze them.  It hurts a little but is very effective. It does take a lot of time and it is much more fun if you have a friend do it. If you are super hairy down there it is not a great option. Shave your balls. This might sound scary but I have done it so many times it becomes second nature. Do it in the shower after you are done soaping your body down in hot water. Use a high quality multi blade razor and take your time. Make sure to get it all including the underside and ass hole. I would highly recommend using Tendskin which you can get at Koala Mens Swimwear or at most beauty supply stores.  I would love to see all men shaved but at minimum completely trimmed when wearing micro swimwear.

One more note I recently ordered the Tria Laser and should start soon working on my cock to make it completely hairless all the time. Will post updates.

Short shorts and men’s swimwear cover ups

How far up the ass should they go?

I would love to hear your feelings on this subject.

As I said before we are working on short shorts and I am getting very into it. There are tons of designs on the market from other companies and you might guess ours are going to be as sexy as any shorts you have ever seen. One of the things that motivates me to make hot shorts for men is how great the girls at my gym look wearing their spandex little shorts. I just love the styles that ride so deep in their ass that you can just about see the texture of the skin and where the hole starts. Hey I might be a perv but I am pretty sure that is how many guys see it, I just have a talent for expressing those thoughts in words.

I want shorts for guys that go up the ass as far as physically possible. That is what I would like to see and wear. Just like you had your ass spray painted. I want that kind of fit. Now the question is what kind of fit do you want?

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Here is another photo of me in a new summer design

Trying on the new men’s swimsuits and fetish wear

Friday was our try on all the swim and fetish wear designs with the girls and take photos so I can write the copy day. This is not our photo shoot but me trying on all the designs, making sure all the changes and tweaks are perfect and taking detailed photos of each so I can write all the copy we use on the site. When I am wearing the suits and then looking at the photos it gives me more inspiration for writing inspired copy than if I am looking at hot models wearing them. I think it is about the excitement and fun that I feel every time I slip on a suit and I get to pretend I am a model. The summer collection includes bikinis, extreme Brazilian bikinis, thongs, G-strings and always a nice selection of fetish swimwear/sex wear. Our production is moving along at a great pace and it looks like they will all be online and in stock by the end of June.

I included one shoot of me wearing a new bikini. Sorry we can’t all be modelsJ


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Micro bikini to thong might be my perfect swimsuit

June is just about perfect in LA but not at the beach. We have what is called June gloom which means for the better part of the day our beaches have a marine layer, not every day but often. This is the time of year where it is just great in the valley and I have been taking my lunch by the pool everyday this week. I have been wearing the Heavy Metal Micro Bikini. I figured that since the kids our out of school I would wear a suit that cover at least part of my ass. It covers about 30% of my cheeks but when I am tanning I use it as a thong. The pouch is very small and fits beautifully but the things I like best about this design is how reflective the fabric is, how my penis head pops and the shape is clearly visible and how it looks like liquid metal poured over you. The bikini came in handy today. The entire week I have been the only one out there. Today not five minutes after I grabbed a lounger and changed my micro bikini to a tiny thong a group of girls my guess young collage ones appeared and grabbed the loungers next to me.

I heard a few giggles and my guess is that a few of them snapped photos on their phones to share with friends. Maybe I should tattoo on my ass cheek.

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Men’s bikinis, thongs and G-strings Normal? Newsletter link

Are people getting used to seeing men wearing bikinis, thongs and G-string swimwear?

My thoughts are that since more and more men are wearing these designs at the beaches I visit people are getting used to seeing them and it is just not that big a deal any more, not the same shock value which I think is a very good thing indeed.. In addition I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago just over night but I always make it a point to visit some of the hot hotels pool areas and noticed a number of men wearing bikinis that were not Speedos but real bikinis, some of which I was relatively sure were Koala suits. It was not that long ago when people at the beach saw girls wearing tiny thongs that their jaws would drop. Sure I was never one of those jaw droppers I loved the show of sexuality and body liberation but these girls are no longer subject to disapproving looks, they are just accepted and enjoyed as part of the beach scene. The reason this question came to my thoughts this morning was yesterday while spending a few hours at the beach working on my tan and wearing a micro thong I noticed quite a few families setting up camp all around me. Not one or two but by the time I left there were many younger families with kids playing and parents lounging seemingly with nothing more than a smile for me. There were plenty of other spots for them to spread their out their towels away from the guy wearing almost nothing but it just did not seem to register with them. Could it be that we are finally moving into new territory?  I have noticed for years and have blogged about it in the past that women of all ages have no issues plunking their stuff down right next to me, my guess with that is they figure I am gay and will not bother them which in my case is at least partly true because I am there to relax, the beach being one of my favorite parts of the planet. I love the fresh air coming in right off the ocean it cleanses and rejuvenates me.  Let me know your feelings about the beach, lake and other places you have been seen wearing your spandex swimwear and what sort of response if any positive or negative you have recently had.


Here is the link to the June newsletter.