My swimsuit search, the weekend, my backside

Searching for a new summer suit has got my juices flowing for new thong, bikini and string bikini ideas. I have about six new ideas for suits I have the girls working on right now. The design I used this weekend at the beach was the Streamline. Awesome suit. Tiny micro bikini rear that sucks up deep into your ass to become a true micro thong. Full covered but ultra micro front pouch that just barely holds my cock. Thin strap between the legs connecting the base of the pouch which ends right at the balls to the bottom of the micro bikini. It leaves the total area between the legs exposed. I loved the way the suit fit and the way it looked on me. The police patrol the beach heavily on holiday weekends and pasted by me on truck and ATV’s at least 30 times. The guys on ATV’s came in for a very close look the first time but I must of passed their fashion test. I would say the bikini rear exposes at least 80% of my full ass cheeks but it still felt like enough coverage compared to the micro g-string I normally wear that I felt fine walking to the water on the very crowded beach. A group of young teenage Asian girls walked by and out came their cell phone cameras. The girl laying near by thought it was the funniest thing ever. She told me that I am now a star

Was looking at some photos today and found this one of a rear shoot of me. Not the suit I was wearing but I like the shoot. Anyone out there willing to spank my backside?

Mens swimwear

It is fun trying on suits and photo shoot

I have been trying on suits in my spare time the last couple days. Forgot how many hot designs there are and how much fun it is to try on suits just for the fun of it. I think I have gone through about fourteen designs and have narrowed it down to five or so. Need to do a big time mirror check to see which suits look best on my ass. They all look good up front, an advantage of having a small penis. I am guessing that I will end up with three or more designs that I will rotate and wear all summer long.

Live photo shoot at KMC on Thursday at 6:00PM PST

Mens swimwear

Semi Busted for wearing a Micro

Talk about a waste of tax payer money. I spent a couple hours at the beach on Sunday wearing my typical Slut Micro. Funny thing was I saw a guy with a great thong tan line at the gym shower in the morning and decided I wanted that look again but I would need to wait until Monday to pick a new design for this summer. My tan line is so small you can barely make out the strap lines and the tan goes right to the top of the shaft in front. After seeing him I though yes a statement style tan might be more fun to walk around naked in. Back to the beach. I never hear anything negative from anyone when I am laying out wearing micros but Sunday I thought I heard some asshole say to his wife look at that fucking guy. Not sure he was talking about me but not a very nice thing to say when people including kids are around. Just a vulgar person no matter who the comment was aimed at. They left the beach and ten minutes later a police helicopter was circling me. My face was covered and I thought they were looking for someone in the water but after a few minutes I looked up and they hit their siren. I had to think about it for a few seconds because the beach police had pasted by me a number of times like always and like always never said a word. I decided to slip on a bikini I always have with me and they flew away. Not sure if you have any idea how much it cost to fly a multi millon dollar turbine helicopter but I am sure that little ordeal was in the high hundreds. What an amazing waist of tax dollars. People wonder why California is the poster child for the nation when it comes to mismanagement of our budget. Take this stupidity and times it by millions and you have your answer.

Mens swimwear

Beautiful micro beach day and more crazyness

Took off a little early yesterday (I made the hours up by working until midnight..not all fun and play) to spend some time at the beach. Amazing day. There were a handful of people on the beach. No guys in anything close to a micro but me. THere was a very nice looking mother/daughter combo both wearing g-strings with string backs as small as mine(ass exposed as it should be) and the daughter went topless for a while. We were all bunched together and we chatted it up. Turns out the were here from Italy. As we talked their husbands joined us both wearing Euro style spandex shorts. Funny how me wearing a suit so small it would shock the shit out of a mid westerner did not even garner a comment. They joined in the conversation. I hooked them up with some of my favorite non tourist restaurants and some great day trip ideas. The younger girl was even brave enough to take a dip in the water with me. New friends and a very nice day.

Worked today on the ass stretcher style suit. Got a few comments about a plug for the open area since these units force open your hole and keep it opened. I tried one today and it is amazing but the company does not offer a plug to close it up. That said it could easily be closed with a rubber cork. I tried a number of other exciting products that we will be adding to Koala!

Mens swimwear

I would love to see you in extreme swimwear maybe less.

You guys have all seen me and I would love to see you.
KMC had one of the best Free photo areas for guys to post their extreme swimwear and other crazy shoots. I talked to Carlos at KMC last week and asked him why it was removed.
He told me they had a problem with the carrier but they would be coming back with an even better FREE product. I just received this e-mail with a link and posted some photos of myself. Hope you like them and I hope you post your photos/videos or both!



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Have you ever posted photos on the KMC Users site? If so we need you to re-post your photos and make everyone real happy by adding more of your sexy self.  The all new and easy to use section is KMC Profiles. You can be as nice or nasty as you like. Post your extreme swimwear photos, male chastity shots, nudes or whatever turns you on. This is a completely FREE section and you do not need to be a member to post. If you have never posted photos, what are you waiting for? Share the wealth. We want to see and yes you will get to see everyone else. Do it now! It only takes a few minutes, it’s free, easy and you will be a star at KMC!

Would you try extreme for mens swimwear or male chastity this wild?

We not only push the limits of mens swimwear we stretch them. I am working on a suit as you read this that will include an metal anal stretcher. This part of the swimsuit would be machined to work with the suit. There is a company near ours that actually makes anal stretchers in many sizes and I think we will be offering them on are site. They are amazing , they stretch open the hole and are inserted like a small dildo but are open in the center so you can see inside. We are trying to make one that will work with spandex straps and be the focal point and pleasure point of a very wild design. Would you try something that wild. Speaking of wild there are many things I have not tried but some of you might have.  Let me know if you have ever tried these Urethral Sound things that go inside and up your shaft. How does that feel? Does it hurt? We are thinking about offering male chastity cages that have these built in. Very extreme indeed!

Mens swimwear

Spandex Fetish and hair?

Spandex fetish


Would love to hear your thoughts on spandex and how it feels on your body. Spandex for me is part visual the way the fabric looks when it wraps around my cock and my ass. It is also physical and about how it feels against my skin in fact against all my body parts it touches. Spandex has a way of always being stimulating. It gets me hard every time I slip on a bikini, thong or G-string in that respect it is better than Viagra. The arousal for me happens so fast, I’m not sure I have ever been to the beach or hanging out around the pool without getting wet. When the spandex comes into contact with my body it happens every time. Does the feel of spandex Lycra swimwear affect you the same way? Has it always been that way for you?. When I was younger I would get very wet to the point that the precum would cover my bulge. Funny now I long for that innocent feeling of arousal.

Hair or not.

Most readers know my feelings about body hair. I like the no hair what so ever for the entire pubic area. I enjoy the comments I get from people who see my very tan skin and realize most men are covered with hair where my tan line resides. What is your take on body hair? Since I have been lifting harder I now completely shave the hair on my chest and tummy Smooth from top to bottom though I do keep trimmed hair on my legs. What look do you like to see on men? What look do you like for yourself?

Mens swimwear

New Koala newsletter, Sale suits and your newsletter answers

The May newsletter just came out last night and it is a good one. Lots of questions for the readers,  the answers I will be posting in the blog and some great sale suits. If you hav a minute take a read!

One of the quetions is about the NO NO hair remover. Since we are all getting ready for summer I thought hair removal would be a good subject.

Hi there,

I ordered and tried this hair removal device and did not like it. It is simply a small heating element that pulses and may or may not contact the hair as you move it along the skin area to be treated. It is simply a random pulse and just seams to burn the hair if and when it comes in contact. I found it very time consuming, doesn’t glide along the skin very well and limited at targeting hair in areas where the skin is not completely flat. Tried it for several days and sent it back. As i am one who likes, the look and feel of a bald cock, i had several hair removal treatments to rid my cock, balls, and ass of all pubic hair using laser hair removal. The results were instant and i needed about 5 treatments at a total cost of about $1500.00 and i am very happy with the results and have been completely hair free for 3 years now. So i do not recommend the “ NO-NO” system.

Did you wear Speedos? do you still wear them?

I credit Speedo swimwear with getting me into wearing bikinis and smaller suits. The memory of how my first Speedo felt is a vivid one. I most likely would have never become involved with designing men’s swimwear if I never got up the courage to slip on my first Speedo. I know in many parts of the world and even in many parts of the USA the Speedo and other brief style swimsuits are standard fare for men but growing up in Los Angeles with our surfer beach scene the transition from board shorts to Speedos was a huge step. I remember the first time I wore a Speedo it was around girls I was friends with. Lucky for me they all liked the way Speedos looked on me. Things might have been very different if I first used my Speedos around my guy friends. When you are young your friend’s opinions carry a lot of weight. As we get older we really do get wiser and we no longer need to justify our style with others. I wanted to thank the Speedo company for making suits that turned me on so. I know there are Speedo forums and Speedo groups so I am part of a much larger contingent of men and women who enjoy them. Speedos are no longer my choice for style but with the Olympics  coming soon I still find it very exciting to watch all the men and women swimmers from around the world competing and yes wearing those hot body forming tight fitting wonderful spandex creations.


What is going on?

No doubt Koala designs are all about showing off the male form in one state or another. Yes we have suits that feminize men but we have them because many men crave that look. On the other extreme we offer swimwear that is designed to show the male form in all its aroused glory. I bring this up because I watched an interesting interaction between many men and women of all ages and male exotic dancers wearing little jockstraps and nothing else. Let me set this up for you. Bourbon Street, New Orleans about midnight last Friday. A large crowd of what I would guess intoxicated to very intoxicated men and women from their early twenties to their early eighties and every age in between. They were all watching the men dance. Many of the women were going crazy and I would say 99% had huge smiles on their faces. The men watching were all smiles too. Lots of thumbs up and to my amazement no negative comments. It must be true that it takes a little liquid courage for some people to let their inhabitations relax and enjoy the male form. Maybe I read it wrong but it seems like when people loosen up they can let themselves enjoy the beauty that is all around them. I know it is different in other cultures but seeing that gave me a glimmer of hope that we can move in the right direction here in the USA.

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