Amazing beach day Nude for winter



Yes it is winter but in LA  never know what you might get this time of the year. Yesterday I took off a half day and since it was so beautiful I decided to take a run over to the beach. I figured if it was to cool to relax in the sun I could still enjoy the fresh sea air which is one of my favorite things to do. When I arrived I was surprised to see many other people had the same idea. It was a cool 72 out almost perfect. Stripped down to my micro and enjoyed the sun, the breeze and the sound of the waves.  Not more than thirty minutes after I arrived I saw a couple walk on to the beach not too far from me. I noticed he was holding a large camera, his gear looked pro. The girl with him was extremely hot. Great face and it looked like a great body. A second later she dropped her wrap and exposed her sexy black bikini. To my surprise and delight not much more than a minute later she peeled off her top and her bottoms and preceded to pose completely nude for her photographer friend.  She was on the beach but not much more than a few feet from the boardwalk and all the expensive beach condos. What a beautiful thing to be able to show your body off with such confidence.  See only modeled for about ten minutes, slipped her bikini back on and they strolled down to the water.  For me that made a good beach day and amazing one.

Men’s Swimwear

Men’s Swimwear Stories

Perfect day and fun guy stuff

Wow we were busy as can be today. My guess is lots of guys will be getting just what they want after Christmas. Don’t forget we are a great place to use your gift cards to get the things you really love and crave!

We received an early Christmas gift in Southern California, the gift of amazing weather. I got to spend my lunch break around the pool in mid 70s perfect sun with just a little breeze. Even with the sun which is not too high in the sky this time of year I can still enhance that wonderful little micro bikini tan line in just an hour.

Men’s Swimwear

Swimwear, sex wear, erotic wear. Displaying the penis to perfection



What motivates me to make the most extreme men’s swimwear, the most erotic sex wear i.e. men’s lingerie and the wildest erotic spandex is all about displaying the penis to perfection.  The male form is magnificent and as far as I am concerned the penis one of our body parts that makes us most male is just not put on the pedestal it should be. I both enjoy and delight in the fact that my work at Koala centers around showing off the beauty of the penis. Could you call it cock worship? Maybe.  Come to think of it that would be the perfect name for one of the designs I am working on. I am working now on an erotic cock display/sex suit based on the Furious Lover. I have a blast wearing that design and my brain is programed to think of ways to enrich or change the experience. If you are not a Koala customer one thing you need to know is all of our designs are about the experience. I asked the girls to add a shaft sleeve to the design, one that still fully exposed the head and is a little tight. The design worked beautifully. It was just a little difficult to push my cock through the sleeve being as tight as it was but once through I was instantly hard and stayed that way without any additional stimulation. We talked about the design while I had it on and decided that even though the suit is a one size adjustable design we would offer it in two sizes. One exactly the same as the first sample and the second with a larger width shaft sleeve for guys with bigger shafts.  We are shooting to have the new designs out late February but it might spill into March.

Mens Swimwear

Working on swimwear and shorts

I am really getting into wearing a creating mini shorts as combination for workout and hot swimwear.  When we work on new designs they do not always end up the way we envisioned them. The new Blush Shorts have been very good sellers so I thought we would do something like that in hot red wet look almost rubber like spandex. I wanted them even more extreme in the rear showing just a little more ass.  When I tried them on last week they were so tight (I know I did not gain that much weight in my ass) and the front pouch seemed to disappear. One of the girls said I looked like a “Hermosa Chica” in English that means sexy girl. My butt looked huge and my cock bulge was completely hidden, not the look we were going for. I will be trying on the new designs later this week and the girls were sure they know how to fix the problem and would have it just right by Thursday.

Swimwear of an erotic nature

Over the next handful of posts I will talk about some of the new designs we are working on. I can say this of the first eight new swimwear styles that I tried on four were just absolutely perfect and ready to go into production.  I love keeping the girls busy all year long. One of the ways we create new designs is to base them off of really hot sellers and one of the first designs I sent over was another take on The Fire Starter.  The Fire Starter took off from day one and even though it was a completely new creation I knew we could do other fun things with it. It helped that customers sent me e-mails asking about doing a Fire Starter in a completely sheer fabric. The bronze sheer fabric we have been using on styles as diverse as the Pierced and The Micro Dagger Caged Fury seemed like the perfect choice. I tried it on and was blown away. It looked like the fabric was spray painted onto my cock. Everyone thought the design looked beautiful. As it turned out the sheer fabric did not have quite the stretch of the fabric we used on the Fire Starter so the girls need to make another pattern with a slightly longer shaft sleeve. Even my little cock was trying to force its way through the fabric!

Mens Swimwear

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Disneyland or trying on new swimwear designs?

Trying on new suits is like going to Disneyland. I just love doing it. A day like today is the most fun I have at work because this was the first time trying on new spring 2014 designs.  I make sure to get all ready for the girls, so my body is a clean slate. I make sure there is not one hair on my body except my legs. There is not a pubic hair to be found on front or rear. The cock is as clean as can be and since I am bending over quite a bit for them to check fit and see how the rear is along with them checking and marking when the fit is not perfect I need to make sure the rear is completely clear or as I say smooth, soft and clean enough to eat off of. There are times when the girls are discussing fit that I am spread eagle and they have my ass cheeks spread wide so they can see everything going on with the suit. Though not overtly sexual I am being poked, moved around and manipulated non-stop, my cock is dripping wet the entire time or as the girls say it is crying.  I want everything looking nice and since they will take a mirror to show me a change they want to make while the suit is on I know exactly the view they have. My fittings are a great workout! Next post I will talk about new designs.

Mini shorts and men’s plug swimwear

Mini shorts and men’s plug swimwear


Let’s start off with men’s plug swimwear. Since it is almost winter and cold as can be in most of the USA and Europe I am guessing the reason we are selling so many of our plug style suits, designs with butt plugs and designs with built in hole stretchers at a pace even greater than we were doing this summer must be that like me you use your plug suits for much more than swimming. These designs are great fun as foreplay wear for sex and nasty panties for under your clothes you wear to work. Can you imagine how much fun would it be to get anal stretched through-out your next business meeting or while working with a customer! I can’t think of a more erotic holiday gift to give yourself it you have not tried one yet. This also must be the season of the mini short shorts. The three new styles we added The Deep Penetrating short shorts, The Ice Man and The Blush shorts are selling amazingly well. Most customers order all three but I would say that for men choosing just one style to try the Deep Penetrating Short Shorts have been the most popular. I have been wearing the Deep Penetration Shorts to swim at my gym without any problems. A friend of mine that swims there was asked to wear more when he had on a thong and a micro bikini which is strange because I see girls swimming everyday some wearing very small string bikinis without a care in the world and no one say a word to them. That said I think it is sexy being able to wear these shorts that do show a fair amount of exposed cheer at a very busy gym. It makes swimming laps much more exciting.

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Hair removal update and a great idea.


We are having a touch of winter here like most of the country. It is cold as can be. No thoughts of going out in a bikini today but I have worked a little on my laser hair removal. So far the results seem good but I am just a couple weeks into what should take about three months. I am using the Tria home laser unit and I can tell from the amount of pain that it is similar at least on the highest setting to the lasers they use in doctor’s offices. A customer sent me an idea he did in Photoshop combining a pair of the new Blush shorts and adding to it the pouch from the Cock Art suit. I think it looks fantastic and we are going to give it a try. It might be too difficult to do but we will give it the old collage try.

Men’s Swimwear

One more beach day. More attitude change and gift ideas.




We had a couple nice beach days Saturday and Sunday. I went down to the Venice boardwalk Saturday and walked around with friends enjoying the amazing people show. The weather was wonderful about 70 degrees. I noticed just a few people actually on the beach. Sunday I decided to get a little by myself down time at the beach so I hit the gym and then had a couple hours of nice beach time. December beach time is always a great gift. The rest of the week is going to be cold, at least LA cold. When I got down there I was one of just a few and we were all far away from each other. It was peaceful with just the runners and walkers going by. Within an hour there were moms and kids on each side of me. I was tanning wearing a thong butt side up when they camped out within a couple yards on each side of me. My thought about it was totally positive. With all that space they had no problem setting up shop right next to the guy with the tan exposed ass. To me it is a sign of attitude change. What do you think?


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