More mainstream Ass spark swimwear designs


It seems like every other swimsuit style our customers order have a butt plug or an Ass Spark with it. Is it possible plug suits are becoming mainstream? The number one thing men tell me when thinking about ordering one is that they have never tried anything like it. I love customers like this because I know once they see how wonderful these suits feel we are going to get them hooked (I mean plugged).


June gloom has been around our beaches all week long but I looked online at Santa Monica Friday afternoon and decided I needed to head down there. I was not the only one. There were a number of guys and girls in thongs. There were also a few girls right around me wearing very revealing Brazilian bikinis with about 50% plus ass showing. It was wonderful and clear and the water was finally warm. Warm for SoCal it never gets Hawaii warm.  It hope we get a ton of guys in skimpy suits this weekend I know I will be one of them!


Men’s swimwear

Bad Boy and exposed clit

I was bad yesterday. It was so beautiful out I just had to run down to the beach and cut out of work early. It was breezy and beautiful with just a handful of people. This time I was the only one in the area wearing a micro suit but with things starting to heat up I expect to see plenty of men and women wearing close to nothing this weekend at Venice.  You can actually see girls walking on the Venice boardwalk wearing thongs and Brazilian bikinis. I’m so jealous I wish I had the balls to do that. Speaking of balls here are a couple photos of me trying on a new bikini. This one is based off the best selling “One of the Girls” fem suit. Nice full rear coverage and you can see my exposed clit.  It can also be used without any of the extra skin being exposed up front. Just packed away with a complete vagina look.

Mens Swimwear




Happy Shorts


I am not sure what the real name of this design is going to be but the first thing that pops into my mind when slipping on a pair of short shorts with a built in butt plug option is happy shorts! These should be available late July.

The newsletter sale is still on for one more week. Make sure to take a look if you have not seen the June newsletter yet.


I would love to hear what you think about the new blog format

I spent hours today with changing this blog over to a new platform. I was perfectly happy with the old one but they decided to stop the service the end of this month. Since I like doing this blog I needed to find a solution. We got it all changed over except for 2009 and some 2010 posts which we will figure out how to do over the next week or so. I like the way it came out but would love to hear what you guys think.

New swimwear info

I tried on all the Late Summer 2014 swimsuits, fetish spandex and short shorts today. There are fourteen new designs and each and everyone is beyond perfection if that is even possible. I have a few pictures I will share in future posts. We are targeting late July for the introduction. I feel like I was gang banged this morning since half of the new designs have butt plug or Ass Spark options. Needless to say there was ample penetration over the two hour period we were working with the designs. By the time we were finished I was satisfied in more ways than one!  

Mens swimwear

New Koala designs and the June Koala Newlstter

Hi guys and girls I hope that your June is starting off nice and warm. Like usual it is burning up here at Koala but just about eighteen miles away it is beautiful at the beach.  Too bad it takes so long to travel those miles in our traffic!

I am scheduled to try on all the new designs on Friday. These all should be the finished ready for production samples. Half of them are actually already well into production and I hope on Friday the girls give me some info on when the complete collection will be ready to go. If we have time I will take pictures of me wearing the suits and post some of them. I do this so I can reference them when I write the copy and name the designs that and it is fun to do!


Thought I would also post a link to the June Koala Newsletter. We are only doing the newsletter every other month.