New swimwear info

I tried on all the Late Summer 2014 swimsuits, fetish spandex and short shorts today. There are fourteen new designs and each and everyone is beyond perfection if that is even possible. I have a few pictures I will share in future posts. We are targeting late July for the introduction. I feel like I was gang banged this morning since half of the new designs have butt plug or Ass Spark options. Needless to say there was ample penetration over the two hour period we were working with the designs. By the time we were finished I was satisfied in more ways than one!  

Mens swimwear

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  1. You would have been proud of me Michael! I wore one of my Koala g stings at one of the big Vegas strip Hotel pools. Heard a few snickers here or there but noticed the girls didn’t seem to mind 🙂 I spoke at length to a lovely older women from Scotland who didn’t even seem to notice my exposed and tanned ass. Good time!

  2. Definitely something I’d love to see as well! Mike you getting my emails?

    I have not received any lately?

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