New idea for a swimsuit design.

I was trying on some swimsuits the other day and decided to take a few styles to the beach to take some shoots for my Instagram account. Even though I don’t have many followers yet, I find it fun and exciting posting shoots of my nearly naked body for everyone to see. BTW it’s Michaeldavid766.

One of the suits I grabbed was an Evil Angel, a design that is discontinued though we still offer in some sizes. It is been years since I had that design on and two things hit me right away. First the pouch was one of the smallest bulge style pouches we offer and two wearing this design could make my tan-line even smaller. The cool thing was once I got home and viewed the photos I realized that this design not only fit extremely well I really liked the way it looked on my body. The only change I would make is to add a smaller thong rear like the suit I normally wear. As quickly as that thought came into my mind it was followed by “hey foolish boy you can do that” The next design I give to the girls after they have completed the mini collection of four new designs will be this one. I have a sample of the suit on my desk with a sample of the one that I want to use the rear from and I am leaning towards going with white but feel free to add your color choices.

One, two, Three Black Thongs in a row.

How times have changed. The other day I was doing my thing at the beach wearing a tiny black thong. When I arrived there were few people out three but in the matter of an hour or so there were quite a few. There was a large group of ladies that seemed to be having some sort of meeting by the water they were dressed in summer clothes but not swimsuits. To my left was an older guy maybe in his sixties but in amazing shape wearing a little black thong that looked just like mine! To my left was another guy maybe in his thirties or forties also with an amazing body and strange enough wearing a tiny black thong that looked just like mine. I noticed some of the ladies taking pictures of us with their phones. Thongs in a row like that must be some sort of perfect harmony. Even cooler than that was the girls all around us in Brazilian cut suits and thongs but not one other guy wearing a surf short style swimsuit. I would love to see that on a really busy day. A dream come true all the guys in bikinis, micro shorts, thongs, G-strings and maybe a cock shaped suit or two to make it nirvana.

Men’s Swimwear

Feeling Sexy

Feeling Sexy

I played a little hooky yesterday and hit the beach for an afternoon of fun. The water is so warm and the sun was great. Summer is almost over and soon the beach will be relatively empty but for now there are still lots of beautiful bodies to be seen even mid-week. I took a handful of suits with me and my selfie stick. I wanted to get some shoots to post on my Instagram account. Michaeldavid766

It was so much fun changing into different micro suits without anyone that I know of catching me. I figure being totally naked for a minute or two gets less attention then if I wrapped and towel around me each time to change suits. I pranced around wearing a Spicy Girl which is so much fun. I even got some shoots at the lifeguard tower. My suit of the day is the Man Power and I found that wearing it while playing in the surf provides some funny moments. It turns out that the fabric holds in water similar to a water balloon and as I was getting out of the water I didn’t notice that my pouch was engorged with it. It honestly looked like I was packing a huge 12” cock! Right before I noticed my huge bulge a couple ladies walked by staring at me and whispering to each other. My guess is they were chatting about my huge cock, if they only knew the truth:-)

All in all it was a very sexy afternoon trying on different suits and taking selfies.

Men’s swimwear

Fun with a new MTF suit

One of the new designs going into products is a sleek white G-string style male to female transformation swimsuit/lingerie. The big difference with this particular design is there are no adjustments just slip it on and there is no more cock showing. What is showing is a perfect little vagina. How perfect you might ask? I was trying on what turned out to be our production sample today and while I was modeling it for the ladies one of them said something in Spanish to the other. I asked what it was and they just giggled. With a little more prompting I was told that I looked like a pretty girl and pointed to how flat the front was nothing to show but my little lips ala camel toe.  I thanked her and said that was exactly the look I was going for.

Quick question

Do any of you boys out there ever wear a compression tank top one that fits so tight that if you use it while wearing a thong it looks like you are wearing a one piece ladies swimsuit? I have been on a Keto diet and when I hit the next mark I’m going to the beach in that combo. From the car to the sand and maybe even a run down a busy beach wearing it!

The September Newsletter and Sale is on now!

Koala September Newsletter

The new swimwear designs have all been amazing sellers this summer but here are a handful of the best of the best sellers! I’m happy to say we sell our swimwear creations all over the world converting men from all cultures into spandex freaks and it’s always summer somewhere in the world!

Black Diamond is an ultra-hot scrunch butt style bikini that will rock the beach all year long. So far it is the number one new seller.

Male Man is a very close 2nd and it is my personal favorite. I love the color and the way the rear is cut to show off a lot of ass cheek. It is also a scrunch butt rear design.

Crafty Girl is a new male to female transformation style thong with our new deep cut front that shows lots of lip but no penis at all. Exceptionally hot!

Princess Sheer Shorts-Sheer shorts have always been great selling designs for us after all Koala is about showing more skin than anyone else does and in more unique ways. The Princess Sheer Shorts are way up on the list of crazy wild styles. They are femme on an insane level. One look will make you a believer.

Palm Springs and the surrounding areas like Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs and Rancho Mirage might just be some of the best places on the planet to wear micro swimsuits. Size really does not seem to matter there. I was there for a long weekend recently and it seems at most places you can wear as little as you like as long as the penis is covered and the girls need to cover their breasts. Showing ass seems to be fair game and no one seems to be bothered by it, how many places can you say that about?

I’m now on Instagram!  Michaeldavid766

It took some nudging from a friend but I’m finally on. It’s going slowly but surely. I will do my best to post candid shots of myself.

I’m already working on new designs but I wanted to tell you about one in particular that I am trying to get the girls to make for a stand-alone introduction. This is something we rarely do but I am so excited about this new design that we need to get it done so I can use it! In nutshell it is a new take on our popular Diablo line of suits. We already have a name for it: The Diablo Toolbox. It will be a Diablo style penis display/sex play suit but it will be able to handle and hold in place butt plugs of many shapes and sizes along with the option of using one of our many popular custom anal stretcher plugs. It would be able to handle 2” plugs all the way up to giant 3.5” plugs. Diablo suits have always been wonderful tools for fucking. They keep your penis nice and hard along with being perfectly positioned. Adding the different plug options will be amazing but there is more to the concept. Many guys want to be able to wear it and at the same time be able to take it up the ass too. The Diablo Toolbox will be able to change from a G-string to a jock strap rear so the hole is completely unencumbered. Since we are going totally insane with this, we are trying to find a way to use it with any of the Ass Spark’s and make them an integral part of the design possibly holding the suit together when using one. It should be crazy with a capital C.

I’m trying to get this one done in time for the holidays.

I have mentioned this before in the newsletter and on  Our new swimwear collections will be presented in much smaller groupings so there will no longer (I hope) be big delays between swimsuit premiers. We are already working on four new designs that are now in production. Two of them new take’s on our best-selling transformation style designs one is an ultra-sexy scrunch butt style micro bikini which will have the smallest coverage scrunch rear. We will offer and the fourth is a form fitting scrunch butt style suit with a small penis shaped pouch which I guarantee will get you wet.

New total cover male chastity devices

These are our exclusive designs that you will not find anywhere else. The first new design that covers both the shaft and balls is the Full metal Jacket which is in stock and on the site right now. We have a number of even more extreme cock and ball full coverage cages that have just been added to the site. These male chastity cages are designed to make sure you keep your hands off the shaft like most cages while now caging the balls and keeping them untouchable too, after all way should they be handled when caged?

A new chastity cage just for the testicles called the Teabagger is now available for you guys that can’t keep your hands off those yummy balls. It is a combination ball cage and ball stretcher that can be used on its own or with many types of male chastity cages. Playing with your jewels is impossible with the Teabagger.

New Micro style male chastity devices

Our new ultra-micro, insanely micro the worlds absolute smallest, there will never be a smaller male chastity device is available now. The name for this bad boy is “Castrate”. The male chastity device of my dreams

It looks like the Castrate Cage is going to be one of our all-time best-selling male chastity devices based on how fast it is flying off the shelves. I’m blown away by how many guys “other than me” that love the male chastity no penis shaft look. Very hot!

New Ass Spark designs are coming and so will you.

We have four new style Ass Sparks which should be online sometime in late September. They are named Ass Spark Tender Kiss, Ass Spark Wet Kiss, Ass Spark French Kiss and Ass Spark All Day. All of these new styles will work with any of our Ass Spark powered swimwear designs along with being incredible fucking and sex gear on their own. The styles will range from the perfect anytime Ass Spark which happens to also be a perfect first-time anal plug/cock ring that any guy can handle all the way up to new challenging sizes for more experienced anal lovers. Stay tuned the photos of them in use should be online soon.

No More Tears is back in stock!

The No More Tears is one of our best-selling combo anal plug-flow through plugs. It’s large, lovely and a totally arousing piece of equipment. We were out of them for almost two months and everyone that ordered one was willing to wait for it, they are that good. Now they are in stock and ready to ship! It is the perfect addition for men who love anal and love quality gear.

Mini-Me triple cock ring cage

I love playing with cock rings as I know many of you do too. One of the biggest challenges is fitting on a small triple cock ring like the Mini-Me. For the average sized penis this is a tight but usable fit. Getting your balls through both rings and then the shaft is worth the work. Once you are in you might just experience the hardest cock you have ever had I know I did, harder than those rock-hard erections you had as a teen.  Take a look at the photos of this one and see how hard you can get. We all know how many fun things you can do with an extremely hard cock. 1.75”x1.5”x1.25”.  P.S. when using a tight three ring cage you want to slip one ball through at a time followed by the shaft. You might need to add lube to get it all to slide in such a small cage. It sounds like fun!

Penis Plugs are taking off and that’s great since wearing one under a tiny swimsuit will always have the desired effect.  You can clearly see the portion of the plug that is at the penis tip through just about any micro suit, shorts and even tights. It is an added dimension for those of us who love the attention.

Sissy Tights are coming. These are a new concept that I promise will be fun to wear and that you will look beautiful in them. We have been shopping tight manufactures for female style tights that I feel will be the perfect addition when wearing any of our transformation designed suits. I personally have tested over a dozen styles of tights while wearing a Clever Girl and the result is as dramatic as it is perfect. They are completely female from anyone’s viewpoint including your own. Zero percent chance of seeing a hint of penis. I would love to hear what you are looking for in femme style tights as far as styles go. I seem to prefer the high waisted ones. I like that they completely slim down my little belly and it is easy to turn the waist band down if I choose a lower cut look the third benefit is they go way up my ass just like when you see the girls in them. I also like the ones that fit like they are painted on. The Sissy Tights are something that will be happening fairly soon maybe mid to late

There are days when a Tango Cum Dam is a must. We all have those highly sexed days where from the moment your penis touches spandex it is off to the pre-cum races. The Tango is the perfect tool to keep you from spreading that tasty pre-cum all over you little swimsuit, micro shorts or tights when you are in public keep the love is flowing not showing.

September “All Over the Place” Sale! Great deals, but don’t wait too long some of the items are almost out and once they are gone, they will be removed from the sale. There are some new blowout suits too. Make sure to take a look at the male chastity devices on sale. We even have an anal stretcher on sale, something we have never done before. We are trying to get you hooked on the fun!

Note About future sales: years ago, we had a sale every month and over the last few years it has been every other month. We love getting suits that are over stocked or leaving production out there for you to enjoy at sale prices but we just don’t have enough stock to do it as often any more. It looks like we will run a handful of sales each year and though I’m not sure yet but the September Newsletter Sale might be the last one this year.

Koala September Newsletter Sale: Sale and Blowout Prices as low as $14.00!  Sale $19.00 Sale $21.00 Sale $22.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $20.00  Sale $16.00 Sale $18.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $21.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $22.00 Sale $18.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $22.00 Sale $22.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $21.00 Sale $21.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $17.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $18.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $19.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $20.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $17.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $17.00 Sale $17.00 Sale $18.00 Sale $18.00 Sale $17.00 Sale $15.00

Male Chastity, Plugs and more! Sale $29.00 Sale $39.00 Sale $16.00 These are never on sale but we want to get you hooked on the fun! Sale $39.00 Sale $39.00 Sale $39.00 Sale $39.00 Sale $22.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $14.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $16.00 Sale $14.00  Sale $39.00 Sale $39.00 Sale $35.00 Sale $35.00 Sale $26.00 Sale $28.00 Sale $28.00 Sale $28.00

Personal Note

It’s so easy to smile.

It’s amazing how a well-timed smile can change your day and those around you. Some lucky people seem to look like they are smiling and happy all the time. Others like me are often happy but we have what is referred to as RBF or resting bitch face. For guys like me it is worth practicing smiling more often. It seems like such a little thing but it will make people around you feel better and it makes us feel better too. It is easy to do even if we are not naturals at it. A little practice goes a long way. Think about how good you feel when someone just randomly smiles at you know it feels good. Spread the joy.


Michael David

New style

New none adjustable G-string style male to female transformation designs.

One of the four new styles going into production is one many guys have asked us for. This style is none adjustable pussy-look similar to the Clever Girl Front but in a G-string rear. There are no adjustable straps which leaves very clean lines. It made sense to me so we worked on it and got it perfect. Your man pussy is on the way:-)