not working hard at all:-)

I have been in New Orleans the last few days having a great time. It is my first time here. Great city, amazing people watching and the Jazzfest is awesome.

Will be back to creating wild bikinis, thongs and g-strings starting Monday. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Hope to draw inspiration from my visit.

Mens swimwear

Up or down tell me about your shaft!

Most of the Koala designs are for shaft facing down with some penis pointing into fabric and and just a handful are for wearing shaft up. I am working on new designs and since we have hired more people our production is going great. The girls are asking for new designs all the time. Wondering if there is demand out there for thongs, bikinis and g-strings that feature the shaft up look.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

Mens swimwear

Such a cute men’s swimsuit

This as yet un-named design is just so cute I thought I would share the photo of me in it.
We made one sheer in the last collection and had many guys asking for a solid suit. I like the way this design shows just a bit of balls but in my opinion can still be used at the beach for sun bathing. What do you think?  This design will be out with our May collection.

Mens swimwear

Could use your help..check out this post

I was doing some search work on the web when I came across this post on a major site.
It said “most disturbing mens swimwear” you could google that but I added a link to it.

My thought is any press on a major site is great but I’m sure if the same shot was of a woman the feedback might have been different.

If you have a minute check it out and if you feel the urge comment on it.

Post here to let me know what you think about it.


Mens swimwear

Name that tune..naming swimwear and fetishwear

One of the most creative thought processes for me is coming up with names for swimwear, fetish wear and sex wear designs. Next to designing suits and trying them on it is one of my duties I enjoy most. We get tons of people asking where and how do we come up with our crazy suit names. One of the main reasons I have photos taken of me wearing each design is to help me name the style and write the copy for it. Most of the designs almost seem to name themselves. The way the suit feels on, the way the suit makes me feel and the visuals that the suit exudes are all factored into the name.
Thought I would just post this note because I am in the middle of naming new designs.
If you have a new name that really turns you on feel free to post it here. At the very least it will get posted in my brain and you never know it just might end up on a suit!

Mens swimwear

Nothing like those cock shaped pouches

We did a photo shoot this weekend for male chastity devices. While we were doing those shoot s we decided to bring out some of the new designs just to fool around with. We used my penis for the new male chastity devices so when they get posted on next week you will know the cock caged in all those new products. I had lovely Janie helping me with the suits and she got very into it. She fitted on one of the male chastity devices and got so turned on by it she decided to have a little fun at my expense. She left the room where we were doing the shoot and came back a few minutes later wearing latex gloves. She proceeded to finger me, finger fuck me and than massage me until the milk flowed. Some weekends are just so busy with work!
The suits always get me going but one in particular was so much fun. It was a thong cock shaped swimsuit in the new matt black rubberized fabric. The balls and shaft all fit into the pouch that pulls your equipment away from the body. She fluffed me and I was hard in a second. She than pushed it all into the pouch and started sucking again while it was in the pouch. I can’t tell you how good that felt. There are no words to do it justice.

Mens swimwear

Tried it again with great results and take a peek

I have said it before but there is one suit I just can’t wait until summer to wear on a very crowded beach. That is the Secret Temptation. It looks like a narrow cut g-string but if you look at the photos on you can see the panel covering your penis is completely sheer. The balls are help in a solid pouch and all people will think that the pouch holding your balls is holding everything! The sheer pouch holds your shaft which is pushed inside of you so only the head or some cock skin(I like pushing my head in too and folding shaft skin over it)
Looks exactly like part of the fabrics designs. I wore it yesterday around the pool. Being Easter Vacation and very nice out the were a handful of people enjoying the sun. I chatted it up with a few neighbors and none of them knew they were looking at my exposed cock. I know that is a little warped but it turns me on!

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