Happy New Year

We are just wrapping things up at work today. Trying to get all the weekend orders out and make everyone just a little happier for the New Year. I wanted to take a moment to wish all of our Koala customers and all the readers of the Men’s swimwear blog a very happy and very safe New Year. If you are anything like me you have made or are working on a list of things you would like to change, do or experience in 2013. I hope whatever you are looking for comes to be.


Thought I would look through our collection and find a photo I enjoy to post at the end of the year. I am looking forward to 2013 with excitement!

My little guy

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Holiday fun and new swimwear designs

First hope everyone who celebrates the holidays had a great one and the lucky ones who received gifts got what they wanted. Most of the men’s swimwear blog readers are to some degree as twisted as me so it is likely many of the treats you most wanted you will need to get for yourself. No worries we are here to serve

Our new male chastity designs are on their way to us and there are some startling ones.

We are progressing nicely on the 2013 collection of swim and extreme wear. There will be 15 new designs in all and we are shooting for late February. Many have asked so I am posting again that we are working on a 2” custom ass stretcher plug that will work with the Anal Exploration G-string along with a number of new g-strings. This 2” design will be able to handle some larger strap designs that we will be offering. Should be amazing.

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Male lingerie, men’s swimwear, male chastity, helpful clips

It has been so cold here that it is the first full week in a long time that I did not get any micro bikini sun time. I imagine it is the same for most of the readers of this blog unless you are lucky enough to be on your way to a faraway land where it is now summer. Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. You might think less light would not be good for a swimwear company but since so much of what we sell would be considered male lingerie you would be off target. Yes it is cold out but we offer many different designs made to help you heat things up. Nothing like an extremely hard cock wrapped in a spandex cock display to get things boiling. I just received an update on the new male chastity products we have coming in and we just might do a photo shoot a week from today with them

. I did a shoot a long time ago showing how to put on many of the more difficult designs and it was very popular as a free clip on KMC. Not sure what happened to that clip but I wonder if you think that would be helpful to have a clip like that available? 

The Male Chastity Store

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Fluffer search and feedback. Best seller!

We are still busting it on new swimwear designs. They are coming along nicely but I do not have a release date yet. We have a best selling design that has pulled way ahead of the crowd of great selling new designs. We have gone crazy with sales of the Raging Wetness Thong. I would say has it stands right now it is the best selling thong in our entire line of suits. As you can see from the link the fit is just amazing with the balls be shoved into the main pouch with the shaft. Yummy!

I have received many e-mails and a number of posts about using male, female or mixing it up between the two. I am leaning towards switching between male and female. I would like to hear more from you!!

We had an lady come by and try out. I wanted to see her anal skills using plugs. She was amazing and skilled.  She was very gentle getting the hole stretchers and plugs inside of me. She also gave great head.

Male chastity

Which will it be man or women swimwear helper

We always have used a girl helper the last few years. Janie was awesome. She helped the guys put on suits, fetish wear, male chastity designs and even made the ass stretchers, ball crushers and other toys look great for the shoots. She would fluff up the models, stroking, sucking and a few times even using a strap-on to get the guys going. She did it all but unfortunately for us she moved to another state. We are very sorry to see her go but now we are looking for a new person. Many of you are members of KMC the company that does the shoots with us. For those who are not familiar they are a spandex fetish site and even though they share Koala in their name they are a completely separate company. My question today is whould you like to see male or female fluffer/helpers or would you like us to swith off using both male and female. Please let us know what you would rather see.

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We have a couple days of sun and time to try on suits

Cold all weekend and of course we head back to work and it is nice out. Should be mid 70s today and Tuesday. We are in for rain (we need it!) the rest of the week. Think I will slip out and tan for lunch, it is hard to let excellent bikini days slip by this late in the year. Middle of the week my rear should get a work out trying on all the anal insertion style suits. I can’t wait to try on some of the finished male enhancement style pouch designs one of the new designs makes my little cock look Porn star big. Might just call the designs the Porn Star.

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Let you know first newsletter & Mens swimwear sale

Just wanted to let you boys know the Koala December newsletter is going out today but you can get a jump on it by clicking this link! This is a very interesting one because we have more new designs that have never been listed on sale along with interesting info.

Looks like I will finally be able to slip on a micro and get a little sun today. Looks like it will be in the mid 70s almost perfect!

One more thing I am experiment with a new way of showing our male chastity devices and anal toys. If you have a chance to look at the site and let me know what you think about the ease of use it would be greatly appreciated.  Male chastity

Customer swimwear ideas

I get lots of customer ideas and some sound so good I try them right away. The other day I was talking to a customer who has an Up the ass suit and wanted another similar style using the double ball ass hook but wanted the front completely closed like a standard swimsuit. I thought the idea was great and wanted one for myself too. I called it in saying make a front in blue with a pouch like the Streamline, adjustable sides and the rear of the suit kept together with the Anal Challenge 2X. Can’t wait to try that suit on.

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Talking about new men’s swimwear and sex wear

Thursday of this week I spent a couple hours trying on new designs with my design team. It took 40 minutes to get the large plug inside of me. It is 2″ but it is the closest I have come to getting fisted. It is amazing that it is so much work to get in my tight ass but once in it does feel good. Literally two pairs of hands and tons of silicone lube to get it in. You can clamp down around it to keep a good stiff erection. We have created many designs using this larger plug and a few more designs for the smaller Anal Exploration plug. I figured that sex suits would be perfect to work with the larger plug and made a design similar to the Blow Me and one based on the Stimuli. Both are hot! On the other end of the spectrum is the ultra micro suit I am working on and so far the results are great. The fit was perfect but even though the tiny shaft pouch is about half the size of the Secret Temptation I felt we could go even smaller. The girls are blown away by how the design makes your cock disappear into thin air. Adjusted just right and the ball pouches sits just high enough two show off that bulge.

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