The sheer joy of dry body shaving.

This is just a personal choice but it is a choice that I know many of my Koala Brothers are into. I love to be smooth and hair-free every place but my legs which at times I do shave them completely. I have had many sessions of laser hair removal on my pubic area, penis, cheeks and back. I was never super hairy to begin with but now I have very little growth at all. Like many of you, I like to make sure I am silky smooth before slipping on my tiny thong and heading out to the beach. No little hairs on the shaft popping out of my tiny pouch, absolutely hairless around the front pouch area and I love my butt cheeks and even the hole which is often visible to be completely free of hair. For years I have been telling everyone to get in the shower, soap up and use a multi blade razor to get rid of all that hair. After I do that I usually will treat the area with Tend Skin to make sure there are never any red shaving bumps. That systems has always and still does work fantastically well for me but the other day I decided to run off to the beach without any plans to do so and I needed a quick clean-up. With no time to take a shower I decided to try dry shaving and to my surprise it was incredible! I used the same five blade razor cleaning up my chest, cheeks, hole, bikini area and even my entire cock. It was smooth as ever. There are two important things to do and that is make sure where ever you are shaving it is completely dry, super dry and if not I would try putting some baby powder on, the other equally important thing to do is make sure the skin is fully stretched. Pull the skin taunt including the shaft and balls, bend over and make sure your ass is in the push out model mode. I still hit it with a little Tend Skin but the skin was so hairless and smooth I was blown away. Not using the shower saved a lot of water. It also felt extremely sensuous.



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I’m getting ready for a micro thong weekend.



We are still dealing with June gloom in the mornings but the afternoons should be absolutely perfect micro swimwear weather and from what I hear summer is starting to break out everywhere with 90 degree plus weather all over the place. It’s time to peel off what-ever you are wearing and slip into something just barely legal, the smaller the better. Maybe a suit so small it stretches your comfort zone. The time is now to get out there and be the sexist you imaginable! I’m going to be doing the same thing though Saturday morning I will be busy shooting a new male chastity torture cock ring and a new combo ball stretcher, cock stretcher, cock ring with weights. These new devices are at the extreme corner of hardcore and pain. Should be quite a treat having them strapped on my cock and balls!


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Wow some new sizes just came in



We have discontinued many different designs some of which are on sale right now. We have very limited supplies of these swimsuits and on many of them we are out of stock in particular sizes. Yesterday the girls actually sent me new stock on a number of those designs. We have some large customers in Europe that order discontinued swimwear that is still part of their line so as long as they order a minimum of five of the same suit and size we can make them. My girls ended up making more so back in stock they go. You might want to check your favorite suit that might have been out of stock last time you checked and you might just want to take one more peek at the June Koala Newsletter to see the sale suits and the sizes available. After this newsletter there are no other sales until August!


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Summer fun in the sun.


My summer fun always includes lots of beach time, body-surfing, playing volleyball on the beach while wearing micro swimwear smaller than most of the girls wear along with strolling the beach. Transformation style thongs and bikinis are definitely going to be part of the plan. I hope a lot of the above activities are on your docket. I would love to hear about summer plans that include taking a cruises and how wearing micro swimsuits work into those plans. Over the years I have talked to many guys that have used some of the smallest swimsuits imaginable on cruise ships. I know that the Atlantis cruises which are geared to gay men but open to all are great places to show off your most extreme thongs and G-strings but I would like to hear about some of the more mainstream cruise lines and your experiences. Please share them.


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June gloom and beach withdrawals



I was born and raised in Los Angeles and some of my first memories are being at the beach with my family. The ocean is truly a part of my soul I have an intense love for it. June is one of the toughest months of the year for having a combination of the beach and the sun days. Here it is call June Gloom. While the rest of the country starts to bask in the warm glow of summer at the beaches of Southern California we are forced to wait until the very end of June and sometimes early July for the sun to break through. I generally have better beach days in January than in June. I crave my micro swimwear beach days with the feeling of being virtually nude on the beach for a day of relaxing and taking in the rays that has a tremendous pull on me. I’m all shaved up and ready though I have not yet picked out which suit is going to be my go to beach thong this season. I it is more likely I will choose two since going femme will be part of my beach routine along with some sort of micro bulge design.


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Busy weekend and the June Koala Newsletter Sale



I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend we are just now getting caught up with things here at the office. I only had one beach day out of the three but boy was that a beautiful day. I hit the beach with a girlfriend on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the crowds big. Personally I like the days when there are fewer people but having them all there makes exciting people watching,. I was wearing one of my smallest suits I’m sure I was one of many getting gawked at. We parked it around a bunch of girls which was fine by me, I can’t get over how many women of all shapes and sizes are showing so much ass this season. Needless to say I love that. There were not that many guys at the beach and I was one of a very few that I noticed wearing a thong, bikini or G-string though I did see a number of men wearing skin tight fitted shorts. The water here is still on the cold side and I try not to get in too much after all my cock is so tiny to begin with and that cold water almost makes me one of the girls not that I looked much different than the girls around me. I know most people walking by assume I’m female until they get close enough to see my bulge even than they still might think I’m female but oh well. I  can’t wait for more awesome days at the beach.


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