Added one more suit.. so hot I could not wait

Funny things happen when you are writing copy for new swimwear and fetish wear designs. I was writing descriptions for the new collection which we are now shooting to release early March and I made a little mistake. I was looking at photos the girls took of me wearing the new designs (this is how I write copy for the suits) and made the mistake of creating two designs out of the photos of one. The suit was the new design that features, nipple clamps, butt plugs and cock rings. It is so much fun to wear. While looking at the rear of the suit with the photos showing this hot new butt plug thong designs we created with the plug deep inside of me I thought we did the same rear with a cock ring front and no nipple clamps. That design would be such a monster to have sex in. To my amazement it was just my imagination. I was wishing for that design but that was not in the collection. I begged the girls to add this new idea to this collection even though they wanted to use it in a latter collection. I guess my charm and enthusiasm won out because it will be released in March with the rest of the new suits.

Mens swimwear

New male chastity and ass play

I am excited about our new ass play and male chastity products that we just added to the website today. When you click on the photo of the male chastity cock cage they should pop up. The first product is called Active Duty. If that is not what you see refresh your browser and it should be there. Let me know what you think about the new items.

We are still getting great weather in Los Angeles and I spent my lunch break tanning my Brazilian style ass by the pool. For those of you who are new to this blog I have a pool I use for sun bathing in the most extreme suits and once in a great while nude just about a mile away from my office. It makes going into work more fun when you know there is going to be at least a little spandex time.

Warm weather, exotic location, men’s swimwear and more

Hoping for some warm weather my ass is craving nice rays to brown it up a bit. Hope you boys in real cold weather are finding ways to stay warm. I hope many of you are enjoying the fetish spandex suits and male chastity cock cages we have been sending in a very steady stream to the East Coast and Europe. I am pretty sure you boys are having a great time in the cold too. Has anyone got out to an exotic location for a vacation break? We would all love to hear about it!!!


We are still progressing nicely on the next collection of suits. I was hoping for a late February intro but it looks more like a mid March intro.



Have fun and enjoy life…don’t work to hard!


I have traded in my all electric Nissan Leaf for a almost all electric Chevy Volt. The Leaf was a great car and though I never ran out of juice the range was much lower than original company estimates which meant going any distances with it was out of the question. I have had the Volt for almost two weeks and I drive just over 40 miles a day on average. So far I have not used an ounce of gas. For those not familiar with the Volt it has a small gas engine which powers the electric motors once the batteries run down. So far the car is amazing.

Mens swimwear

This is one of the new cock shaped front pouch thong rear suits in one of my favorite gold rubberized stretch Lycra fabrics. Sorry it is my butt and not a model.

Fluffers, fitting and fun

Funny how I never know for sure what will get people sending me the most e-mails. In the Feb newsletter I asked a number of questions but the one that has filled my e-mail box was about fluffers. I mentioned that we lost our amazing female fluffer who for years made the suits look great on our straight, bi and gay models. She moved and we do miss her. My question was which would you like to see, male, female or change it up when it comes to fluffers. They not only make sure the suits are on the right way but they act as another set of eyes helping us get everything as right as we can. They are also required to help the models fill the suits which is very important when it comes to cock shaped shuits or penis display suits. Often the model needs to be hard and many of these models are not used to exposing their cocks and need to be fluffed up to fill the suits. Most completely enjoy the experience.
Just wondering what you boys and girls think.

Mens swimwear

New suit update and newsletter link

Here is a link to the latest Koala newsletter. There are some questions in it you could help me with and because we did not do a January newsletter we made the sale items really juicy!

We are still hoping to complete the next collection of suits by the end of this month but we are having problems with one design. It was a customer’s idea and I liked it quite a bit but it is becoming a real pain in the ass to perfect. We are on our 8th version of it and I will be trying it on early next week.

The suit that is turning out to be such a pain in the ass is a sheer double pouch G-string that wraps around the balls but exposes the top portion of them and has a sheer pouch that supports the shaft but exposes the bottom portion of it as well. The suit is so erotic looking and I am into the design and that is why we are busting our butts trying to get it just right. I believe the end result will be worth it!

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Pool days and newsletter info

Wow it has been a busy few days! Must be lots of men getting cozy and having a good time with our male chastity cock cages and spandex fetish wear because we have been shipping a ton of those. It has been amazing here the last few days with today getting up to around 80 degrees. No doubt I will find a little micro bikini nap time again today just like I did yesterday. I would rather relax than take a break for lunch. I just work as I eat. I was not the only one out by the pool yesterday with a group of high school girls sharing my space. Not one of them had on a suit as small as mine but there were some cute bikinis. Their bodies are just about perfect at that age.  They were 18 or so and very talkative; guess one must have been a new neighbor. Pretty sure they all assumed I was gay which is just fine since they are nice too look at but not good to touch.

Keep your eyes peeled to your e-mail because we should have a newsletter out to all subscribers tonight or Sat morning. If you do not yet subscribe feel free to click on Koala men’s swimwear and sign up.