Added one more suit.. so hot I could not wait

Funny things happen when you are writing copy for new swimwear and fetish wear designs. I was writing descriptions for the new collection which we are now shooting to release early March and I made a little mistake. I was looking at photos the girls took of me wearing the new designs (this is how I write copy for the suits) and made the mistake of creating two designs out of the photos of one. The suit was the new design that features, nipple clamps, butt plugs and cock rings. It is so much fun to wear. While looking at the rear of the suit with the photos showing this hot new butt plug thong designs we created with the plug deep inside of me I thought we did the same rear with a cock ring front and no nipple clamps. That design would be such a monster to have sex in. To my amazement it was just my imagination. I was wishing for that design but that was not in the collection. I begged the girls to add this new idea to this collection even though they wanted to use it in a latter collection. I guess my charm and enthusiasm won out because it will be released in March with the rest of the new suits.

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