Balls, Balls and more Balls

Sometimes I wonder what to do with those silly lovely balls. You would think after all off these years I would have figured out a way to tan lying on my side and have it be comfortable. Make sure to post if you know a way to tan on your side that feels good! The girls do it effortlessly with those wonderful shapely hips but no such luck for us boys. To top it off where do the balls go? It was 80 degrees in Los Angeles today smack dab in the middle of winter so of course I had to spend my lunch break in the sun. I wanted to work on my side tan and I can never get comfortable enough to take a nap. I was wearing a tiny thong and while on my side my balls tend to be pushed back between my legs almost between my cheeks. There is not much cock to see from the front but everyone gets a nice ball shot from the rear from a side view. I wish I could figure out a way to make it all feel better. I may just try a transformation suit the next time I go for a side tan!

Men’s Swimwear

Trying on and working on new designs

Since my girls are not yet done with our latest batch of new designs, sorry but it is hard to rush perfection I thought I would use a little extra time today and work on some new styles. I sent over some new renderings of a pair of transformation micro shorts and a pastel colored little transformation design similar to the best selling Clever girl swimsuit. Little changes can create big effects. I will keep you updated on how they are doing with them:-)

One of the most popular male chastity devices and swimwear fun.

One of the most popular male chastity devices and swimwear fun.

I spent some time today with my true love, a spandex micro G-string, just me and my lovely little suit lounging by the pool during my lunch hour. It was beautiful out today and just hanging in my G-string got me very aroused. When I get back to the office I decided to do something fun with my cock. We have a couple new ultra heavy head rings coming out in a week or two called the Cyclopean Massive and the Cyclopean Rainbow. I slipped on two of these heavy weights and added a very tiny 1” round head ring to keep them from sliding off. Adding almost a pound to my flaccid shaft was so erotic and going panty-less letting the shaft hang freely with the weights made for an exciting afternoon of running around the warehouse and office. My normal flaccid shaft is well under 1” but after a few hours and a lot of dripping pre-cum my shaft measured in at a ridiculous but real 5”. I wonder if it would stay that long flaccid if I used them daily?

Big news: As most of you know we are not only spandex freaks but male chastity crazies too. We have the largest line of male chastity products found in one location anywhere on the planet. There is a new product we are offering called the Cellmate. It is made by a company called Qiui and it is all the rage because it is the first App controlled male chastity cock cage. There is a lot to tell about it but you might as well take a look at it on our site it was just added it today!“App-Controlled”-Male-Chastity-Device_p_1053.html

I love wearing tights in the winter.

I just dropped off a load of laundry to be done and the girl at the counter was surprised to see so many pairs of tights. You must really love wearing tights she said and my answer was doesn’t everyone? I don’t think anything is more comfy then a form fitting pair of spandex tights on a cold day. Our warehouse has been so cold the last handful of weeks I got to breakout some of my favorite designs and wear them around the office and warehouse. I go between the bulge style and the feminine transformation style tights. There were some transformation tights in my laundry but I’m pretty sure she had no idea what the difference between each style was. Maybe she will figure it out by the time I pick them up…I hope so.