Wish I could live at the beach!!!!!

Wow…great beach weekend.  Gorgeous  perfect LA beach weather, good waves on Saturday not so much on Sunday. Saturday there were a number of men nearby wearing bikinis and a couple in G-strings. The lady next to me was topless all day long, beautiful and natural. Another middle aged beauty decided to drop her top later in the day.  Lots of girls wearing Brazilian style bikinis with much cheek showing, two girls running together on the beach wearing thongs.  Just spectacular views!

Saturday I spent the day in my micro bikini/thong, I call it a thong because my ass just ate it all up and the only time I used it as an extreme Brazilian back bikini was walking down to the water. The minute I was in the water it was back way up my ass. That happens to us big butt boys. Definitely got enough sun on Saturday but still needed to spend the day with friends at the beach on Sunday. Still in my bikini but under an umbrella unless I was in the water. Lots of great looking people today. Noticed a lot of young mom’s showing off some ass. Very nice. Days like today make you never want to leave the beach. 

Mens swimwear

Are we ready for the spandex fest? and facebook

What do I love about the Olympics? I love the young men and women wearing spandex! The swimmers, the gymnasts, the girls wearing(I hope) tiny bikinis play beach volleyball and the list goes on. On ya guess the competition is fun too.  What is your favorite sport to watch?
You boys must love seeing all these young bodies in spandex?

By the way I just set up the worlds most basic Facebook page but it would be an honor if you guys would friend me. My e-mail on that is [email protected]  Michael David
There is even a picture of me  Hope to see you there!

New design question and proof 1/2″ cock growth in 1 minute and it is FREE!

First let me ask all you blog readers a quick question. We do not do many shorts but I am going to do a sexy pair in the rubberized wet look fabric. What color would your first choice be and would you want them to show some cheek? How would you want the front to look… flat showing the out line of your cock or with a built in push out pouch?

Yes your cock can visually and physically grow by 1/2″ inch or more in one minute. This is only for guys that are not shave yet. Below I show my small shaved cock. With hair it is tiny but as you can see the shaved are that would normally be hidden away by pubic hair does indeed count as more shaft size..at least in my book. What do you think?

Mens swimwear

Trying a direct link and tweezing

I have had many readers of this blog post to please include a direct link to the suit I am talking about. As many of you know I am not the most tech savvy guy around but I talked to Carlos of KMC today and he has explained how it is done. Turns out it was embarrassingly easy to do. I have been talking about the suit I switched to for my summer beach fun, the Streamline which is such a small micro bikini that most of the time I wear it as a thong. The tan it leaves is very nice looking.
Here is a link to the suit
Needless to say I do not look like the model but I still get nice looks!

Tweezing the last little bit of hair on my shaft. Even after all the laser work I always seem to get some growth on my shaft. I find that tweezing it off is very effective and in it’s own way pleasurable. I do think that my little cock has a mind of its own. When I am tweezing the shaft it does sting a little but for some reason my cock loves it and gets hard, very hard every time. After I am down a nice cleaning with Tend Skin takes away the red and it feels even better.

Male chastity

Be back soon and crushed cock

I will be back from vacation tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how the final samples of the new designs  the look. Also thought I would post a photo of my cock in a cock crusher. There was soon question of which cock was mine. Needless to say it was the much smaller one. If you have not checked out these insane devices just click on the photo of the male chastity device at

Mens swimwear

Showing off my new tan in the locker room

I am on vacation in the mountains fishing, hiking and just hanging out relaxing. Still always need to hit the gym even on vacation. The past couple of years I have had virtually no tan line so being in the locker room with my new very visible thong tan gets many more looks. Sexy tan, no pubic hair and lots of local guys starring at me in the showers felt a little unusual but everyone was nice and I did not feel the need to cover up. I even used my Freedom bikini, full coverage by koala standards and did some laps in the indoor pool. The Freedom gets a little sheer when wet but again it did not seem to bother anyone. Maybe things are changing. How have your bikini, thong and g-string public experiences been?

Mens swimwear

More about new swimwear designs

The batch of new suits we are working on includes some very unusual fabrics and even some patterns something Koala is not known for. We have a few suits coming out in a snake skin look fabrics along with some metal style fabrics. I loved the snake skin so much so that I had a modified Streamline bikini/thong suit made that will be available and one I promised myself I would wear to the beach when I drop 4 pounds.  

Mens swimwear

What do you think? New design

I tried on 17 new designs today. Can’t believe how many new ones we are working on. The Fall collection was going to be just 11 or 12 suits but we kept coming up with more and more cool new designs. This batch will include more bikinis and thongs than we have introduced in quite some time. For you boys interested in more extreme suit don’t worry we have those too. I just could not help but post one of my rear in the new Ass Stretcher G-string, one of many future designs to be created using a custom all metal Ass Stretcher plug made for use with our special g-string designed suits. This one will be our first. What do you think?

Mens swimwear

My new suit first time at a pool party

Depending upon the pool party I will wear some very wild things assuming it is completely adult.
Yesterdays pool party had adults and kids but I had no problems wearing my Streamline suit and used it as a Brazilian rear rather than the usual thong it easily changes into. Most people at the party knew me and thought I was rather conservative in my choice. While another guy who I just met and who had a few drinks  told me he wished his girlfriend would wear a suit that small and called her over to see it. There were many girls wearing suits ranging from brazilian backs to some very skimpy bikinis but she was wearing a more modest suit. She had a great shape and I agreed with her BF that she should try something smaller and how hot it would look on her. Can’t wait to see her at the next party. It was a great time and I even let the young guy who had a few to many drinks squeeze my cock in the jacuzzi and tell me how it looked like I had a vagina. He thought it was funny, thought he was drunk but the idea of having him suck my cock did pop into my mind. Wrong kind of party. Wonder if his wife would have minded or joined in?

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