More about new swimwear designs

The batch of new suits we are working on includes some very unusual fabrics and even some patterns something Koala is not known for. We have a few suits coming out in a snake skin look fabrics along with some metal style fabrics. I loved the snake skin so much so that I had a modified Streamline bikini/thong suit made that will be available and one I promised myself I would wear to the beach when I drop 4 pounds.  

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7 thoughts on “More about new swimwear designs”

  1. Is that snakeskin suit a mesh material? If it is, count me in. I mentioned awhile back about using patterned mesh material. It dries fast and feels like there is almost nothing on your skin. I bought one of your “Sheer Evolution” suits in 2003 that had to be one of my all time favorite suits. Thanks for adding more material variety.

    No it i a solid but if the fabric takes off we might do it in a mesh or sheer

  2. Mike nice ass great tan but I have a question for you I would like to purchase my first suit and want it with one of the ass sparks what should I be looking for as I am hairy do not shave and love se through white? Help me some one. Don

    I thin Yellow would be best

  3. I just got in the mail this afternoon from you the ball-crusher. I spent a good deal of time the rest of the day experiementing with different ways to use it, sometimes with my partner. You can also clamp the balls at the end of the device rather than in the middle. Done just right the sensation is incredibly erotic. My partner clamped it on my nuts and left it there while he fucked me and mid-fuck I shot the hottest most intensely pleasurable load I’ve ever done.

    I found it easiest to clamp the balls, either using the middle hole or the end, if my (or his) balls were in a stretcher to hold them out and in place. Otherwise they keep pulling in and it makes it hard to nake them stay while tightening the screws. I use a one-inch leather stretcher. When I finish this message I’m going to clamp my man’s balls and trade experiences! A great acquisition. (Incidentally, your price is at least a few dollars less than any other site that sells them.) b.

  4. Love the snake skin! Could you make it in the Dark Side and Shaved Fury patterns?

    We are working on a handful of suits in that fabric.

  5. I love, love, love the fabric and I hope you will use that fabric to make a string bikini that I can wear to the beach one that ties on the side. Something that ties on the sides is really sexy.

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