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I tried on 17 new designs today. Can’t believe how many new ones we are working on. The Fall collection was going to be just 11 or 12 suits but we kept coming up with more and more cool new designs. This batch will include more bikinis and thongs than we have introduced in quite some time. For you boys interested in more extreme suit don’t worry we have those too. I just could not help but post one of my rear in the new Ass Stretcher G-string, one of many future designs to be created using a custom all metal Ass Stretcher plug made for use with our special g-string designed suits. This one will be our first. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “What do you think? New design”

  1. Is going to have an elastic ring where the plug goes in to keep the straps in place? Very hot suit, very hot ass!

    What you do not see are the holes built into the side of the unit that holds the straps in place.

  2. I have been meaning to write you about Butt splitting fabric bands to pull the cheeks apart and expose that hole to the sun. the butt funnel is a great idea!

  3. Absolutely disgusting, great will it work with all sizes of stretcher, would love the look on others faces if turned up at local swimming baths, would I ever get out of the changing room.

  4. Michael, i like the concept, even if I’m not sure I’ll be using these kind of designs (a matter of “courage”, to be honest). The butt sure looks hot. I want to take the opportunity to make a request, based on this new partnership you have with the company that produces these new “toys” and return to an issue i already mentioned here and sent by email to koalaswim: can you consider the manufacturing of several of your designs (prostitute, secret wish, seductive curves and the rest of fem look designs, these are just thee that i own) with aluminum, or rubber rings? As i stated before, i had to remove the metal rings from all my fem look suits and replaced them with PVC rings, because the metal rings rusted after first contact with the Atlantic ocean waters (just to remind you, I’m from Portugal); i don’t know if it is the water temperature, or the water components, but the fact is that, in contact with water, the ring starts to leave rust, which not only stains the suit, but it also starts deteriorating it. Needless to say, after replacing the rings, the (re)sowing had to be done by hand and it’s not the same as the automated production, the seams ended up with some imperfections and some of these suits, after some use, are showing signs of fragility in the sewed lines… I also suggested, by email to koala, to use some kind of PVC “v” insert in the “inspiration” suit, but maybe it can be done with aluminum… I had to threw away this suit, because it had a hole in one of the “v” insert ends. So, now, knowing you have a new partnership, can you analyze if it is possible to replace the common metal rings with aluminum ones, or rubber ones ?(in some suits it might work, others will need aluminum instead of metal).
    Thank you!

  5. Make sure the Stretcher Manufacturer provides a plug for the Stretcher better is a thread like a M20x1.5 so it can be sealed Since some of the baths do not like solids in the water.
    I like the snake style Bikini above but a 1″ widerback would not be bad

  6. Hi Michael,

    great design! But you should offer – perhaps as an additional App.! – a coating “camoflaging” strip for being concealed plugged. So this design will be usabe for some public beaches and pools as well !


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