My new suit first time at a pool party

Depending upon the pool party I will wear some very wild things assuming it is completely adult.
Yesterdays pool party had adults and kids but I had no problems wearing my Streamline suit and used it as a Brazilian rear rather than the usual thong it easily changes into. Most people at the party knew me and thought I was rather conservative in my choice. While another guy who I just met and who had a few drinks  told me he wished his girlfriend would wear a suit that small and called her over to see it. There were many girls wearing suits ranging from brazilian backs to some very skimpy bikinis but she was wearing a more modest suit. She had a great shape and I agreed with her BF that she should try something smaller and how hot it would look on her. Can’t wait to see her at the next party. It was a great time and I even let the young guy who had a few to many drinks squeeze my cock in the jacuzzi and tell me how it looked like I had a vagina. He thought it was funny, thought he was drunk but the idea of having him suck my cock did pop into my mind. Wrong kind of party. Wonder if his wife would have minded or joined in?

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2 thoughts on “My new suit first time at a pool party”

  1. This story reminded me of the time I was working in Germany. People are so much more open about their sexuality there. After work I would go to a public swimming pool which included a hot tub and sauna. I would visit this place late enough that there were rarely any kids around. This place was a voyeur and exhibitionist’s paradise. On several occasions I would sit in the hot tub and have a stranger (man) sitting next to me stroke my cock through the fabric of my swimsuit. Since it happened underwater no could see anything, but from the expression on my face, I think they could tell. My favourite time however was once a week for the “Men’s Only” sauna. Unlike the other days of the week, this night most guys were nude in the sauna and very friendly too!

  2. I Like the comment about the German experience and the blog There should be more examples of this sort of openness

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