So much to talk about, just taking an Oscar break.


I have so much to talk about. We reshot the photos I thought could be better on Friday at the beach which is always fun. They came out great. Our web master Carlos is busy working on getting everything up online and to top things off I got to spend some time at the beach today in my tiny thong soaking up some rays. I will have a lot more to post during the week but right now I need to get back to our little Oscar party.


Men’s Swimwear

The photo Shoot.

We had the photo shoot last night and it was one of the longest shoots ever. There were a total of eleven new swimsuits and nine new sport/fashion tights. I will spend the next couple of days going through and picking photos. So far they look great but there might be a couple of designs we need to reshoot, either way all the new suits and tights should be online next week. I think the entire shoot and waiting for all the samples got me so stressed out that I woke with a cold this morning. I guess it can’t be all fun and games.


More photos please. Keep those hot photos coming! You might just be the next spandex star on our little blog. [email protected]


Men’s Swimwear


Adam having fun in spandex

This is the note that came with Adams photos:

Hi Michael,   I am a longtime fan of koalaswim. Here are a few photos of me wearing them. I wish I could go to the beach but I am in frigid Minnesota! I would love for you to post these on your blog, especially the ones where I am bent over as I have a big booty and an exhibitionist streak. I am wearing the Black Jack, Sugar Daddy and Daisy duke short shorts. Can’t wait for the sexy tights so I can squat in them at my gym!   Cheers,   Adam


Men’s Swimwear


IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1757 IMG_1759

Here are some beautiful shots of Frank at Blacks Beach. Update on tights.

Nude beaches are just amazing and Blacks Beach is one of the most beautiful you will ever see. Located near San Diego it is something every guy into micro swimwear should check out. The times I have gone I enjoy wearing a tiny G-string and then stripping down to nothing. It seems like our friend Frank enjoys doing the same. Please send in your photos at the beach, lake, pool, bedroom, snow, you name it. I love posting photos of men in spandex. [email protected]


The tights have been a major pain in the ass. The production has required more work than we could have imagined which has left us way behind on the introduction of the new designs. I am so happy it is not a life or death issue. I have said this many times but since I know almost everything is in stock it should only take another two week to have everything completed. With 20/20 hindsight now seeing how late the production of the tights has been I would have shot the swimsuit and fetish wear portion of the new collection in December and did a separate shoot for the tights. Oh well life goes on.


Make sure to check out the February Koala newsletter lots of sale suits and male chastity devices.


Franks favorite swimsuit the Koala Ballz.

Frank your ass, legs and cock look amazing! Keep up the good work.


IMG_4487 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4533 IMG_4545

A great beach weekend. Sharing photos

This was insane even by LA standards: This weekend early February was as nice and warm as any summer weekend. I’m writing this post on Monday and it is still in the high eighties, I wonder what happened to winter? If I was not so busy at work I might have run off to the beach again today. Saturday and Sunday were both picture perfect days and the beach was incredibly busy. Sunday was packed right up until the Super Bowl game. There were not many guys but there were plenty of girls in thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis to share the beach with. I won the prize for wearing the absolutely most micro swimsuit, a tiny Monaco Micro.


I want our blog reader photos to be a worldwide event. Here are photos of Hirothn a Koala fan from Japan. Looking great! Send in your photos and let’s make you a spandex star. [email protected]

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DSC01574 DSC01577 DSC01589 DSC01596  Tiny little man pussy.DSC01601