A great beach weekend. Sharing photos

This was insane even by LA standards: This weekend early February was as nice and warm as any summer weekend. I’m writing this post on Monday and it is still in the high eighties, I wonder what happened to winter? If I was not so busy at work I might have run off to the beach again today. Saturday and Sunday were both picture perfect days and the beach was incredibly busy. Sunday was packed right up until the Super Bowl game. There were not many guys but there were plenty of girls in thongs and Brazilian cut bikinis to share the beach with. I won the prize for wearing the absolutely most micro swimsuit, a tiny Monaco Micro.


I want our blog reader photos to be a worldwide event. Here are photos of Hirothn a Koala fan from Japan. Looking great! Send in your photos and let’s make you a spandex star. [email protected]

Sale Suits at Koala


DSC01574 DSC01577 DSC01589 DSC01596  Tiny little man pussy.DSC01601


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    1. Production of the tights is killing us. They are taking so much more work than my girls thought they would.
      I have said this many times but it looks like they will be completed next week.


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