Here are some beautiful shots of Frank at Blacks Beach. Update on tights.

Nude beaches are just amazing and Blacks Beach is one of the most beautiful you will ever see. Located near San Diego it is something every guy into micro swimwear should check out. The times I have gone I enjoy wearing a tiny G-string and then stripping down to nothing. It seems like our friend Frank enjoys doing the same. Please send in your photos at the beach, lake, pool, bedroom, snow, you name it. I love posting photos of men in spandex. [email protected]


The tights have been a major pain in the ass. The production has required more work than we could have imagined which has left us way behind on the introduction of the new designs. I am so happy it is not a life or death issue. I have said this many times but since I know almost everything is in stock it should only take another two week to have everything completed. With 20/20 hindsight now seeing how late the production of the tights has been I would have shot the swimsuit and fetish wear portion of the new collection in December and did a separate shoot for the tights. Oh well life goes on.


Make sure to check out the February Koala newsletter lots of sale suits and male chastity devices.


Franks favorite swimsuit the Koala Ballz.

Frank your ass, legs and cock look amazing! Keep up the good work.


IMG_4487 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4533 IMG_4545

4 thoughts on “Here are some beautiful shots of Frank at Blacks Beach. Update on tights.”

  1. I wear nothing but legging and spandex tights all winter long. Been waiting for Koala to come up with a line of leggings/tights with a nice bulge built in. Most all the tights I have are made for women, but I don’t care, the feeling is just incredible. Warm too. The only trouble with womens leggings is there is no room for a nicely fat bulge to protrude.
    Go Koala!!! Im sure yours will be worth the wait.

  2. Koala users around the world are waiting for the launch of new work ! I would like to present a clear Release Date !

    1. We are doing the photo shoot on 2/23 and I hope to have it all online within a week from the shoot.

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