Showing off my new tan in the locker room

I am on vacation in the mountains fishing, hiking and just hanging out relaxing. Still always need to hit the gym even on vacation. The past couple of years I have had virtually no tan line so being in the locker room with my new very visible thong tan gets many more looks. Sexy tan, no pubic hair and lots of local guys starring at me in the showers felt a little unusual but everyone was nice and I did not feel the need to cover up. I even used my Freedom bikini, full coverage by koala standards and did some laps in the indoor pool. The Freedom gets a little sheer when wet but again it did not seem to bother anyone. Maybe things are changing. How have your bikini, thong and g-string public experiences been?

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3 thoughts on “Showing off my new tan in the locker room”

  1. a few days ago I wore a thong, the wonderful orange Sweet Boy thong, at my local park. I tanned for a couple of hours. I wore the back pulled up so I was tanning the small area of my ass that has been covered this year by my usual micro rear suits. It felt awesome! The first time ever I wore a thong in public. I was seen by many many people and got no comments, whistles, etc. Another time, recently, at the same park, I was wearing a micro and received a lot of attention including a “tourist” taking a picture. Fairly often, since I never see anyone else in a micro, I hear laughter, especially from young people.(late teens or twenties?). Laughter is good for the soul.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I’ve written to you before about how difficult it is to locate any particular item in your online catalog. I called your order office to ask how to locate the
    Freedom Bikini, mentioned in your current blog. He found it under item SB7680. But I can’t pull it up to look at it. Went through the entire catalog myself.

    This is inconvenient, that customers can’t view the
    suit you mention in a blog. I believe you could act to resolve this. Pray you do so.

    Glad you got some vacation time. Hope the weather was supreme.


    Paul, I am still on vacation but you are right I need to find a way to link suits I blog about directly to the blog. I promise I will figure it out.

  3. When wearing anything that is small and tight showing your assets not shorts you get interest from both sexes being chatted up. The one woman who knew I rode and have own horse suggested we both had a ride on her land in the nude.

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