Are we ready for the spandex fest? and facebook

What do I love about the Olympics? I love the young men and women wearing spandex! The swimmers, the gymnasts, the girls wearing(I hope) tiny bikinis play beach volleyball and the list goes on. On ya guess the competition is fun too.  What is your favorite sport to watch?
You boys must love seeing all these young bodies in spandex?

By the way I just set up the worlds most basic Facebook page but it would be an honor if you guys would friend me. My e-mail on that is [email protected]  Michael David
There is even a picture of me  Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Are we ready for the spandex fest? and facebook”

  1. Hi Guys. I want to talk about just why us men talk so much and do so little. I get so peeved off by that fact that us men will get on forums such as these and chat about what is the best place to wear thong, which beach or which hotel.

    I just came to Asian country (Malaysia) for work and brought my thong with me to wear at beach or pool. Every website i searched I couldn’t find any information on thong friendly beaches or hotels in Malaysia. Anyway, I decided to be me and dawned my thong at the hotel pool. And the most amazing thing is that no body cared. I walked around, swam, tanned, went to the bar all in my see through thong. I will be here for a while and will be wearing my thong more often.

    Moral of the story, lets not live in blogs to find places just wear your thong wherever you want.

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